Be Careful What you Wish For

Published May 27, 2010 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

I’ve been waiting and wishing I’d hear back from the only publisher I hadn’t heard from, Carina Press.  I sent eight submissions at the end of February and CP was the only one I hadn’t heard back on.  It took them almost fourteen weeks and all I got for my effort was a form R, but at least now I know and can move on, sort of. 

Their R didn’t affect me too badly as I’m already working with an editor at The Wild Rose Press on the same manuscript.

Actually, I’m working with two editors at TWRP on three different novels.  I’m so pleased they like my work and are willing to take the time to offer feedback and help me learn how to craft a stronger story.  Even the one book rejected by them came back with lots of feedback.  They’re an excellent team of professionals and I enjoy working with them.

Speaking of which, I’m fine-tuning Zakia & the Cowboy.  It’s almost ready to resub.  Then I can start revisions to Love on the Rocks. 

Started at the diabetic clinic this week.  They’ve changed my meds and insulin and I’m more tired and dizzy than usual.  Hopefully, it’ll pass and I can concentrate on revisions.  It would be nice to get back to work and have some money coming in too.


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