Editing…a necessary evil. :)

Published August 31, 2013 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

strong is sexy editing

Today’s emphasis, as the title suggests, is about editing. I know, I know. You’ve written your book. You’ve edited it yourself. You might even have had a few friends suggest changes or comment on how well it’s done. However, none of this takes the place of professional editing.

You look forward to publishing your book and building a reader base–right? You might even be wondering how you’re going to compete with all the other books and authors out there. Well then, you need to hire an editor. Guaranteed that if I purchase a book riddled with grammar issues and/or typos and such, I will not buy that author’s work again.

Authors, be proud of your work. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Make it a good one by releasing the best product you can possibly deliver.

That’s where my friend, Tara Chevrestt, can help you. She’s a top notch editor and is a joy to work with. Here’s what she has to say…

With today’s self-publishing industry, everyone can make their dreams come true, and I’d like to help you do that. You have a story and the words with which to tell it. I have the skills to make it go from great to fabulous.

Don’t let typos hold you back from the bestseller list.

I’m currently seeking to expand my client list. I have lowered my rate from $3.25 per thousand words to $3.00 per k.

Experience: I have been editing for two years and have completed over a 311179_128145580674487_2005484053_nhundred manuscripts in that time period. Genres include nonfiction, fiction, romance, young adult, historical, contemporary, erotic, and more. Authors I have edited for: Lorraine Nelson, Victoria Vane, Megan D. Martin, Laura DeLuca, Lacey Wolfe, and others. I can provide a CV upon request as well as references.
What I do: My above-mentioned fee includes two read throughs of any MS. I do both content and copy. I watch for misspelled or misused words, head hopping, passive voice, comma usage, hyphen placement, dialogue and action tags, telling vs showing, and more. All of my changes are tracked.
Contact Tara –tchevrestt(at)yahoo(dot)com
Check out her blog for yourself. Mention my name so Tara knows who sent you. Together, you’ll make your work shine. 🙂

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