Busy, busy, busy!

Published June 30, 2010 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

June has been a busy yet productive month.  Regretfully, I’m still off work with no money coming in, but on the upside, I have plenty of time to read and write.

This month I wrote my first novel set in the western US.  Loving in Lostwood was written for a Harlequin American Romance pitch contest and the entry had to be in by June 28th.  My first draft was done on time and I was able to enter the contest; amazing really as I didn’t get to start writing it until June 8th.  Now I need to flesh it out and make it more descriptive and such…tweaking and editing as I go.  The actual pitch is July 8th, exactly one month after the idea materialized for the story.  Wish me luck!  Hoping I get to pitch.

Next up on the agenda is revisions to Once in this Lifetime.  Looks like it has a good chance of being my first sale.  Keeping fingers crossed that my next set of revisions brings it up to par for what my editor at Wild Rose Press is looking for.

Then it’s on to Covert Mission:  Sudden Love, the second book in my Triple D Ranch series.

Should be hearing on my three other novels that are with editors at the moment, one with Hqn Sp Edition and two others with Wild Rose.

Somewhere in there I have to find time to tend my flower beds.  They’re growing weeds faster than flowers.  lol  Until next time, happy reading and writing!



7 comments on “Busy, busy, busy!

  • Wow…a first draft in 20 days??? You’re good. Takes me a year .

    Good luck on the pitch. I entered too, but I’m not getting my hopes up so I won’t be disappointed. Who am I kidding…I’ll still be disapointed. I’m just trying not to think about it. Luckily there’s a long weekend here in Canada to keep me occupied.

    Hope to see your name on the list of winners on Monday.


    • Hi, Marcy!
      Thanks for dropping in. I’m Canadian, too! NB born and bred. What part of Canada are you in?

      Here’s hoping both our names are on the list, but if not, don’t take it personally. They only pick five and the rest of us have to sub by mail. It’s just faster through the pitch, is all.

  • Hi Lorriane,
    I’m in Ontario…near Niagara Falls. My mother-in-law is from New Brunswick but living in Niagara Falls. I’d love to vist the east one day…when the kids are bigger and won’t drive me insane on the car trip, LOL.

    Yes, we can always sub via slush pile, but it’s so much nicer knowing that someone actually WANTS to read your sub. But I hear what your saying. It does help to put in in perspective. Thanks.

    Good luck!

  • Hi, Marcy! I have family in Ontario, but further north, Barrie area. Yes, it’s nicer but so much scarier knowing you’re submitting to the Senior Editor. Everything has to be perfect, and it should be anyway, but…check, check and double check that ms for flaws. lol

  • Hi, Marcy,
    No word yet but the pitches were two days late going in. Rae will post as soon as she has the info from the editor. Hope her son got over his bout with pneumonia. We should hear something soon. Got any nails left? lol I’m getting kind of antsy, too.

  • LOL…I’m not holding my breath, but I’m just thinking that I need to ask for the time off work if chosen.

    I forgot that the pitches went in late. And I was wondering if they would be announced today since it’s a holiday in the U.S. Guess we’ll find out tomorrow.


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