I love writing!

Published April 24, 2010 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

When the words are flowing and the characters are speaking to me of their wants, needs and desires, I find it almost impossible to stop for a break.  Unfortunately,  I have to, and often.  The body just wasn’t made for sitting in one spot for hours on end.  Joints seize up and back pain becomes more intense, my eyes blur and…you get the picture.  I find I’ve resorted to napping at odd times during the day, mostly because I’m not sleeping so well at night, but partly due to pain and circulation problems. 

Typing has never been one of my strong points.  Even though I know the keys and where they are situated, I tend to go with the hunt and peck method.  Why?  I hate typos.  I hate having to stop and go back to correct typing errors.  Of course, sometimes the words flow faster than I can type resulting in a few mistakes, but overall, it works for me.

We’ve had a few nice days here but so far I haven’t been near my flower garden.  Too damp and wet to haul my body  outside.  It hurts too much just yet to be able to  make any noticeable difference.  I do see that the weeds are growing good!

Well, the characters have started speaking to me again so I must go make some headway on my current project.


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