Brief Excerpt: Love on the Rocks

Published March 7, 2010 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

“Hello, Maggie. How’s it going?” Maggie’s name was actually Margaret Rose but everyone called her Maggie. She was the official gossip of Blackburn, always with her nose to the ground, sniffing out everyone else’s buried secrets. She and Sara had been best friends forever.

This paragraph has a history.  Sara’s friend came by her name, Margaret Rose,  nicknamed Maggie, because of a friend of mine.  He has a purebred Dachshund named, you guessed it, Margaret Rose.  He was here visiting with Maggie just before I wrote this part of the story.  I thought this was a neat play on words and described the gossiping Maggie in Sara’s world quite well.

To David and Maggie, many thanks for providing my inspiration that day!  Until next time, Lorraine

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