Round One Edits

Published August 28, 2011 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Finished my first round edits on Zakia and the Cowboy on Thursday and sent them off. They weren’t nearly as troublesome as I’d expected. Now I’m waiting for Emma to review what I’ve done and set me up for the next round. Still in line for the book to be released in October, 2011.

Meanwhile, I’ve submitted a short story for the EP Christmas anthology. Waiting to hear as I work on the sequel to Zakia, Trouble at Thunder Creek.


6 comments on “Round One Edits

    • Thanks, Nas! Waiting for round two. 🙂 All 3 of my shorts received R’s so far. Thinking I might self-pub the Christmas one. I understand it may have been rejected because of a similar one that got there first. Either way, it’s the luck of the draw and quite a learning experience. Thanks for dropping by.

  • Sorry about the R’s, it looked like the Christmas anthology filled up quickly! I didn’t even try to finish my story since they’d emphasized how tight it was becoming.

    Still waiting on Round Two?

    • Thanks, Renee! R’s don’t bother me so much anymore. I’ve got my Christmas story modified and ready to self-pub, but I can’t get the cover to save as a jpeg or tiff file. Have you used Photoshop? It’s been many years since I have and a lot has changed. Yes, still waiting on round two edits for Zakia and the Cowboy. Got to get back to writing the sequel, but this cover is bugging me. I’ll figure it out somehow. Trial version, maybe they left that out. lol

      Good luck to you. Have you received edits yet? When is your book due to be released?

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