New Release! Spotlight on Raven McAllan

Published January 5, 2012 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Today I am pleased to introduce to you a fellow author and friend, Raven McAllan. She already has one bestselling novel under her belt, Wallflowers Don’t Wilt, published by Breathless Press in October, 2011, and this month she’s releasing two more. Way to go, Raven! So, join us now for her pre-launch party!

Raven McAllan – Bio    

Ever since I won not one, but two, Cadbury, ‘where does chocolate come from’ competitions in primary school, I was convinced that one day I would write a book. Lots of books.

My parents encouraged me. My schoolteachers despaired of me. Evidently reading a story in your maths class was not acceptable. Even if you had finished the maths! Flowery. Romantic. Not factual. All leveled at me and all true. Hey, I loved weaving stories about anything and anyone.

So what happened to my grand ideas?

Life got in the way—as it often does.

A couple of truly awful M/S were sent off and duly and rightfully rejected.  I gave up on my dreams.

More years later than I’m prepared to disclose (hey, a woman has to have some secrets) I realized I’d been writing as I thought I should, not as I could.  It was the ‘eureka’ moment.

I dusted off my almost non-existent typing skills, and decided now was my chance. (With more than a little coercion from my lovely crit group, Up And Coming Writers) I got typing, the ideas came fast and furious, and here I am, a published author.

Married to my own hero-how cheesy is that-we live on the edge of a Scottish Forest. I write on my laptop in my study, watching the birds on the bird table, the strange big black fluffy ‘I’m pretending to be a bird’ cat, sitting on it and trying to convince the many real birds he is invisible; occasionally seeing deer and red squirrel moving past. I am privileged.

As a non-closet romantic, sometime neurotic, and lover of words, I so enjoy getting involved with my hero and heroines.  I hope you do too.

Welcome, Raven! What decided you on writing?

Probably eating chocolate as a kid. I won the Cadbury ‘where does chocolate come from’ competition two years in a row, and the prize was chocolate!

Then later? Being off work and wanting something to do, I decided to scratch the itch.

Your books are classified in several genres…Paranormal, Suspense, Urban Fantasy, Menage and Historical.  Why are you drawn to this type of story?

I have honestly no idea.  I had never read a lot of any of those genres, but I was drawn to try, I think, to write something in my style, as I could and to see if it worked. I still don’t read a lot, and some of it is definitely read between my fingers!! I’m a wuss.

Where do the ideas come from?

My first book, a regency f/f/m menage, Wallflowers Don’t Wilt was written as a dare from my crit group.

The next Regency, this time m/m/f  To Please A Lady, (Jan 6th)  the idea hit me in the bath, as did Taken Identity. (Jan 16th) The last is a contemporary mystery.

It seems a bath, candles, mood music, a good book and a glass of wine works wonders. Though sometimes a word or phrase will set my mind going.

What comes first, names of H/h, location or plot?

I don’t think I have a usual scenario.

The  regency I’m just starting to write, ( and actually its follow up ( a contemporary) if I ever get them written, I got the ideas for them from the plantation inn I stopped at in St Kitts. So thank you Ottleys.

I hope they are happy with what transpires.

Are you a plotter or pantser?

I would love to say a plotter, I start out a plotter, but the characters take over. So a real pantster.

 What is your typical writing day/night?

Early in the morning, I seem to get my best ideas. Though I write whenever I can.

Cooking dinner, drying my hair. Haven’t managed it in the bath yet though.

Do you ever have trouble getting into the ‘writing zone’?

Nope, not unless for some reason I haven’t been able to get to the computer for several days.

That’s why the mac goes on holiday with me. (I have a very understanding husband). Even if it’s only a couple of hundred words a day….

My characters ‘speak’ to me as I write their story. Do yours? If so, what’s it like to have him/her breathing down your neck?

They do and it can be darned uncomfortable. Especially when their ideas don’t match mine. They usually win.

If you had to describe yourself, what three words best suit you?

obstinate, loyal, non-housewife.

