Requested Partial for HAR Pitch

Published July 8, 2010 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Participated in the HAR pitch today.  Came away with a request for the first three chapters and a detailed synopsis, same as the other three pitchers.  Yay!

Kathleen was very nice and easy to chat with.  My biggest problem was having to type fast with shaky fingers.  Funny though, I wasn’t nervous, just trying too hard to type fast with minimal errors.  lol

She seemed really interested in the premise for my story, the characters and their respective backgrounds and conflicts.  Here’s hoping for good things to come!  Keeping fingers crossed!


5 comments on “Requested Partial for HAR Pitch

  • Hey, Lorraine,

    Woohoo! There were only three of you? Wow. I haven’t read HAR in ages, but it was one those I used to subscribe to.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you, my friend.


  • Still four is a small number. The competitions I took part in (Desire and Presents) had something like 8 finalists.They announce five but often choose a couple more.

    Anyway, good going. Let us know when you hear from the ed.


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