April Fools Day!

Published April 1, 2010 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Hey, folks!  It’s no joke.  Had a manuscript rejected but received great feedback from the editor.   The same novel was requested by another editor so I won’t make any changes to it until I hear back from them.  Styles and expectations differ from one to another so I haven’t lost hope yet.  It’s fixable.  More revisions!

On the bright side, my critique partners came up with some good questions and I realized I’d forgotten one important scene in Once in this Lifetime.  Added it in today and it reads quite nicely.  Also have to rework another scene, then it’s ready to go. Probably by the first of the week.  So think of me slaving away while you all enjoy the holiday weekend.   Wish me luck!

Happy writing!  Lorraine


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