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Published July 7, 2010 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

I’ve been asked to post the winning pitch on my blog and am happy to do so.  Hopefully, it will help a few writers aspiring to be published to better prepare for the next pitch contest.  All I ask in return is that you post a comment and answer one important question…

Loving in Lostwood

‘Lost souls seeking new lives and loves in Lostwood, ND, a former ghost town.’

 Our story takes place in Lostwood, North Dakota, a town was wiped out by drought in the 1930’s and relegated to the ranks of ghost town until an enterprising state official decided to capitalize on it and resold the land, preying on the dreams of hurting souls seeking refuge and a fresh start. 

Colton Walters and Lexi Bowden are newcomers intent on building a new life for themselves and putting down roots where peace and tranquility will help heal their troubled souls; a place where neighbor helps neighbor, friendships abound and no one knows why they hurt inside.

Lexi needs to become self-sufficient in order to provide for herself and her daughter, Jessica.  She succeeds by opening The Lostwood General Store and Seamstress Shop, gaining self-confidence and respect while making new friends and living in peace and harmony with her neighbors.

No one in Lostwood is aware of her past.  She’d murdered her husband with a butcher knife when she caught him sexually abusing their daughter.  Although exonerated, she wants to keep as many miles as possible between them and the place she’d lived with her abusive ex-husband.

Lexi doesn’t trust easily and is amazed when she intuitively trusts and is attracted to Colton, but past hurts have led her to believe her judgment of men is untrustworthy, and she no longer trusts herself or her volatile emotions.   

Colton is also seeking solace from a troubled past in which he’d found his wife in his bed with another man.  She took his son, Clayton, when she left and kept him away for three long years, but when she dies in a hotel fire, his son is returned to him.

 They move to Lostwood where there are no reminders of the past and plenty of hope for a future.  Colton seeks to provide a home his son can be proud of while they struggle to re-establish their relationship after the enforced separation. They work together to build a ranch and put down roots for future generations.                  

Love and committing to forever are no longer on Colton’s agenda, but when he hires on as Lexi’s contractor to build her store/living quarters, he discovers he wants to learn how to love again.  Contractor and storeowner are attracted to each other from the first but fight it at every turn.  He wants her in his bed, but doesn’t want to commit long term.  She doesn’t want a relationship with any man, as her experiences with the male gender to date were abusive ones.

Clayton’s maternal grandparents show up claiming guardianship.  They disapprove of Colton’s relationship with Lexi and have her investigated, finding out about the murder and using it to their own advantage in their suit for custody. Colton finds out and decides to stand clear, not wanting a killer near his son.  But when Lexi and Jessica disappear, Colton goes crazy with worry, alerting the county Sheriff at once. 

Colton’s research hadn’t told him why Lexi killed her husband.  When he finds out it was justifiable, they resolve their differences and are able to build a life together.         

Loving in Lostwood is intended as the first book in my series entitled Legends of Lostwood.

***Question:  Did this make you want to read the book?

10 comments on “Winning Pitch

  • Love the pitch Lorraine 🙂

    Have I told that yet ? LOL 🙂 Congrats on the pitch ! Wow the editor and fingers crossed for a good news soon …

    And to your question, answer is yes !

  • Thanks for posting! It does help reading yours. I realize now how many more details I should have put into my synopsis but was so focused on staying under 250 words that I froze.

    It sounds like a great story. Good luck today on the pitch! I’m sure they’ll LOVE it!

    • Hi, Ashley!
      Thanks for stopping by. I’m thrilled to be able to pitch today. I hope my posting the pitch has helped.
      We were allowed a one page synopsis, single-spaced, which is approximately 500 words. I used every one! lol Thanks for your comment. I’m hoping for great things! 🙂

  • great pitch loraine! thank you for your help, this was my first contest. i too thought you could only have 250 words. the book sounds great. i love to read, (only harlequin’s though) and in answer to your question, yes. good luck:)

    • Thanks, SJ! I’ve only missed entering a couple contests this past year and we learn as we go. I’ve had my share of rejections and now things seem to be turning around. (I whispered that! Don’t want to jinx my luck! lol) Thanks for stopping by and for the best wishes. Your turn will come. Just be persistent.

  • Well done!
    Yes,I’d read your book. Your pitch is so clear, thank you for letting us sees what winning standard is.
    I hope all goes well for you.

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