Published March 9, 2012 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

As you know, if you’ve been following my blog, website, Facebook or Twitter accounts, I signed 5 contracts in January. Since January 30th I’ve completed 12 rounds of edits. Yep, 12! Three titles are completely done. Yay!

Coming March 16th!

Hawk’s Woman, my first western historical, is releasing March 16th in the Evernight anthology entitled Virgins Behaving Badly.

Coming March 26th!

A Cowgirl’s Pride, Book 4 in my Thunder Creek Ranch series, is releasing on March 26th.

Breathless Press has signed on for 4 titles. Her Unlikely Bodyguard is edited and ready for release on June 15th. The 1st round edits on Blessed Homecoming, my first inspirational, are finished and I’m waiting for the next round. Then it’s on to Love on the Rocks, a romantic suspense, and Finding Baby J, a medical romance.

At first, I considered edits to be a nuisance, a necessary evil. LOL But I’ve learned so much through my lovely editors, that now I consider them, the editors and the edits, a blessing. Their input has made for a much more detailed and interesting read in every case.

I love dialogue! When I get into the heads of my characters, or them in mine as the case often happens, I enjoy writing up their conversations. Unfortunately, I forget about everything else when that happens, but my editors are quick to remind me about all 5 senses. It’s not enough to know what they’re saying. What are they seeing, feeling, touching, smelling, doing while they talk? Or tasting…my characters enjoy eating. lol

Then there is the comma guru. Since I obtained my business education back in 1980, someone up and changed some of the rules of comma usage. Not sure when that happened, but I’m learning, slow but sure, and hoping my editors don’t pull their hair out in the meantime. So far, they haven’t run away screaming, so it’s all good. 🙂

Sometimes I disagree with them and have to question the why of things, but in the end, we compromise and carry on. I love my editors! Emma Shortt, Dana Horbach, and Tara Chevrestt. They know how to draw every ounce of love and suspense out in the open, which makes for a much better, more saleable novel.

I’m living my dream, and with the support of editors, publishers, and most importantly, my readers, it makes all the hard work worthwhile. I can work from home, at my own pace, crafting beautiful, believable stories of romance and suspense. For me, life couldn’t get any better.

So, until my next set of edits arrive, I’ll be writing Cameron’s Quest, Book 5 of my Thunder Creek Ranch series. He’s been screaming at me to get his story told…a story of secrets unveiled, family love and loyalty, and murder. Hoping to have it written, subbed, and edited for a May release. Time will tell.

In the meantime, I’d like to thank you all for your support.

Happy Reading and Writing!

12 comments on “Edits!!!

  • Very nice, Lorraine. I’ve have numerous editing experiences and I’ll agree with you on the commas. I have an editor from one publication that’s like me with commas…all willy nilly and used for pausing when you want a pause. Then there’s the other side that’s straight from the rule book.

    You’ve really tortured yourself this time, girl, but I bet you’re loving every minute of it! Congrats on all your publications!


  • We have to choose our battles with our editors and keep our goals in mind when we decide to pick a fight. I’ve hated submitting to editors at times…but in the grand scheme of things, it’s been worth it.


    • I hear you, Margie! So far, I consider myself extremely fortunate. My editors have been excellent to deal with. I like that they tell me what’s wrong so I can fix it, but I love it when they put comments like: This brought me to tears; or a simple LMAO!!! That tells me in advance of publication that my story is believable and will reach readers. If it draws the emotion, it has to be good. Right? 🙂


  • HI Lorraine,
    I’ve followed your progress on Harlequin and now see you’ve pubbed with BP. I congratulate your success! I’m still working at someday getting pubbed with Harlequin and have had one story published with BP now. They are a wonderful group to work with for sure! I feel for you with the comma thing, I to am trying to relearn the rules from when I was in college 18 years ago! Keep up the good work, and keep the stories coming!


    • Hi, L.B.! What’s your handle on eHqn? Congrats on signing with BP! They do seem like an excellent group. Love my editor there! I haven’t given up on Hqn, but I’m happy with the publishers I have. Thank you for such kind and thoughtful comments. I’ll keep the stories coming, never fear. Can’t do anything else except keep writing. It’s such a big part of me. Love it! 🙂


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