New Release!!! The Legionnaire’s Prize by Lisa Adams

Published January 25, 2013 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Who is Lisa Adams?

Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to Lisa Adams, a long time friend and writing buddy. 


What decided you on writing, Lisa? What has your journey to publication been like?

This may sound selfish, but I needed “me” time. When I started writing about 8 years ago, I had five children that ranged from newborn twins to six years old. After the hustle and bustle of dealing with the children all day, the house, the chores, and school full time to finish my Bachelor’s, I was in dire need of release. My writing was that release.

I started with short stories, mostly MG or YA because that age group was what my degree would center around. It wasn’t until about six years ago, I decided that I would try to get something published, which was a total bust. You know how they say you have to have an inch worth of rejection letters before you can get published? Well, mine ran about an inch and a quarter. 🙂 But, with every rejection, I learned something invaluable. Even if it was a standard form letter, I had learned that the rejection wasn’t toward me personally, it was something that could be fixed.  

Good for you, Lisa. With 5 kids under 6years old, I’d need a release, too! 🙂

Where do the ideas for stories come from?

My stories come from people. I am an extremely social person and always have been. I love to go to restaurants or public places by myself and watch people that I don’t even know. Their moves, gestures, tendencies are all scrambled up with others to create a character that I need. Sometimes, it’s a “What If…” question that peaks my interest and I start there.

What comes first, names of H/h, location or plot?

I would have to say location or plot first. As I write a historical and contemporary, the H/h names have to fit the time period. For instance, The Legionnaire’s Prize is set in Ancient Rome. You wouldn’t have a person named Patricia living in that time period.

Are you a plotter or pantser?

I used to be a complete pantser. I sat down and typed, and whatever came out was what I worked with. I realized quickly, that those manuscripts will probably never see the light of day. Now, I still consider myself a pantser, but I create an extremely loose outline, that is less than a page, and that guides me to the place I want to go.

I do the same thing. I write up a general GMC sheet with pertinent details and start writing.

What is your typical writing day/night?

Typical? I have no routine. Last year when I was working full time, it was strictly night activity. After the kids were in bed, an hour or less, and I was exhausted. Now, I write when I want. But, I find that I still do a lot of my writing at night. 🙂

Do you ever have trouble getting into the ‘writing zone’?

Oh, YES! With my last submission, the second in my “Caledonia’s Captives” series, it took me forever to write a particular sexy scene, namely because I couldn’t decide how I wanted it to go in my head. Two days later, I figured it out and banged out the scene in a matter of an hour. Then I hit the end of my book, and had to make a major decision. Another three days of absolutely no writing, because I was too busy trying to figure out the way I wanted to go.

My characters ‘speak’ to me as I write their story. Do yours? If so, what’s it like to have him/her breathing down your neck? 🙂

I hear this is a common thing, so I don’t feel like I’m psychotic anymore…lol. I actually prefer them breathing down my neck and guiding me through their story. It’s when they stop talking to me, that I feel like I’m pulling teeth.

If you had to describe yourself, what three words best suit you? 🙂

Talkative, persistent, patient

If someone else described you, what three words would they use? *evil grin*

Talkative …lol. Helpful, Reliable


Author? Stephen King

Book? It by Stephen King

Car? 1958 Plymouth Fury    “Christine”

Color? Orange surprisingly

Desktop or Laptop? Both! All the time, and don’t forget the tablet!

Dessert? Cheese Danish        Ooh! make that a cherry cheese danish!

Holiday? Halloween!

Movie? Any disaster movie! 2012, The Day After Tomorrow, Twister, The Core

Pen or Pencil? Pen – Pilot g-2 to be specific

Penis size? Oops! Hehe… my husband’s lol

Shopping or Baking? Both. Shopping Spring and summer, Baking fall and winter

Vacation Spot? The Outer Banks of NC.

Do you think you’ll try your hand at different genres in the future? If so, which ones?

Most definitely. I’m already working on several contemporaries, a paranormal, and a “fairy tale-fantasy”

What’s next for you? Anything else in the works?

