New Release! Trouble Brewing in Thunder Creek.

Published January 6, 2012 by Lorraine Nelson - Author



I need to pinch myself!

I am truly amazed at the success of my Thunder Creek Ranch series. The support has been wonderful. From publisher, editors, other authors, friends, critique partners, readers and reviewers…I LOVE you all. Many of you have helped promote me along the way by hosting me on blog tours, sharing my posts, voting at TBR, and, of course, by purchasing my books. Zakia and the Cowboy wouldn’t be in the running for Book of the Year, 2011, if this wasn’t so. Thank you!

It’s thrilling to know that my writing entertains so many. Trouble Brewing in Thunder Creek is my 3rd Book in the Thunder Creek Ranch series. Your enthusiasm has kept my fingers fairly flying over the keyboard since Zakia’s release on October, 2011. Now, only 3 months and 1 day later, Book 3 has been released.

Book 4, A Cowgirl’s Pride, is with my critique partners and will be submitted soon. My question to you as I begin Book 5, Cameron’s Quest, is this: Do I end it here or keep going?

My mind is constantly churning up more ideas as I’ve come to know and love these characters. At this point, I could easily make it a 10 book series. What do you think?

Now, seeing as this is release day for Trouble Brewing in Thunder Creek, here’s a bit of advance info to steam you up and whet your appetite for more. 🙂


Lucas Manning, Sr. is married to Winnie, Roy Grayson’s mother. Trouble ensues from the moment authorities arrest her son for stalking and terrorizing Lucas’ daughter-in-law. Winnie feels guilty and withdraws from the Manning family. Suddenly a threatening phone call disturbs their lives even more as Winnie becomes a target. Can Lucas convince her of her worthiness and save their marriage? Or will danger and loyalty to her son drive a further wedge between them?


She crossed the room to switch on the bedside light, turn down the covers, and close the drapes, creating a cozy feel to the room. He took off his shirt and held his arms open wide. She rushed into them.

“Hold me, Lucas. Don’t ever let me go.”

“Gladly, luv. I don’t ever want to be without you.”

He kissed her then, a kiss of love, of comfort. His hands splayed across her backside as he held her to him and, as always happened with her in his arms, his cock reacted to her nearness, springing to life with a force of its own.

Her hands were soft against his chest, caressing his skin and exciting his small male nipples. The kiss became passionate, demanding, their tongues dancing together to a tune only they could hear. His body heated up, and his dick throbbed in protest at the confines of his tight jeans. He reached a hand to undo the belt, but hers were already there. When his erection sprang free he breathed a sigh of relief, then gasped as she took him in hand, her fingers rubbing up and down the length of him as her thumb smoothed over the top.

His hands moved to tug her blouse free of her jeans and reached around to stroke her silky, smooth skin and undo the fastening on her bra. He pulled away long enough to slip the buttons free and eased both garments down her shoulders and off, nuzzling the vein in her neck and kissing her bared shoulders.

She moaned against his ear as he cupped her full breasts, kneading and pinching lightly until the peaks stood firm. He bent forward, raising them up to his greedy mouth, hungry for a taste of her. As he nipped and suckled, her hands worked his erection feverishly, combined pleasure and pain. She started pushing at his jeans, and he did the same. Soon they stood naked in the dim light, wrapped in each other’s arms as they kissed and sidestepped toward the bed.

They lay down facing each other, hands and mouths greedy for more. He reversed position and moved down her body to part her legs, eager for a taste of her honeyed essence as he burrowed face first into her curls. As concentrated as he was on giving her pleasure, he damn near exploded when he felt her lips close over his cock.

He reined in, trying to regain control, but she would have none of it. She cupped his balls, playfully bouncing and caressing them as her mouth worked its magic, while he, in turn, laved her clit, making her squirm in delight. When the first flow of juices came, he lapped them up then pulled away from her to work his way back up. She was ready for him.

Ready for more? LOL

All three books are available at Evernight Publishing, Amazon, All Romance eBooks, Bookstrand, 1 Place for Romance, and wherever else ebooks are sold.

Remember:  If you purchase through Evernight, you receive 15% off the retail price for the first 2 weeks.

Happy Reading!

The blog tour starts today!

Comment here and on the following blogs for your chance to win a free download. 15 stops, 15 chances to win! Winner’s choice: Book 1, 2, or 3. Don’t forget to include your email address so we can notify you. 🙂

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9 comments on “New Release! Trouble Brewing in Thunder Creek.

  • Happy Release day, Lorraine!

    You’re truly amazing to put out such fantastic books, loveable characters who also turn out to be hot cowboys and heroines worthy of their love 🙂

    Here’s hoping you continue the series and keep entertaining us 🙂

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