Spotlight on Alexandra O’Hurley

Published January 25, 2012 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Today it’s my pleasure to introduce a fellow author at Evernight Publishing, the fabulous Alex O’Hurley. Take it away, Alex!

I’m often asked by newbie or aspiring authors for bits and pieces of advice, and it always makes me chuckle.  I mean, I haven’t been in the business very long myself, and still pinch myself on occasion, wondering if I’m really dreaming.

Of course, I offer those bits and pieces that seemed to help get me over the edge.  Touch your work everyday to create a habit.  Outline when you are new so you can focus and make it less overwhelming.  Treat it like a profession, not a hobby.  Show, don’t tell.

Those have been repeated by just about every author I have ever met.  It isn’t news.  And that last one, easier said than done.

I started writing about six years ago, after reading a horrid book with no plot, no characterization, and nothing but sex, sex, sex.  Not that sex is a bad thing, but I want to read a story, not a porno.  After throwing it at the wall, I thought to myself, I could do better than that, and instead of talking the talk, I sat my butt down at my computer and put fingers to keys. 

I didn’t want to submit my first piece; they can’t reject what they don’t have, right?  But after a couple of rejections, I was accepted by the third.  Much screaming, crying, bouncing, and celebrating followed. 

Three years after that first novel was published, I now have five novels, three novellas, and two short stories published between three publishers.  To say I have trotted all over the paranormal landscape is an understatement – I have shape shifters, aliens, vampires, angels, ghosts, and demons.  I’ve been to the future and visited the past.

I’m now working on the next installment to my shape shifter series, a follow-up to Night of the Dragon as well as editing my first novel.  Going back five years, I was appalled to see just how bad it was compared to my current pieces.  But, look how far I’ve come.  It gives me hope of where I might be in another five years.

Your writing is so diverse, covering many different genres. How exciting to be able to pen the stories you put out! Loved hearing about your writing journey, Alex. I’m glad the rejections didn’t stop you. As for me, they only made me more determined to succeed. You’ve accomplished a lot in the past three years. Congratulations! I’ve no doubt five more years will see you with a longer line-up of published books. Best of luck!

Alexandra, a Siren-Bookstrand and All Romance E-books Best Seller, writes Paranormal, Historical, and Contemporary Erotic Romances.  She is published at Evernight Publishing, Siren-Bookstrand, and NCP.

For more information on Alex’s books, please visit her at the following links: 





Twitter:  @alexohurley



Book Buy Links

Abduction – Book 1 of the Ishadarian Series  (Paranormal/Aliens) is currently out of contract.  Being re-published with new publisher soon.

Resurrection – Book 2 of the Ishadarian Series (Paranormal/Aliens)  –

Nephilim:  Shades of Gray (Paranormal/Angels) –

The Lottery (Futuristic/Contemporary) –

Spice It Up (BDSM Short in the Master of Mine Anthology)

Night of the Dragon – A Berserker Mate’s Story 1 (Paranormal/Shape Shifter/Menage) –

All’s Fair in Love and Lust (Paranormal/Greek Gods) –

Being Improper (Historical/19th Century) –

Going Berserk (Berserker Series Short in the Midnight Seduction Anthology)

Burlesque Trio (Paranormal/Ghost/Menage) –



6 comments on “Spotlight on Alexandra O’Hurley

  • Wow! Two Rs before acceptance. That must be a record. good for you, Alexandra. I found your writing journey interesting. I once read a book and had a similar thought: I write better than this.

    Great interview. Good luck with sales, promotions etc.

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