Well, I’m starting book 3 of the “Caledonia’s Captives” series and we’ll get to catch up with Abagail and Decimus at least twice more during the series. I’m pushing a pitch to a big name publisher this week, and I have several other novellas to finish. It will be a busy year. I’ve set my goals high, so I could imitate an awesome writer friend of mine … 🙂

Goals are good! 🙂

What pearls of wisdom would you like to impart to aspiring writers?

Don’t give up! It took me seven years to get published, and a slew of stories. But I now am writing a series for Breathless Press, have another single title coming out this year from Decadent Publishing, and am ready to roll.

Secondly, WRITE! Following people, reading, branding yourself on your facebook page, twitter, or blog, doesn’t help you if you’re not writing a story to market.

LAA_Legionnaires prize_600x900

The Legionnaire’s Prize has recently released through Breathless Press. I love the cover!

What prompted you to write this story? 

I am a history nerd. I won’t deny it. I absolutely love History and loved teaching it. I taught Ancient History through Medieval Times, for 5 years and was engrossed in the time period. The location was first, then the characters stepped out of a building one day, and started telling me their story.

How long did it take?

It took me 13 days to write, an hour or two a night. It just came so fast, I knew I had to keep up or lose it.

What characteristics/personality traits make your hero and heroine memorable?

Decimus is a rugged warrior, but with a tortured past. He wasn’t born a Roman; he was made. He has an emotional side that is uncharacteristic of most people’s views of a Roman soldier. Abagail is a feisty, outspoken woman and a survivalist. She’s not the typical meek woman you would think of from that time period.


Decimus wasn’t born a Roman and doesn’t intend to stay one, but leaving is complicated…especially with a new wife in tow.

Abagail Haber loses her nomadic family and her freedom when a Roman Legion destroys her tribe. Contemplating the possibilities of her future as a slave to the Emperor seems bleak. But when the Emperor marries her to the man who trampled in and conquered her village, Abagail can think of nothing but escaping. Then night falls, and visions of the muscled Legionnaire haunt her dreams.

Decimus Cassian wasn’t born a Roman; he was made. After 20 years of life under a Roman Emperor, he is ready to run. But the Emperor has destroyed all his carefree plans by marrying him to his prisoner. How can he convince her that he can be trusted? And how will he ever be able to concentrate on escape when he can’t think of anything else but her?


Decimus cradled her again, closer and tighter. He didn’t want it to end, but control was not an option that he had the luxury of any more. He rubbed his hand against her back, gliding softly up and down again. She arched her body into him and he could feel her breasts crushing against his chest. She radiated a sweet smell, and he was reminded again of his true home.

Decimus closed his eyes and tried to drown out his subconscious that was ridiculing him for taking part in such an indecent act. It frowned at him and scoffed, showing its disappointment. In the back of his mind, it steadily tapped its foot, trying to make him feel guilty for taking advantage of this poor enslaved creature. However, with the gentle breeze blowing, her scent consumed his mind. The feral man within came to his aid, arguing heavily with his subconscious and ultimately defeating it.

He slipped his hand down past her rounded backside, feeling its fullness and warmth. Working his way back up her leg, he slid her robe to the side and allowed his hand to push under her tunic, stroking her bottom, and pulling it forward into him. A moan escaped her lips and Decimus froze, fearing her reaction if she awoke. This was wrong and he knew it. He chastised himself for his savage ways.

Within moments, her breathing became regular again. Her body was warm and welcoming. He breathed her in, taking joy in this simple action. The battle within him still raged, unexpectedly rekindled by the threat of her waking. This was his wife. He should take her—now. That was what a woman was supposed to be for. Wasn’t it? His body screamed yes, but his mind warned him that this woman was something more.

Love the excerpt! This is going in my TBR pile. 🙂

Where can you be found?

Facebook – Lisa Adams

Twitter – @LisaAdamsWriter

My Blog-

Purchase Links:

Breathless Press:



Thank you for coming to visit today, Lisa. I’ve enjoyed having your company. Please come again. 🙂

Lisa is giving away one copy of The Legionnaire’s Prize to one lucky commenter, so don’t forget to say hi. 🙂


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  • Thanks for having me here today Lorraine! I’ve just decided to make this a contest! One lucky commenter from today’s posting will receive a free copy of “The Legionnaire’s Prize!” Just be sure to leave your e-mail address with your comment in order to participate!

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