New Release!!! Gabriel, Hudson Ranch, Book 3

Published November 24, 2013 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Here we are again! 🙂 I am loving this. So many of you have asked for the next book in this series and I am happy to oblige.

Gabriel is Book 3 in my Hudson Ranch series. I absolutely love the covers my sister has drawn for me. What are your feelings on original cover art? Yay or nay? I’ve always loved the way my sister draws, so much detail. I’m proud of her for being able to turn out such perfect illustrations and work full-time as well.

GabrielNow for the book. Gabriel is a romantic suspense based on the brothers inheriting a ranch in Alberta, Canada. Here’s the blurb:

He’d been duped!

Busy attending the victims of a fire on the Hudson Ranch and cleaning up after his veterinary clinic is vandalized, Gabe Hudson hires an assistant through email, based on qualifications. When Kristin appears, ready to work, he discovers he’s been duped. Thinking he’d hired a male practitioner who could help with their huge patients, he is totally baffled at her willingness to take on such a task.

Angry at first, he soon discovers how capable she is, seeming to have an affinity with the animals they tended. It didn’t hurt that her voice was soft and sexy and she was easy on the eyes to boot, but her entire demeanor was of a ‘hands off’ attitude. His growing affection and attraction to the woman were making his days harried and his nights a living hell. Combine that with trying to keep her safe as a psyco targets the clinic, and he’s afraid to let her out of his sight.

Need more? Here’s a brief excerpt:

Not wanting to appear too anxious, she waited until he came to the door. She opened it and stood still, half in shock. He wore a navy blue, pinstriped suit, tailored to perfection. The light blue dress shirt and two-tone blue tie enhanced the sapphire blue color of his eyes, made them a focal point. Although the rest of him wasn’t bad either. His broad shoulders seemed broader. His lean hips leaner. Her mouth watered and her insides clenched in need. She was a sucker for a well-dressed man, especially one as handsome as Gabe.

“You look gorgeous. Ready to go?”

“Um, yes. You clean up real good too. Just let me grab my purse.”

The hotel had valet parking, so Gabe pulled up, handed off the keys, and escorted her into the building. Gabe had taken her arm in his and they walked side-by-side. Several women glanced their way with envious expressions, and some openly stared. It felt good to be with the handsomest man in the place.

Gabe carried himself with an air of confidence that had everyone rushing to do his bidding. The host seated them right away. He showed them to a small alcove dining area that was relatively private. The maitre’d appeared as if by magic with menus and a bottle of champagne, which he poured for them.

“To us and a great working relationship,” Gabe said as they clinked glasses.

Kristin’s spirits fell. “Is that what this dinner is about?” she asked.

“Sort of,” he answered. “Your thirty days are up and you’ve more than proved yourself worthy and capable. Congratulations, Dr. Thornton. You are now a permanent employee of the Hudson Clinic.”

“Thanks, Gabe,” she said, forcing a smile to go with it. She’d waited for this day, had looked forward to it, but the news arriving at this point in time left her feeling flat. Kristin had to acknowledge the truth. She’d fallen for her boss and had hoped tonight would be the beginning of a personal relationship.

“You don’t sound too enthused. I thought that was what you wanted.”

“It was. It is. It’s just that, well, I wasn’t expecting a celebration.” Which was true. She’d expected, hoped for, so much more.

“Dining and dancing and the chance to hold a beautiful woman in my arms? How could we not celebrate?”

“Well, when you put it that way…thank you. I love to dance. Do you?”

Gabe smiled lasciviously. “Oh, yeah. I love the slow tunes best.”

Their waitress arrived and they placed their orders. Talk focused on the clinic, their personal likes and dislikes. By the time the meal was finished, Kris felt as if she knew Gabe so much better. He paid the check and they crossed the lobby to the bar where a live band was playing country music.

“We’ll find a table in a moment. I can’t wait another minute to hold you in my arms.”

He gathered her close and they swayed to the music, their bodies touching, a delicious friction building as they moved together.

“Mmmm, this is nice,” he whispered in her ear, his warm breath causing delicious tingles to run rampant through her system.

Kris didn’t speak a word, just snuggled in closer. Then the music stopped. She felt bereft as he released her, although he retained hold of her hand.

“The band just announced their intermission break. Do you want to stay and wait for the dancing to start again? Or go someplace more private?”

Do I? Oh, yeah. Do I dare? Not quite.

“Gabe, we have to live with ourselves in the morning and we work together every day. I’m not sure going some place private is a good idea.”

“Totally understandable. But I want to kiss you and I’d like a more private place where I can do so properly.”


“I’m being truthful here, Kris. Am I moving too fast?”

“No, not really.” They were still standing in the middle of the dance floor while the other couples had returned to their seats. “I’m feeling a little conspicuous standing here. I think this is definitely a conversation to hold elsewhere—maybe over coffee?”

“And I know just the place. Come on.”

Like high school kids, they rushed for the door hand-in-hand, earning a lot of curious stares and smiles on their way out. Gabe held her close to his side as the valet went to fetch his truck. It felt so good to be held like this. She could feel his warmth, smell the cologne emanating from his skin. Spicy with a touch of musk, and it suited him. The valet held the door open and Gabe handed her into the passenger seat. She buckled up and soon they were on their way. To where, she had no idea, but she trusted the man behind the wheel. Wherever they were headed, he’d get them there safely.


Now available at Amazon!

Thank you so much for your loyal support.

Love you all!

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