If someone else described you, what three words would they use? *evil grin*

If it was my kids, I daren’t put it into print. lol                                                                                                                                              Others? Ask my friends. I hope; Obstinate, loyal, non-housewife. I HATE housework, total waste of time, the dust just comes back!

I hear you on the dust!


Author? Miss Read; Doris O’Connor; W E Griffin

Book? Fairacre Chronicles; Scandinavian Scandal (Sven is MINE)

Car? Mazda MX5, it makes me smile every time I drive it.

Color? black (or if that isn’t a color) red

Desktop or Laptop? laptop every time, it’s attached to me.

Dessert? Boring; fresh fruit or gluten-free spotted dick lol

Spotted dick? Really?

Holiday? Christmas.

Movie? I don’t like the cinema, sorry, hate watching movies in the dark. but I guess soppy ones like Mama Mia and The Holiday. And my all time DVD favorite Bull Durham.

Pen or Pencil? Pencil, a propelling one with a rubber (lol sorry eraser)

Penis size? Oops! A perfect fit! Check out a guy’s index finger, it’s supposed to be an indication!! ( and it’s TRUE! lol)

Good to know! Ahem…

Shopping or Baking? MUST I? okay then.. sigh, shopping if it includes a book shop.

Vacation Spot? SUN. Halong Bay,Vietnam; Swellendam, South Africa; Ottleys Plantation Inn, St Kitts. I love the sun.

Here in Canada, the changing seasons would be much different than what you’d experience in Scotland? In fact, it’s freezing cold right now. What is your favorite season? Why?

I reckon we only get one season here and that’s variations of winter. Or I have known all four in an hour, and that was in June, and yes we did get snow. So I’d say, late spring here in Scotland, no midges and a bit of sun. Other than that, late spring anywhere, not the height of summer.

Do you think you’ll try your hand at different genres in the future? If so, which ones?

I’m already doing it and have contracts for a series of YA shape shifter novels using a very different hat. I don’t want them mixed up. Though I am trying contemporary and have two to be published.

What pearls of wisdom would you like to impart to aspiring writers?

Write as you can, not as you think you should. Grow a thick skin, there is NO way you can please everyone, and some people will rubbish what you write. Remember it is all subjective, and reading is a very personal thing.

Now for the Books: 

To please A lady is releasing Jan 6th through Breathless Press.

  I love the cover!

 I must admit, I’ve done my fair share  of drooling over it.          

 What prompted you to write this story? How long did it take?

I suppose once I got going it only took a couple of weeks, I get into ‘the zone’ and that’s it. It was really because of a sentence in my first book about a cobbled street that set me thinking. And how homosexuality was illegal. I like strong heroines, who know their own mind, so it takes a strong man to be with my heroines. In this case, it took two!

What characteristics/personality traits make your hero and heroine memorable?

Humor and feistiness. And a determination to succeed. Watching each of them trying to ‘win’ is fun.

Can you share the blurb? Excerpt?

Sure can, and thank you.


When your lovers are lovers themselves, and want you to help them make the perfect triangle, what do you say? Persuade me of course!

Unconventional, and happy, Hermione is in the enviable position of having not one, but two lovers to attend to her every need. That her lovers are lovers themselves, only adds to the equation. Berry and Ran feel it’s time to make all their various twosomes, into one splendid threesome. Now all they have to do is persuade Hermione!

Being men, they are too impatient to wait for her answer. Being a woman, she isn’t going to be pushed, shoved or coerced into saying anything until she is good and ready. Patience is a virtue, and one her men needed to get.


Taking a deep breath, Hermione straightened her attire, and then, without further volition, walked to the door indicated and boldly opened it.

What she saw, not only gave her pause for thought, an instant need to be fucked, and a view to be given such pleasure as could not be imagined, it also gave her a need to be possessed by the  occupants of the room. Then, at that moment, with no excuses accepted.

No apology would be needed. As she viewed the tableaux unfolding in front of her, her juices flowed, her cunt clenched and her clit begged for attention.

