Spotlight on Raven McAllan!

Published October 1, 2014 by Lorraine Nelson - Author
It’s my pleasure to welcome another Evernight author, Raven McAllan, to my blog. Please make her welcome as she tells us a little about her writing life.

You know there is nothing nicer than being invited onto a great blog like this, I get really excited and am raring to go. Then of course I panic about what to write so you don’t all yawn and say oh no, not her again. 🙂

Anyway, here I am and of course I’ll talk about my latest book, Double Jackson, at some point. No, I don’t mean that was the some point, but I mean I’m going to chat about other stuff as well.
Like for instance, I don’t take what I’m lucky enough to do – ie. write hot sexy stories and get them published—for granted.

From the very first yes, to the latest—this week in fact for a hot short Regency Vampire story, The Vampires Breakfast—I still get all giddy and excited when I get the ‘we would be happy to’ email. I revel in every step along the way, even though I cringe at some of the silly errors I make, and luckily, my editors pick up. But here, I hold my hands up high, and say yes some still slip in. We’re human and sometimes see what we think should be there, not what actually is. Yes, we all spell check, and reread the m/s over and over, but silly little things get missed. Especially when it’s not a misspelled word per se, but what my writing friends call ‘ravenfingers’. Form instead of from. Write instead of wrote. Tin and ton, pile or pole. Easily done and as your eyes expect whichever is the correct word, you don’t always spot it. Of course, you’d think that one of the half dozen or so people who read a manuscript before it’s published would pick up on it, but as we all know, it doesn’t always happen. I just know though, that without all those lovely and helpful people, anything I write wouldn’t be half as good.

Warning: m/m

Take Double Jackson for instance. Don’t roll your eyes, you knew I’d get round to mentioning those two sexy men again, Jackson and Collum. How many times do you write your characters name in a story? Lots. But on my final read through I noticed on one occasion I’d called Collum, Callum. After several rounds of edits as well.
See, human. 🙂
Anyway, I fixed that, but I apologize for any I missed.

Here’s the blurb…
Jackson Carrick at Tits and Bum Club—gay in more ways than one.
As morning wake up calls go, those damning headlines made for a rude awakening. The renowned actor is a one man guy, thank you very much, so why would a doppelganger set out to discredit him, and more importantly, who is it?

As the mystery unravels and loyalties are tested, Jackson has to rely on his husband, housekeeper, and friends to keep his reputation from swirling down the drain.

Fortunately, Jackson’s husband, Collum, knows just how to keep his man from worrying. Only one thing to do when you’re stuck inside waiting for news—lots of mind-blowing sex.

