HEA Reviews, Zakia and the Cowboy

Published December 6, 2011 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Zakia and the Cowboy by Lorraine Nelson

HEA Reviews, December 2, 2011

Monica’s Review…4 Stars

Once you start this book, you won’t want to put it down. It’s filled with passion, suspense, happiness and a sense of finally being a family. One will do anything in order to keep their family safe from a crazy madman. Zakia truly had a friend in which she could trust her life with. When she needed to flee her home Sam was there to help her with anything she needed. There was only one problem what if her ex-husband had a wife, children and would turn her away and not help her.

When she left him she thought that he would come for her but he never went. She felt lonely in their home and felt that he did not want to share his ranch life with her. Then she wrote him a letter after she left to let him know what was happening with her but she never heard back. After time past she believed he did not care about her and the day came when she received the divorce papers.

Even if that was a long time ago she knew that he could protect her but she knew once he found out about her secret he could make her leave but maybe he could care for the others and she would go back and face the stalker on her own. When Luke sees Zakia he thinks he is dreaming but when she speaks he knows that she has come back but for what she is the one that left. When he learns of her kept secret he is enraged but cannot let her leave so he tries hard and acts somewhat civil to her.

After spending time with Zakia and the others he finally feels that he is whole. He admits to himself that he has never stopped loving Zakia and there was no way that he would let her leave when they found her stalker. Now as for the stalker he was smart, clever and not even her security system detected him. Then when he finds her at the ranch she is so frightened but she knows that Luke will keep her safe. Then he ends up entering Luke’s home and leaves her a nasty note on her mirror in her room. Anyone in there right mind would go into shock and that is what she did. But no matter what Luke was there to comfort her and tried to make her feel safe.

But Luke knew that they needed to do the cattle run and hoped that once they were out in the open he would strike and mess up somewhere but wrong again. The stalker was able to capture Zakia and take her on a ride she would never forget, underground.

When Zakia showed up at the ranch late one night it was time for the truth to finally come into light. It was a chance to start over and have a family if and only Luke could forgive her. This story tells of their journey in becoming a family and trying to leave everything in the past in the past. It was gripped with emotions as Luke comes face to face with the secret that  kept from him but he does not waste time in making memories with them. I felt so happy for them because you could tell that they still loved each other but it was going to take time for Luke to trust again.

Zakia and the Cowboy is a joy to read and it will take you on a guessing game. I loved how their HEA ended because this time things will be different. I can’t wait to read Blake’s and Sam story next.

4 Tea Cups!


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