New Release!!! Spotlight on Dahlia DeWinters!!!

Published August 16, 2012 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

It’s my pleasure to introduce a superb fellow author on my blog today. Please welcome Dahlia DeWinters as she shares with us an interview from her leading character, King Toridesh.

Hi Lorraine, and thank you for hosting me on your blog today!

I had the amazing opportunity to actually sit down with King Toridesh of The Wisest Maiden, to chat about his life before this story begins.  Granted, obtaining answers to simple questions was the equivalent of pulling teeth, but I think you all can read between the lines to ferret out the real story. 

Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born into royalty.  My father was one of the greatest kings to rule the Al’eam country.  He and my mother took ill and died soon after my wedding to my first wife.  They had a wonderful, loving relationship. My father loved my mother dearly. So much so that he became ill with my mother’s sickness.  He refused to leave her side despite the healers’ warnings….

It is good that they did not live long enough to see the destruction of my marriage. My mother…knew the family, trusted her judgment in selecting her as my wife.  She…proved my mother wrong with her betrayal.

When you say “betrayal” what does that mean?

I would think the term simple enough for you to understand.  Betrayal.  The betrayal of our marriage vows.  She desecrated her body with another man.

That is really sad. Did she tell you why?

Further dialogue about this is useless. It is enough to say that she no longer dwells within the country of Al’eam.  You have other questions?

Okay…after this betrayal whom do you trust?

I trust only Cartur, my prime minister.  He was the adviser to my father.  His integrity and loyalty is unquestionable.

So…you’re single now?

When I desire to be.  Are you perhaps interested in becoming the next queen?

No, thanks, I’ve heard some …things.  Let’s get back to the questions. 

What is your greatest desire?

My greatest desire…is to find a companion with whom I can share the rest of my days.  Given what has happened…I have no false hope that my future will be a happy one.

What a sad story!  I certainly hope that one day the King can find true love….


The Wisest Maiden by Dahlia DeWinters from Liquid Silver Books

A peasant girl matches wits with a powerful king in a battle to stay alive after being forced into a one-night-only marriage.

She was beautiful, modest, and unassuming, virtues he sought in his brides. By the way she conducted herself he sensed she was a maiden, a pure freshling who was more than ready for his touch. The brief flash in her coffee eyes told him everything. Her lips were full and lush as the most succulent plum from the palace garden. The loose linen blouson and skirt, while modest, did little to hide her generous bosom and rounded hips. He imagined stroking her velvet nutmeg skin in the deepest hours of the night as she pressed her softness against him. He wanted this sloe-eyed female, to gorge himself on the pleasures of her unspoiled, ripe body.

He snapped his fingers when the father approached the counter, dropping the fabric mask from his face.

“Do you know who I am?”

“Yes, royal majesty.” The older man ducked his head in obeisance.

“The maiden who was here, she is your daughter?”

“Yes, royal majesty,” the man stuttered.

“She is a maiden then? There is no question of her purity?” He paused, judging the man’s ability for untruthfulness. “Do not lie to me.”

A look of resignation passed across the man’s face, the wrinkles becoming deeper somehow. “Yes, royal majesty, she is a maiden. Her mother and I have raised her to be close to us.”

“Then why have I not seen her in the marketplace before?”

The man met his gaze and spoke with a slight edge to his voice. “We were hiding her from you.

He was taken aback at the impertinence of the old man but only for a moment. Hiding such a lovely specimen for so long? The old man should be put to death just for that. “It seems as if your efforts to deceive did you no good.” A smile spread across his face, pleased at his success in acquiring a new bride so quickly. And what a fine bride she would make.

“Not an effort to deceive. An effort to protect our only daughter. She is our only child.”

He waved the subtle plea away and made a motion with his upraised hand. He had no time to listen to the pleas of an old man for his daughter. It would make no difference: he had already decided to have her. Two large guards appeared at his side. “And your efforts were wasted. I am claiming her for my bride.”

About Dahlia:

I am the Sultry Scribe. Romance on the road less traveled. I like quirky characters. I write books that hopefully make you think a little.

Writer of multicultural erotic romance and fairy tales.

Ivy League graduate. Geek Gal. Football junkie. Gadget freak. Comic Book lover.

Led Zeppelin, Billie Holliday, Hall and Oates, Johnny Hartman, Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Coolio, Public Enemy, Frank Sinatra, Kanye West.

There are two kinds of music – good and bad.

Nurtures an inappropriate lust for Peyton Hillis and Cam Newton.(Please don’t call the authorities.)



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