Revisions! Urgh!

Published June 27, 2011 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Revisions are a necessary evil in this business. Lately, I’ve been up to my neck in them but that’s because I let them sit as I tackled the editor’s advice and in the process, learned more about the craft.

I also wrote three new stories since November, a novel and two novellas, and started a couple more that I have yet to finish. I did manage to complete revisons on Love on the Rocks this past week and Zakia & the Cowboy is almost done. I’m making headway and it feels great! I can’t believe how much my writing has improved. Always did enjoy the challenge of learning and applying what I’ve learned.

Writing is in my blood. According to Mom, my grandmother always dreamed of writing a book someday. Sadly, she’s gone, but I will dedicate one of my books to her and to Mom for standing by me and encouraging me in my dream.

Now, to finish Zakia and then on to revisions for Loving in Lostwood before another new idea grabs me and off I go on a writing spree again. Good luck to all the other writers out there. Enjoy your summer but take time to write, too. It’s who we are.

2 comments on “Revisions! Urgh!

  • I guess I’m in the stage – where I HAVE to enjoy my summer or else… my muse is threatening me with dire consequences!

    As usual in awe of your productivity woman!! Wish I had a tiny bit or two of that 😉

    Btw, loved the recipes got me drooling at the “cream” on the bread in the end 😉 LOL! And usually I prefer spicy to sweet…so..that calls for some kudos to you 😉

  • Thanks, Ju! That is supposed to be creamery butter, but you can slather it with whatever you desire. lol

    It seems that the more the sun is shining, the more I want to write, which is odd because I love gardening and being outdoors. As a writer, I have to write when the mood calls and lately that call is to complete requested revisions and get my babies resubbed, hopefully with better results.

    After the cold winter we just suffered through, the sun’s warmth is a real blessing. Maybe it will serve to prod your muse into producing. lol And I’m not nearly as productive when working full-time, as you are. Keep at it. Things can only get better! 🙂

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