Done and Gone!

Published May 21, 2010 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Mailed my ms today!    Smile

Came back from the post office and a badly needed trip to my hairdresser for a cut and received an email requesting revisions for Love on the Rocks  with The Wild Rose Press.  Problem…again, point of view.  I sent it before I knew I had a problem with POV, part of the batch I subbed at the end of February.  lol  Guess it pays to send one at a time and wait for feedback.  Undecided

So, at the moment, I have: 

Once in this Lifetime revised and submitted to Wild Rose Press April 2nd

Mistletoe & Mr. Holliday requested full sent to Silhouette Special Edition May 20

Zakia & the Cowboy with revisions for Wild Rose Press almost completed…put on hold to get SSE novel sent

Today – Editor at Wild Rose Press requested revisions for Love on the Rocks.  This was my very first attempt at writing a romance novel.  I wrote it in 7 weeks, February-March, 2009.

Daydreams & Night Scenes was  rejected but with great feedback… I’ll get to it when I can.  lol

I’ve had one sub with Carina Press since Feb 25th, but haven’t heard anything.  Queried them on May 7th.  Hope to hear something soon.

Four out of five novels have editors interested in them.  I’ll take those odds anyday.

Guess there won’t be any new work for a while, although I do want to finish another novel I’ve started, Covert Mission:  Sudden Love. 

 I’ll be buried in revisions again.   Gotta love it!  Starting Tuesday! 

I have my five-year-old grandson here for the weekend and a lawn and flower beds that need attention, badly.  Dishes and housework have piled up lately, too.  Ahhh!  The life of a writer!

Happy reading, writing and rewriting to all!


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