Cover Reveal!!!

Published October 8, 2013 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

The horse riding area with three horses on the background on a bright sunny day

Isn’t it gorgeous?!!!

As most of you know, Suited to be a Cowboy was my So You Think You Can Write entry last year. Although the full manuscript was requested and rejected, it has found a home with Secret Cravings Publishing and I couldn’t be more pleased. The cover art is so beautiful and my editor, Tamara, is fantastic…very patient and understanding with the unexpected need for a deadline extension. I’m hoping to see it release in November.


Inheriting a ranch on the heels of her husband walking out has Melissa Dehavilland struggling to learn the ropes. James McGovern, raised in foster care, has saved all his life toward a dream…that of owning a ranch. Such diverse backgrounds don’t always converge in harmony, especially when their first meeting turned sour, but working together means saving her ranch and restoring his dream. Respect is hard-earned and trust non-existent as they fight their attraction to each other. Melissa’s ex shows up, wanting a cut and causing trouble. The difficulties bind them closer together as they strive to guarantee a future…together.


Stay tuned for further updates. Thank you for reading my books and for your interest in my career as a published author.


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