Finally Sent!

Published July 26, 2010 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

After the third set of revisions, Once in this Lifetime is now traveling through cyberspace on its way to my editor at Wild Rose Press.  Hope it passes muster this time.

I have two more sets of requested revisions to do for them, Love on the Rocks, which is next on my to-do list, and Zakia and the Cowboy.

Two novels currently in the works:  Loving in Lostwood just needs to be fleshed out during the editing process and I need to finish the sequel to Zakia,  Covert Mission:  Sudden Love.

The partial for Loving in Lostwood is with Kathleen Schiebling at Harlequin American Romance in Toronto, Ontario, while Mistletoe and Mr. Holliday is with Silhouette Special Editions editor, Gail Chasan, in New York.

Someday, when I can find the time, lol, I need to do revisions on Daydreams & Night Scenes so I can start shopping it around.

Renovations on my house are almost completed.  Yay!  I’ve been basically living in two downstairs rooms since February.  It’ll be nice to have everything put back into the right rooms and sleep in my own bed again.  After the pillow-top comfort of my queen sized bed, a regular single just doesn’t measure up.  I wake up more tired than when I go to bed, if I manage to sleep at all.

Enjoyed spending time with my grandkids this month.  The oldest, Samuel, was here for two weeks and celebrated his 6th birthday.  The second, Jayden, was here for a weekend and I’m visiting my granddaughter, Alexis, on Wednesday for a couple of days.  Life is good!

Now if only I can land a contract for one or more books!

That’s it for an update.  Happy reading and writing to all!

2 comments on “Finally Sent!

  • Lorraine, you’ve really been busy. I’m sure if I took stock of my writing I’d get depressed. Then again, maybe I should – that way I can set new goals.

    Congratulations on all the mss you have out there. The only way to get a sale is to query, right?


    • Don’t be depressed, Empi, be inspired, dedicated and determined to succeed. You’ll get there. Set new goals only when the current ones have expired or need upgrading. LOL When your book is ready, shop it around, query until you find a home for it.

      I’ve been off work since September and have the extra time to dedicate to my writing so it’s made a huge difference. If I didn’t write I’d probably be insane by now.

      We all work at our own pace because we have such differing demands on out time. The important thing to remember is to write every day, whether it be a word, a sentence, a paragraph or an entire chapter. Maybe all you’ll have time for is to jot down a thought or idea, but it’s writing. Be proud of your accomplishments and remember to reward yourself with a good read whenever possible.

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