New Contract, New Cover, & A Print Book!

Published May 27, 2012 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Life has been truly busy this past week and totally exciting!


I have new cover art for Love on the Rocks, releasing August 10th through Breathless Press. Mina Carter, the graphic artist, did a terrific job. She even found a picture of one of my favorite places, The Rocks at Hopewell Cape, a local tourist attraction, the spot where this story begins…and ends. Isn’t this a gorgeous cover?!!!




I am so excited to announce that Zakia and the Cowboy is now available in print! Yeehaw!!! My very first print book!!! How cool is that!

Zakia and the Cowboy won its silver star at ARe within 3 days of release. It went on to become a Featured Title there for 3 weeks! It gained a lot of recognition as Book of the Month for December at the TBR Pile review site and was up for Book of the Year. It had the most votes, but, all things considered, another book won. Thank you, my friends, for making this book so popular. Love you all!

Available at:

Bad Boy Blake sold to Ruby Lioness Press on proposal and is coming along nicely, as is Book 5 in my Thunder Creek Ranch series, Cameron’s Quest. Hope to submit both within the next couple of weeks.And to top off the week, I just signed three new contracts. My Hudson Ranch Trilogy was picked up by Ruby Lioness Press on proposal. Benjamin, Gabriel, and Nathan will be moving to Clearwater, WY, as part of the Clearwater series. I have some major writing to do in the next few months. 🙂

I’ve started booking my blog tours for five new releases coming out  June 15th, July 13th, August 10th, September 7th, and November 2nd. If you’re interested in hosting me on your blog, please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you with the dates needed.

Until I see you again, happy writing and reading!


18 comments on “New Contract, New Cover, & A Print Book!

  • Lorraine! I cannot keep up with you! A book in print…the Holy Grail.
    Love the cover for love on the Rocks. Gosh, I remember all these titles from way back when after the MB contest that got us together in cyber-space. Now look at you!
    Keep at it but then again there’s no stopping you now, is there?

    • LOL, Rhonda! Love you, girl! It’s been a long road from then until now, but I’ve enjoyed the journey and learned a lot along the way. Blogging being one of the many things I had to learn. LOL I love that cover. The Rocks is a spectacular place to visit and I talk about it in my book. Writing seems almost second nature to me now. I’m having a great time, and you’re right, there’s no stopping me now. 🙂

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