Happy New Year!

Published January 2, 2011 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Wow! It’s hard to believe another year is over. I learned a lot about writing saleable novels in 2010  and am better able to perfect my craft. Although still not published, I’m getting great feedback from a couple of the editors I’ve subbed to and that feedback is priceless. Thanks to the internet, I’ve made many new online friends  from all over the world. For that, I am extremely thankful.

This past year I have also been blessed with 2 new grandchildren, Alexis, born in January and Mathis, born in September. Sammy is in Grade 1 and growing up much too fast. I can’t believe Jayden will soon be 3.  To top it all off, my lovely, caring mother turned 80. Time does fly! Way too fast, it seems.

For 2011, I aim to be published…multi-pubbed if I have my way. I’m going to keep learning everything I can about the craft of writing, complete the projects I’ve started, revise the ones that need it, write more novels, keep subbing, read and spend time with family.  I quit smoking, too! Bought my last pack on December 4th and although I’ve enjoyed the odd one here and there when a smoker was around, I’m hoping my willpower holds up and I remain smoke free in 2011.

2010 ended on a bright note for me. Got the news Friday that my doctor is allowing me to go back to work, so that’s a bonus.

I started a fitness plan yesterday aiming to achieve better overall health. Did up a meal plan sheet based on my body’s demands as a diabetic and a fitness sheet where I can record time spent  exercising, type of exercises performed, inches lost and weight loss.  If anyone is interested in joining me and making it a joint venture, please let me know. For a copy of the sheets, email me at: lornel@xplornet.ca

I’ve started a recipe section here so if you have a favorite you’d like to share, let me know.

I’m also starting an editing service for grammar, punctuation, repetition, that sort of thing.  Details will be posted here soon.

I wish a Happy New Year to all my friends and family and the best of life in 2011! May the year be everything you need it to be.

Cheers! Lorraine


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