Debut Release by a Fantastic Author!!!

Published November 9, 2013 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Denise Ellyson, a long time friend and critique partner. Denise has finally decided to present her work to the world. And she’s done it through Amazon’s KDP set-up. Escape to Sanctuary is an inspirational romantic suspense that will leave you wanting more from this exceptional storyteller.

And Denise even designed her own cover.

Isn’t her painting gorgeous?!!!

EscapeEscape to Sanctuary is on sale all this week for only 99 cents!  Grab yours before the price goes back up.


Dr. Evangeline Tourmaine, is on the run from a killer. His latest victim is Evie’s stepmother. Evie finds help from Coltan Segar. Coltan, who is an FBI agent, suspects Evie has evidence proving Sheriff Caine is the murderer. Coltan needs to keep Evie safe till the killer can be caught. Not easy to do when the killer is the local Sheriff.


Chapter 1

 “We’re looking for a woman who was seen headed this way, Evangeline Tourmaine. She’s wanted for questioning.”

“I’m sorry, officer, all the women here are known to me and that name is not familiar.”

The rain pelted down in cold, stinging needles. Evie sat pressed up against the wall of the Community Center. She could see them through the church’s stained glass window, could hear their words as the Pastor spoke to the police at the open door.

She needed to hide so they didn’t see her. She couldn’t get caught. If she could just reach the back door and slip in, she could hide in the church basement until the storm passed over, then she could get out of town. The fear and the cold made her teeth chatter. The pain in her shoulder was excruciating. She stumbled for the basement stairs and tried the door. It opened into a dark room. She quietly closed the outer door behind her and moved quickly to the only source of light, coming from the door to the church.

She paused as she heard voices raised in song, singing praises to God. At first, her fevered brain thought it was angels singing, but then logic intruded and she realized the choir was getting ready for Sunday service. She huddled by the door and let the music drive away the fear. They sang “Amazing Grace” and she felt the first real stirrings of hope settle in her heart. God had not forsaken her. She needed to be strong and of good courage. She felt the heat of the fever start to eat away at her physical strength, but in her soul, she felt empowered.

The lyrics had given her a new determination. She left the safety of the church and walked toward the entrance of the shelter. The name Sanctuary glowed in neon blue over the entrance to the parking lot. It was only a couple of buildings down from the church and community center, but in the driving rain, it felt like miles. By the time she made it to the door, she was soaked through and shivering.

Intrigued? Want more?

Just click on the cover above to go straight to

Canadian residents click here.

And in the UK, click here.

Happy Reading!

I’m sure you will enjoy this fantastic story!


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