Published March 27, 2010 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

As a writer we often have to be selfish and firmly take time out of our busy lives and set it aside for writing.  That’s not as difficult for me now as it once was due to the fact that I now live alone.  But we all know that &$@& happens, quite often.  Life intrudes and we must adjust our priorities.

Such has been the case this past week as I strive to revise a manuscript that I’ve been asked to resubmit. 

My mother came to spend a couple days, which was great, but it involved scanning and printing of family pictures my aunt, her sister, supplied in person.  A busy couple of days with the ladies in which I did good just to check my emails.

Sickness and the lethargy that accompanied it occupied my life a few days before that and of course my son came to visit one afternoon with my new granddaughter.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love having the family come to visit.  They’ve been the focus of my life for many years and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.  Sometimes though, I can’t help feeling that life should occur between writing projects.  lol

Anyway, last night I finished my revisions on Once in this Lifetime.  Now I need to go over it again and make sure it reads as it should before I forward it to my wonderful critique partners.  They’re great at picking up on things I miss.  Then off to the editor and hoping for a contract.  Keeping fingers crossed.

I now have mega revisions to do on a second novel for a different editor.  Zakia and the Cowboy  is, I think, my best work to date but it’s really hard to choose.  It makes me feel like a traitor to the characters in my other books.  lol

Anyway, back to my revision cave.  Going to work at least a chapter a day on revisions and on one of my two other novels in progress.  Talk to you again soon. 

Happy writing, Lorraine

2 comments on “Time…

  • Congrats on finishing your revisions! What a relief that must be and yet another essential step of the process that you’re learning!

    Thanks for leading the way!

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