Erotic Reads featuring Sonia Hightower!!!

Published October 16, 2012 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Taking it Too Far is a new release for Sonia Hightower and already has a 4 Star review on Amazon.

Product DetailsCreepy…October 12, 2012

By L. L. Greer
I enjoyed this short story. It left me with a lot of questions. Did the heroine have the sexy and disturbing encounter she thought she did…or was it all a dream?”


It’s Halloween, and Vivian is looking forward to a sexy romp with her husband of eight years. The kids are tucked in bed, the bedroom door is locked, the candy’s put away, and Vivian is ready and willing…but Kenny’s Halloween costume is a bit creepy, and he may be taking it too far..

Will the night end in horror, or will a new day show that it was all a dream…a bad dream?
Next up is Cauldron of Tales anthology in which Sonia has two remarkably witchy reads.


When five witches with wild imaginations get together,

the pot boils over with trouble, romance, and sensuality.

Sonia’s stories:

1/ In The Devil’s Berries, readers are taken back to Renaissance England where Sabine, facing her last night alive, reveals how the witch really came to be associated with the broomstick. Will her nightly visitor bring her more trouble or will he give her peace?

2/ Danica finds herself confused after a trip to the carnival with her best friend and coworker. She’s been attracted to Lisette for months, but are her feelings really being reciprocated, or was there A Sappho Spell cast in Madame Lilith’s tent?

Book #3: When Hubby’s Away


Natalie is looking at six really lonely months when she kisses her husband goodbye before he heads to the Middle East on a deployment. So when he suggests she seek comfort in the arms her sexy girlfriend, Mariah, and Mariah appears to be open to the idea herself, she does.

A night of passion and peaches and cream body oil turns into a very close relationship, but when Natalie tells Chase in a letter what is going on, she discovers he was joking, and he is now afraid of losing her.

How can she convince her husband that she can, will, and does love them both and will part with neither?

Book #4: Femdocs


It’s the near distant future…and women are tired of being passive, of doting on men. It’s time to put the cooking pots away.

A group of top-notch woman doctors plan to eliminate the male population one man at a time, luring them to sperm banks, using man’s lust and greed against them. By the time they are done, only the good, the kind-hearted, and the easily malleable will be left, allowing the women to form a new, respectful race of men.

But when one doctor falls for an agent, can she save him in time, or does it mean going against all she believes?

Book #5: Sinful Urges

Sinful Urges


Follow the confessions of Juan and Maria as they fall prey to lust at first sight. Can they stop themselves before it’s too late, or will they become victims of their own sinful urges?

A new neighbor sends Juan running to confession to rid himself of the lustful thoughts he experiences. Each confession becomes more erotic, more sinful than the last. Can Juan stop himself, or will he give in to the desire that threatens his very faith?

The man across the street causes Maria to question her own morals. When she seeks out a priest for confession, she weaves a tale of exotic kisses and stolen moments. How can Maria find sanctuary in her prayers when her body demands she finds solace in her neighbor’s arms?

I hope you enjoyed this brief glimpse into the stories

this fabulous author has penned.

These books and more can be found on her Author Page at Amazon.


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