Her Unlikely Bodyguard – Character Interview

Published June 6, 2012 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

As you know, if you’ve been following my posts, Her Unlikely Bodyguard releases next Friday, June 15th, from Breathless Press. Yay!!! Part of the promotion had me working up my first ever character interview, which was posted on the BP Facebook page this past Monday. I had a great time writing this up and hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think. 🙂

Teddy’s Most Embarrassing Moment:

LN: That would be when Jemma Leigh saved his hide. *Chuckles*

TG: Damn! I’ll never live that down.

LN: Nope! Some bodyguard you are!

TG: Hey! It all worked out.

LN: Yeah, thanks to me.

Finish this sentence: When Teddy’s in the laundry room…

LN: He’s looking for clean socks.

TG: No, I’m doing laundry.

LN: No way! Not one scene in that entire book had you doing the laundry.

TG: Well, you couldn’t be there all the time. And I did help bring clothes in off the line. At least you managed to record all the important stuff.

LN: *Smirking* Probably more than you realize.

Favorite Toy:

TG: I don’t play with toys.

LN: You treat that big brute of a truck you drive like a toy.

TG: I do not.

LN: You do! And instead of playing around with your gears, you should watch where you’re going.

TG: I do watch! That was an accident.

LN: Uh, huh. Tell that to Jemma Leigh.

Favorite Drink:

TG: Jemma Leigh’s lemonade.

LN: Hmmm, can’t argue with you there.

TG: Well, that’s a first!

Favorite Car:

TG: That would be my Dodge Ram 4×4.

LN: That’s not a car! They asked for your favorite car.

TG: My favorite car, if I ever feel I need one, is a Jaguar.

LN: Oh, flashy.

TG: Gotta keep up appearances.

Favorite Scent:

LN: Oh! I’ve got this one…lilacs.

TG: Women! There’s more to life than flowers.

LN: Maybe so, but they asked for my favorite scent. *sniff, sniff* It certainly isn’t whatever cologne you’re wearing.

TG: This happens to be a very subtle scent, and besides, Jemma Leigh likes it.

LN: Hmmm, gotta have a talk with that girl.

Favorite Movie:

TG: Anything with Sylvester Stallone in it.

LN: *snort* That’s a favorite actor, not movie.

TG: Woman, do you have to question everything I say?

LN: Why not? You gave me a hard enough time, butting in when I was trying to write your story.

TG: I had to make sure you got it right.

LN: Ha! Give me a break, will ya? I wrote you into this world. I can erase you right back out.

TG: *Superior grin* No one else wanted to work with you, so you’re stuck.

LN: There are many more where you came from, buddy.

TG: But none fit the bill as good as I do, and besides, it’s a done deal. Our book releases in nine days.

LN: Our? I hate to admit it, but it is one of my better works.

TG: Guess my charm won you over.

LN: Could be that Jemma Leigh’s plight did.

TG: At least we survived it.

LN: Yes! I so love a happy ending.

Now for some of my favorite lines from the book:

1/ “I thought you’d left,” Jemma Leigh stated, her fingers beating a nervous tattoo on the arms of the wheelchair.

“Free country, last time I checked, and I don’t take orders easily,” he answered. “It goes against the grain.”

“So does your presence,” she said. She turned the wheelchair and tried to ignore him as best she could, but, oh my aching heart! Ignoring him was much harder to do now than it had been years ago.

2/ “Just how do you propose to get me up into this thing?”

“You have two choices, Jemma Leigh. First, you can behave yourself and let me lift you onto the seat in the cab or, secondly, I will lower the tailgate long enough to lift chair and all into the back of the truck. Of course, even with the braking system in place on the chair, you’d be jostled around, and it wouldn’t be too good for your busted ankle, but I’d get you home like I promised.”

3/ Jemma Leigh caught on to how his body was reacting to the forced intimacy.

“Nice to know I can still get a rise out of you, Teddy.”

“Great to know you still pucker up for me so nicely, too,” he said, looking pointedly at her pert breasts where her nipples protruded against the thin, summery material of the blouse she was wearing.


A stalker who wants revenge…a past flame rekindled…Jemma Leigh’s summer just got interesting.


Jemma Leigh Harding has drawn the attention of an unknown stalker and returns to her hometown of Somerville, a safe haven—or so she thinks—on the east coast of Canada.

Theodore Garrity is the last person she expects to see, considering how easily he walked away from her after graduation to join the army.

Their past history involves secrets Jemma Leigh is hesitant to share. When it becomes clear the stalker has followed her home, Teddy becomes her unlikely bodyguard. Will the terror and past hurts separate them forever? Or will love blaze a fresh path for their future?

So, that’s it for now folks. What did you think?

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