In pictorial glory, she saw her lovers entwined. No other word would suffice. Ran was spread on his back, his legs resting onBerry’s shoulder. From her stance near the door, she could see hows Berry’s cock was held hard inside Ran’s arse, his hands nipping each nipple presented to him so proudly, and Ran’s hands hard on his own cock, moving to the rhythm of the pounding inside him.

“Well, my Lords, I perceive my presence, my body, need not be in attendance for you both to achieve your release. Alas my worry you were pining, and unable to achieve satisfaction without a woman to at least voyeur you, was all for naught. I was wrong, I ascertain, so very wrong. For I perceive you both managed perfectly without me. Therefore I crave your indulgence to retire.” She gathered her skirts and went to remove from the room.

Before she was able to do so, she was caught from behind. Pressed tight up against a rigid cock the throbbing hardness easily noticed through pelisse and over-gown. Whoever held her captive must have experienced great pain with such a swift uncoupling. However that was neither her problem or her worry. Unaccountably hurt, knowing not why, for she knew they were lovers well before she became part of their lives, and had she not indeed spurned them? Still however, she pulled away, facing forward lest her distress show on her face.

Composing herself, she grasped the door handle and turned.

“My Lords, you had no need to cease your amusements on my behalf. Forsooth if I so desired I would stay to watch. As I feel at this moment, my attendance is superfluous, I bid you goodnight.” Proud of her composure she dropped a deep curtsy and swept out.

How she found her way home, she knew not. Her eyes were blurred, her gait uneven. So many questions. Not least why had they let her leave? Why was she feeling so bereft? It was she who had rejected their advances, nor they hers. Why should they not take their pleasure as they were so inclined?

Why not indeed, she thought fiercely as she reentered her bedchamber, and threw her pelisse unheeding towards a straight back chair, and missed. She let it lie on the floor like a discarded toy. I wanted them to realize what they were missing by their perfidy, how mistaken could a woman be?  She smiled ruefully. They were not culpable, she was.

Hermione pulled back the covers and lay down, her back to the door, and looked at the glowing embers of her fire. A bit like my arousal, she thought dismally; without being stoked, it is extinguishing, ember by ember. Angrily she brushed away a tear. If you had not behaved like a spoiled child, been complimented by their desire to show you the delights that could be yours, rather than choosing to be disgruntled, you would now be sated, as would they be. And have a chance to make an informed choice regarding your future instead of now pondering the thought, you may have ruined your chance.

Briefly she relived the delicious feeling as that hard cock had separated her buttocks and she sighed. Well, if to eat crow was the way forward, eat crow she would, given the chance. Melancholy, she closed her eyes. To dream.

Purchase Link for To Please a Lady: and all the usual places.


Taken Identity is due to be released on January 16th through Noble Romance Publishers.

Again, what a gorgeous cover!

Thanks! I love it. I fell in love with Gray all over again.

What prompted you to write this story? How long did it take?

I got the idea when I was trying to find a pen name and realizing how many people have the same name. This got me wondering how easy it would be to ‘borrow’ someone’s name and identity, and what the consequences could be. So, Jules and Gray were born.

It took me about six weeks to write, and I didn’t write anything else at the same time. I was obsessed with this story! Then, I kept fiddling with it until a fellow crit group member threatened me with no more of her latest M/S to read if I didn’t send it off.


What characteristics/personality traits make your hero and heroine memorable?

Jules, because she won’t let anyone walk over her. She’s kind, helpful and funny, but in no way perfect.

Gray, because you see him mellowing. All he wants is to know what’s going on! Poor Guy, he’s knocked for six when he meets Jules.

They both learn from each other as they learn about each other.


What do you do when someone steals your identity?

Find out why of course. 

When a hot, to die for man appears on your doorstep demanding his wife, who it seems has your name and your life, you need to find out what’s going on.

 Gray Reynard thought he’d found his wife, instead he found Jules. Who would have been more than happy to be found by him under any other circumstances.

It seemed someone had pointed him to Jules as a red herring, and like all old fish, the whole thing stunk. 

They both needed to know what was happening and why so they could move on. Would it be together or apart?


