Spotlight on Nichole Severn!!!

Published April 17, 2012 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Today it’s my pleasure to introduce you to another fabulous Evernight author. Nichole writes romantic Thrillers and her stories will leave you thirsting for more. Welcome, Nichole!

Guest Post by Nichole Severn – My fascination with serial killers

Hello readers! First, I want to thank Lorraine for letting me guest post. Second, thanks for stopping by! My name is Nichole Severn and I write suspense and romance, and sometimes stories in between. Below you’ll find excerpts from my pubbed books – one is suspense and the other a romance, but both feature serial killers.

My fascination for serial killers started around the time I entered college. Abnormal Psych always held my attention. I love everything about the brain; how it functions, what areas of the brain do what, how it can fail and the consequences of failing. However, I wasn’t confident enough to go for a medical degree so I finished my degree in psychology instead. Friends and family find it odd that I search out the most gruesome stories, that I want to know what happens when the brain snaps, but it’s not the blood or loss of life that interests me.

In the way of serial killers, I focus on the why. How could a person take so many lives? I wanted to answer this question so badly, I started researching. Someone is considered a serial killer after two or more kills in as little as a month. Usually this occurs because of emotional, financial, or for the thrill so I investigated the reasons. A couple of characters came of it, too. In fact, I started writing because of these fantastic displays of disregard for human life.

Adelaide(my protagonist in Let Me Out) came out of that research. Her reasons were a mixture. Kidnapped, forced to kill others, and schizophrenic, Adelaide had emotional reasons and loved the thrill. Every time she kills, her urges quiet and she’ll do anything to stop. My antagonist from White Trash Beautiful, however, does it for the money and the thrill. Anders Stark works for the Camino Family (the mob) and is very prideful. Insult him…lose your life. He enjoys torture a bit too much, not to interrogate, but to punish.

Not all serial killers are the same, not all have sociopathic characteristics or want to kill. My writing, and the research that goes into my writing, gives me the ability to dig deeper into the emotions and motivations of someone with these tendencies. To learn more about my serial killers and the reasons they do what they do, check out Let Me Out (March 1, 2012) and White Trash Beautiful (April 13, 2012) and look for more soon!

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and my website.

Blurb and Excerpt for Let Me Out (Coming March 1, 2012)

For a psychopath, murder is addictive.

With every remorseful drop of blood spilled, the violent whispers in her head are silenced, but to Adelaide Banvard’s disappointment, only for a short amount of time. Used as an assassin, the schizophrenic monster inside her head grows stronger the longer Christian Wren, the man who hired her, takes advantage of her demons. Knowing this life will have her behind bars or six feet under, Adelaide wants out by any means necessary in order to save her sanity and her life.

For a federal agent, revenge is even sweeter.

ATF Agent Marcus Grant has declared war on Wren after the death of a fellow agent and forces his way into the weapon manufacturer’s entourage to seek his revenge as an undercover bodyguard. Fully aware that men like Wren never risk getting their hands dirty, Marcus sets his sights on the first woman who has captivated him in a long time, Wren’s personal bodyguard, Adelaide Banvard.

Adelaide realizes the man who can put her behind bars for life is the opportunity she needs to overcome her bloodthirsty desires, but can a mute psychopath convince Marcus she’s not the killer he’s after?


Her arms shook with the weight of her body as she pushed herself from the bed and padded lightly toward the bedroom door. Keeping her eyes on Marcus’ form, she slowly opened it, hoping the hinges had been greased enough to let her free without incident. He would try to stop her and she couldn’t let him. Clarity, unlike anything she’d experienced before, pounded at her temples, urged her to take action. Not even her delusion needed to manipulate her further. She’d made her decision more than ten years ago.

She eased the door closed behind her, careful with every movement she made toward the stairs. The hardwood floor creaked under her weight, but she kept moving. The farther she could distance herself from him, the better chance she had of escape.


Do you honestly believe he could stop us now? the monster asked. I’m growing stronger. Soon, nobody will be able to stop me. It stared directly into Adelaide’s eyes, willing its message to be heard clearly. Including you.

She couldn’t respond, only hoped she had enough strength to live through what she had planned for tonight.

Time to hunt.

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Blurb for White Trash Beautiful (April 13, 2012 from Evernight)

Trey Aston is hiding from the mob.

Desperate to save life, she sells her body in order to make the monthly payments her father owes the mob, but when Trey discovers he hasn’t been making the payments, she’s forced to turn to the one man she hoped never to see again for help.

Deputy Luke Johnson refuses to acknowledge his high school sweetheart is a prostitute and is determined to make Trey see it for herself. Until she starts treating him as a client. His ability to know right from wrong is challenged and he isn’t the only one who’s noticed. The force doesn’t have his back where Trey is concerned, leaving him to fight against them for a criminal.

The Camino Family is out to make her pay, but what really has Trey on edge is the fact that she’s fallen for the deputy who wants her behind bars.


Rough hands ripped Trey Aston from the car. She laced her hands behind her head as she’d been instructed with indifference. She’d been through all of this before. There were no surprises left for tonight. “Hi, Tucker,” she said with a smile.

Officer Tucker smiled back, but left her for his partner to question. In clipped tones, he ordered her john to get out of the driver’s seat.

“We weren’t doing anything!” her client shouted, but wouldn’t move without zipping up his pants first.

Big mistake.

He didn’t have a chance to move before one of Parkvista’s finest threw him face down onto the pavement. Tucker had the cuffs around her john’s wrists before the man could even get his breath back.

She barely gave him a glance as the red and blue lights crossed her vision, their movement almost hypnotic. She should have been more careful, should have known the gas station wasn’t a good place to take care of business. Wisps of frigid North Dakota air swept under her ragged, black, leather skirt and under the wife beater tank top. A shiver ran down her spine. It sure as hell hadn’t been the snow that brought her back. The whiskey did nothing to keep her warm.

“Trey, what the hell are you doing here?” Tucker’s partner asked. In a town occupied by less than two thousand citizens, everyone’s voice sounded familiar, but this one had a history of sending heat straight between her legs.

Trey tried to keep her breathing even as Officer Luke Johnson confronted her. Every memory of him flashed across her mind when he settled in front of her, and the officer’s uniform only made it worse. She’d ripped those buttons off countless times during their days together, ran her hands over each abdominal muscle. Now, it seemed she’d never have that chance again. Cops and prostitutes didn’t exactly make perfect couples.

She couldn’t answer save for a curse that escaped her lips. He knew exactly what she’d been doing. Her hair most likely told the whole story along with the fact that her skirt had hiked itself up around her waist. Heat began to rise up her neck in frustration. She’d worked hard to avoid him. Now, however, she had nowhere to run. Trey’s heartbeat sped, her eyes darting left and right for a way out.

“Where are your condoms?”

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Nichole is offering a free copy of White Trash Beautiful to one lucky commenter. Hurry to get your name in the draw! Winner will be announced tomorrow, April 18th!


8 comments on “Spotlight on Nichole Severn!!!

  • Go Nichole. I am totally in support of other authors, and the great people who host us on their websites. Good job, Lorraine. It’s important to find new readers with various exposure tools.
    That said, I agree with Nichole about being fascinated by serial killers. I certainly hate that they exist, but their motives, actions and behaviors are all very interesting, none-the-less.
    Good luck with the book.

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