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Ronda L. Caudill grew up in the small rural town of Glade Spring, VA c47695549ee8fcdda26173b44242ed03and married her high school sweetheart. They have been happily married for 24 years. She has two wonderful daughters. Ronda earned her Ph.D. in Education from Capella University. She is the author of Birthright (A Nobleman Novel), and short story A Night at the Bishop House. Ronda is currently working on the sequel to Birthright entitled The Choice.

What decided you on writing?

I took a class in college called Teaching of Writing, it was then that I fell in love with writing

Your books are classified as Paranormal Romance. Why are you drawn to this type of story?

I have always been fascinated with the paranormal even as a child, so it was natural for me to be drawn to this genre.

Where do the ideas come from?

My ideas come from anything. Sometimes they come from a line in a movie, something, someone says, or even a dream.

What comes first, names of H/h, location or plot?

Typically,the characters and the location kind of coincide when I get an idea. They typically come to me hand in hand.

Are you a plotter or pantser?

Ohhh, pantser. Definitely pantser. I get an idea and just start writing. I have no idea what characters may show themselves as or where the story will go until it is written. I am a free spirit and could never be restrained to plotting. 🙂

What is your typical writing day/night?

Ideas usually come to me at night. I sleep with a notebook and pen just in case. I write when I am inspired. When inspiration hits I can write for 6 or 7 hours easily. Some days I just can’t seem to find inspiration at all so I usually don’t write on those days.

Do you ever have trouble getting into the ‘writing zone’?

Absolutely. If I just cannot seem to get inspired to write I will put on music that fits what I am writing and that seems to get me going.

My characters ‘speak’ to me as I write their story. Do yours? If so, what’s it like to have him/her breathing down your neck? 🙂

My characters definitely speak to me. They actually write the books. I am just the conduit. Most days it’s great unless they just don’t want to stop talking, however these are the days that I get the most writing done. Sometimes though they will throw in a hitch that I am not expecting. For example, in The Choice Nila’s father gave her a special birthday present. I wasn’t at all expecting this. It was significant to the story but she just wouldn’t tell me what it was. I couldn’t figure it out so I asked my youngest daughter what it could be. She actually came up with the idea for what it should be. She must have been right on the money because Nila continued the story from there. It is such a strange feeling to feel as if someone is telling you exactly what to write. But I love it.

If you had to describe yourself, what three words best suit you? 🙂

Indecisive, scatter brained, and flighty.

If someone else described you, what three words would they use? *evil grin*

I was really honest with my description of myself so everyone else would probably agree that I am indecisive, scatter brained, and flighty.


Author? Hands down, Edgar Allan Poe.

Book? I can’t pin down a favorite book but my favorite story is Ligea by Poe.

Car? Rolls Royce.

Color? Black.

Desktop or Laptop? Laptop.

Dessert? Anything chocolate 🙂

Holiday? Halloween.

Movie? The Changeling with George C. Scott. It was so frightening even for an older movie. The great thing about it was that it never really showed anything scary, it was what you didn’t see that made it so terrifying.

Pen or Pencil? Pen.

Shopping or Baking? Definitely shopping.

Vacation Spot? I really love New Orleans.

Here in Canada, the changing seasons would be much different than what you’d experience in Virginia? In fact, it’s freezing cold here right now. What is your favorite season? Why?

My favorite season would have to be the fall. I love it when the leaves change colors and the days get just a little cooler. And of course my favorite holiday is in the fall.

Do you think you’ll try your hand at different genres in the future? If so, which ones?

I will probably try different age groups but won’t stray far from the paranormal. I am currently working on a book that is geared toward 12 and up. It is a fantasy book. I hope to have it published by summer 2013.

What pearls of wisdom would you like to impart to aspiring writers?

Connect with other writers, as many as possible. Writers love helping other writers. Don’t worry about bad reviews; everyone is entitled to their own opinion even if it is wrong. 🙂 After all you had the stones to write the book and put it out there; why should you care what they say. And lastly, keep writing.

And now for the book…

Slide1The Choice  has recently released through Full Moon Publishing, LLC. I love the cover!

What prompted you to write this story? How long did it take?

I always keep pen and paper with me and one day while waiting on my daughter in the car rider line at school I had this urge to write. When I began to write the first scene of Birthright (A Nobleman Novel) it unfolded before my eyes. I fell in love with the characters Nila and Blake and had to see where their story went. They were persistent in getting their story out there. This led to the sequel, The Choice. It took about 10 months to write.

What characteristics/personality traits make your hero and heroine memorable?

Nila and Blake are both gentle and kind but also strong. They are protective of one another and so in love.

Can you share the blurb? Sure 🙂

Nila and Blake’s journey of love and challenges continue in The Choice. Nila is faced with many choices, one of which is the choice of mortality or immortality. She makes surprising new friends and discovers secrets about an old one. More is revealed to Nila about Blake’s past. Their love will be tested with the challenges they meet with and the secrets that are revealed.

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