“I was having a lovely dream, and he pulled me out of it before I got to tie… well before I got to the end of it anyway.”

“Mm, Jules? Was I in this dream by any chance?” Gray murmured as he slowly pulled her willing body further down the bed. “Were you going to tie me up? With silk scarves? Cover my eyes? Let me Braille you while you watched and saw how I felt? You don’t need to have that in a dream you know. I’m here, in the flesh.”

So saying he pulled her on top of him, their bodies aligned, put his hands into hers and held them above his head.

“See? Show me Jules, show me what you want. How you want me, want us. Make me feel, make us come. Show us Jules, I’m ready.”

He pushed up against her, his rigid penis rubbing across but not into her vagina. She felt him move into her, letting her test his hardness, and then slowly slither down him, still holding her hands, as she inched lower and lower. Each tiny move was accompanied with a kiss, a nip, a lick, until finally she was separate from him. Slowly she unlinked their hands. Looked at him considering, and spoke. “You’re on your honor now Gray. Lift your hands to the headboard and hold onto it. Don’t move. Promise? It won’t be for long—I promise. But it will be worth it.” Could he feel the weight of her trust in him?

“I promise.”

That deserved a reward of another throbbing, erotic kiss as she took his penis into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. She could feel him rising from the bed to give her more of him. One small hand pressed firmly on his stomach.

“Down, Gray. All things and waiting…remember? Now don’t move your hands. And keep your eyes open. I want you to see what I’m doing. What you think might happen.”

She stood at the bottom of the bed. She hoped Gray had no idea how aroused she truly was. Or how nervous. Something new for her, she was eager to see his reaction to what she was going to do.

She knew Gray watched her as she moved around the room, his eyes following her every move. Was he interested to see what she was collecting? Did he realize silk scarves were part of her fantasy then. And massage oils. She could see him becoming even more aroused, his penis standing up proudly, demanding attention. Jules glanced at him from beside the bedroom door.

“I won’t be a minute. You’ll keep your promise?” She hoped he couldn’t tell if she was relieved or not when he nodded. She just bit her bottom lip, nerves stretched, and disappeared out of the room. She ran lightly down the stairs, and into the kitchen, opened the appropriate door, grabbed what she needed and retraced her steps, a covered bowl in her hands that she put onto the table at one side of the bed.

Could she gather her nerves, as the dressing gown she had put on before leaving the room slipped down her arms? He drew in a sharp breath. Could he sense her trepidation?  

“What do you see, Gray?” Wow, was she amazed at her temerity?

“Tall, willowy, but with curves in all the right places, backlit by the light of that lamp, you hint of promise and to entice, everything I desire. Look.”

She looked. Already, liquid was collecting at the tip of his penis proclaiming his readiness for her.


Damn promising!

“All I want is to pull you tight to me and thrust into your warmth, feel you tighten around me, and let go. Do you realize how much bloody restraint I’m using? I’m forcing myself to hold on to the headboard, trying to control this more than ready body.” The cords on his arms were standing out, his grip on the headboard white with the intensity of his hold.

“Jules,” he said urgently. “I’m dying here. For God’s sake, touch me, or help me come. Please, help me.”

She tucked her head to one side, considering. Finally she spoke. “No.”

“No?” it was an agonizing roar.

“Not yet. If you want to come now, do it yourself. But remember you promised not to move your hands.”

Gray ground his teeth. “Do you have any idea what you’re asking?”

Jules smiled mischievously. “Oh, yes.”

Okay, then. “Will you watch?” he asked, lowering his voice to a sensual, dark velvet sound. Her mouth moved convulsively.


“Will you watch? Me come. For you?”

She swallowed.

“Well, of course I will.”

“So be it. Watch, enjoy, all this is for you.”

Purchase link for Taken Identity

Where can you be found:!/rmcallan


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  • Hi Raven,

    It’s great to meet you at Lorraine’s. She does ask some tough questions, doesn’t she? I loved reading about both your books – the covers, blurb and the excerpts were hawt and fab 😉

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