Spotlight on Anna Keraleigh

Published January 30, 2012 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

I am pleased to have my friend and fellow author, Anna Keraleigh, here with us to celebrate her new release, Seven Days in Jade, through Whiskey Creek Press. First, here’s a look at who she is.

Anna Keraleigh – Bio

Anna has two erotic fantasy novels published with Evernight Publishing.

Why fairies you ask? She loves everything about Ireland including its unique folklore. Anna also fell in love with the erotica genre the moment she read her first naughty novel. She invites you into her fantasy world where muscled men with delicate wings fight for their kingdom (in loincloths).

Welcome, Anna!

Your books are classified as Fantasy, and Erotic. Why are you drawn to this type of story?

I’ve enjoyed Erotica since I read my first naughty book as a teen. Fantasy is what makes it so much fun and so creative. You can make your own rules. Why can’t hot guys fly around on butterfly-like wings? It’s fantasy. Why can’t ugly creatures roam Ireland and try to steal fairy mates? It’s fantasy. Anything’s possible.

What comes first, names of H/h, location or plot?

Plot, always a plot weaves itself into my head. Names of characters are a little harder to pin down. I don’t like using common names such as John or Mike or Anna, you get my drift. I like the unusual, the name has to pop out at me.

What is your typical writing day/night?

Typical, what is typical? Lol. Some days I have time to light a candle, put on some music and spend hours writing. Others, I’m scrunched in the back of the car, train, or subway with a notebook and a pen while trying to ignore all the sounds of the city.

Do you ever have trouble getting into the ‘writing zone’?

Oh yes, it’s caused some issues. Ignored phone calls, lack of sleep or alarm clocks. Sometimes I’ll finish writing, my stomach will growl and I’ll glance out the window to see the sun has set.

My characters ‘speak’ to me as I write their story. Do yours? If so, what’s it like to have fairies breathing down your neck?

If I could use one word, erotic. I have gorgeous, muscled guys in only their loincloths roaming my head.

Hmmm, I could do with some of that!


Author –  Are you kidding me? WAY too many to name! lol.

BookRead above. 😛

CarI’m more into motorcycles.


Desktop or LaptopWhichever is impervious to viruses.

DessertWhipped Cream, tastes good on a variety of items. *Wink*

HolidaySaint Patrick’s Day

MovieRomancing The Stone

Pen or PencilPen…0_o

Penis size? Oops!  What’s that saying, it’s not the size of the ship it’s the motion of the ocean.

Lol. My thoughts exactly!

Shopping or BakingShopping for books. (Ask me to bake and I may burn down your kitchen.)

Vacation SpotIreland, Ireland, or Ireland. *Grins* My mother is part Irish and I’d love to visit someday.

Mine is too! Maybe we’ll team up and go together. 🙂 

Do you think you’ll try your hand at different genres in the future? If so, which ones?

Probably. My new novella, Seven Days in Jade, is contemporary. That’s a new one. 🙂


Seven Days in Jade  is released through Whiskey Creek Press.

 I love the cover!

Thanks so much! I fell in love. It was created by the lovely Gemini Judson.

What prompted you to write this story? How long did it take?

Oddly enough, this began as a quick short story. I finished the first part, Taste Me Tuesday, and the characters just stuck in my head. They popped up when I was dreaming and writing. Their story needed an ending or at least a happy for now. As I began the second story, a handful of them came into fruition. It was a little slower, due to the fact that I wrote the first part, began another writing project then came back and finished their story. Jade and Ryan will always hold a place in my heart as well as my lust. 😉

What characteristics/personality traits make your hero and heroine memorable?

This is not your typical romance. Jade is having an affair with Ryan. They’re committing adultery and it really pushes the moral boundaries.


Jade is an unhappily married woman.

Ryan is a sexy Private Investigator that loves her.

He brings her secret fantasies to life, ice cream covered flesh, dominance, handcuffs and the ultimate desire. However, their wild sexcapade ends when Jade’s husband returns and their oasis returns to desert. Can they survive apart now that they have tasted true love?

These lovers have a one-week affair that will change their lives forever.

Oooh! Sounds yummy!

Places where Anna can be found:!/profile.php?id=100001498951011

Purchase Link for Seven Days in Jade. Only $3.99:


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