Thunder Creek, Book 2 Finished Just in Time for NaNo!

Published October 30, 2011 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

At 50,353 words, Covert Mission: Undercover Cop is finished and off to my critique partners. Yay! Sam and Blake have had a rough time of it. Glad to have sorted things out for them. lol

Book 3 needs a bit of a rewrite due to events in Book 2, but that’s doable. I’m taking a couple days off before starting NaNo on November 1st, then it’s write, write, write. Hoping to finish Books 3 and 4 by the end of the month. I’ll edit and sub those in December and probably start Book 5, the official end of the series, in January.

I think I’m going to have a difficult time saying good-bye to these gals and guys. They’ve been stuck in my head for so long, they’re like friends. My babies… cast out into the world.

The reader response to Book 1, Zakia and the Cowboy, was phenomenal. To think that I was nervous, afraid even, when I signed that first contract, but I’m so glad I did. Writing stories for friends and family is one thing, sharing them with the world, entirely different. It’s scary… truly scary, to put your work out there for all to see. There will be some who don’t ‘get’ my style of writing, but for every one of them, there are more who do. As Zakia’s story provided entertainment and hours of reading pleasure, I hope Sam’s will, too. I thank you and thank God for making my debut novel a grand success.

Bless you!


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6 comments on “Thunder Creek, Book 2 Finished Just in Time for NaNo!

    • Thank you, Judy! It has been an exciting month for sure. Zakia and my self-pubbed short, His Christmas Wish, are also in the top 100 at Amazon. Crazy success for a debut author, but I’m loving it! Have the second book in the series completed. It’s with my cp’s. Working on books 3 (half done) and 4 during NaNo. Did you join this year? You’re still on my buddy list. 🙂 Keep in touch. I do hope you enjoy Zakia’s story. It’s gotten some favorable reviews. They’re listed on my website.
      Thanks for stopping by. Everyone has been so supportive.

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