Rejected again!

Published July 27, 2010 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Received my form R from the April SSE pitch today.  Found it to be quite a setback when I’d pinned my hopes on ‘this being the one’ but it won’t stop me from writing.  I enjoy it too much.  Just wish I could make it pay.  lol 

Time to start shopping Mistletoe & Mr Holliday around elsewhere. Will probably change the name back to Mistletoe & Mr Hoe as I originally had it.  What do you think?  Simon Hoe or Simon Holliday?

2 comments on “Rejected again!

  • Bummer! I haven’t subbed in a while so I’ve been rooting for all my friends who have stuff out there. I’m sorry about the R 😦

    Hoe vs. Holliday … for me, it would depend on the hero. Hoe definitely has some humour to it, and Holliday is more conventional. But without knowing the character, I’d go for Holliday since mistletoe suggests it’s Christmas holidays 🙂

    • Thanks, Empi! It is a Christmas themed book. Ho, Ho, Ho! And I liked the rhyme in the title but the SSE editor didn’t. That was the reason for the change in the first place. I still prefer Hoe. Simon is, mainly, light-hearted and witty, helping out when needed. 🙂

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