And a wee tease…

When they reached their bedroom, Jack smiled. Hot, sweaty sex would be a good way to clear his mind. He was to be disappointed, however. Coll walked around the bottom of the bed and towards the en suite. Jack wanted to groan. He didn’t want a shower. He was clean and showered out.
“Wha…” He was silenced as Coll spun around and pulled Jack tight against his hard and aroused body and thrust his tongue into Jack’s mouth. The scent and flavor of coffee mixed with mint and Coll was a welcome aphrodisiac. Cock rubbed against cock as they strained to get just that bit closer.
Jack took a tight hold onto Coll’s ass, and massaged the soft flesh beneath the denim that hid it from view. The tortured groan Coll gave reverberated around Jack’s mouth, and was enough of an incentive to move one hand between them to pull at the snap of Coll’s jeans.
Coll drew back and ended the kiss.
“Oh no.” His voice was thick and the words slurred. “Not yet. Something else, something more needed, is on the agenda.”
It is? For the life of him, Jack couldn’t think of anything he needed more than to fuck with his husband.
“Follow me.” Coll let go of him and walked into the bathroom. Jack was pleased to see Coll’s gait was a bit uneven. With a hard-on such as he himself sported he reckoned his would be the same. He adjusted his boner under his clothes and followed Coll into the next room.
Once he got through the door he rocked back on his heels in pleasure. The room was shuttered and lit by candles. Dozens of candles of all shapes and sizes, scented in vanilla and lavender, their favorite scents for ambiance. The bath was filled with gently steaming water and covered in stalks of lavender. A waterproof pillow was attached to where his head would rest, and soft chill-out music filled the air. On a table placed in exactly the right place for easy reach, a glass of sparkling wine stood, with the bubbles in it fizzing slowly up and down the liquid.
The lump in his throat threatened to render Jack speechless. “For me?” He croaked the words.
Coll nodded. “Just for you. Dr. Roberts prescribes half an hour minimum soak, followed by a massage, and hot sex. Or should that be hot sex followed by a massage? Either way, that’s the three components of your afternoon. Enjoy.” He began to walk out of the room.
“Hold on,” Jack said urgently. “Where are you off to? Aren’t you joining me in here?” He waved toward the bath.
Coll shook his head. “Nope. You need to relax. We’d never get past the hot sex bit if I get in there with you.”
He had a point, but even so, Jack tried another tack. “Hey, Dr. Roberts, isn’t the ‘doctor’ bit in philosophy, not medicine? Non-Doctor Carrick prescribes you in the bath with him, to wash his bits…I mean, back.” He opened his eyes wide and did his best to look pleading.
“And Dr. of Philosophy Roberts says good try, but nothing doing.” Coll dropped the bantering tone. “Seriously, love, I’ve something to check whilst you soak, and then, well…” He smiled and the corners of his eyes crinkled up. “You can amend or rearrange the rest of the agenda to your satisfaction. But first, at least half an hour. In there. With wine. Yes?”
Jack nodded. “Yes. Thank you.” He moved towards Coll to nip his earlobe and then took a step back. “Now, honey bun, get out of my boo-do-our and let me primp.” He imitated a high falsetto and fluttered his eyelashes.
Coll sniggered, and his shoulders heaved. “You so would have gotten that part in Hairspray, if you’d auditioned for it.”
“Shoo, boy.” Jack flapped his hands as a still-grinning Coll left the room. How he could tell exactly what Jack needed when Jack himself didn’t know was one of life’s unsolved mysteries. Jack wasn’t bothered. Coll could, and he sorted it whenever possible, and that was all that mattered.
Jack stripped in record time for when the end result was his cock in Coll or vice versa, and stepped into the warm, but not too hot, silky water. He sat down, slid under the water until it lapped at his neck and sighed with pleasure. The theme from Harry’s Game flowed around the room, and the lilting voices of Clannad aided his relaxation. It was almost too much of an effort to reach out for his glass of wine and put it to his lips. He managed though, and the smooth, cool, Moet slid down his throat like honey over a spoon.
How long he just lay back in the water, swirling his free hand lazily, and sipping his wine, as one track morphed into another Jack had no idea. Eventually he realized the water was cooling and his glass empty. His heart wasn’t. It was full of thanks for Coll’s foresight into what would work in Jack’s favor.
He put the empty glass down and stood up. The water streamed off his body and created tiny splashes and whirlpools in the bath. Just as Jack stepped out onto the bathmat, Coll reentered and looked at Jack’s naked, wet body. The lust and love he had for his husband was open and obvious.
“Nice.” Coll passed him a bath sheet.
Jack’s cock twitched when he saw the naked desire in Coll’s eyes. Coll looked at it for long seconds and then up at Jack’s face.
“Yes, well, most of you looks relaxed.”
“Most of me is.” Jack toweled himself off. “My cock is a law unto itself, however, and in its usual state of interest when you’re around.” He hung the damp towel over the heated rail to dry off before he put it into the laundry hamper.
“Well, cock’s law isn’t ruling at the moment, Coll’s law is,” Coll said. “Get you and your cock onto the bed face down. Your massage awaits.” Coll bowed and pushed the bathroom door wide open. “After you.”
Jack dipped his head. “Oh yes, Master.”
“I wish.”
“Nah, you like us the way we are,” Coll said from somewhere behind Jack. “Share and share alike.”
“True enough.” Jack climbed onto the bed and stretched out on his stomach with his head to one side. His cock sunk into the soft coverlet, and settled down somewhat. “This do?”
“Mmm-hmm. Close your eyes and try to relax again.” There was a rustling noise, which Jack translated into Coll undressing. Or he hoped it did. He had a good idea how their naked massages usually ended, and he looked forward to that.
The bed dipped and Jack felt Coll’s naked thighs on either side of his hips. Then Coll’s hands began to weave their magic.
He began to massage Jack’s shoulders and tutted.
“Sheesh, man, and this is after your bath. Goodness knows what you’d’ve been like before hand. Talk about knotted muscles.” Coll began to press onto the tense spots and Jack groaned as pain shot from them and did a mad gallop around his body.
Jack let his breath out in one long hiss and Coll grunted. “Exactly. Now breathe evenly and let me sort you out. Boy, am I glad I took lessons.”
So was Jack.
Half an hour later, Jack felt Coll tighten his legs and lean forward. His weight lifted from Jack’s body. Coll’s breath tickled the hairs at the nape of Jack’s neck and his tongue stroked the skin from ear to ear.
“Mmm, more.” Jack mumbled the words. He wasn’t asleep—not quite. Just in that pleasant state of awareness, but not really conscious. A slap to his ass stung and he would have reared up if Coll hadn’t held him down. “Oy, what’s that for?”
Coll nipped Jack’s ear with his teeth. That touch was always guaranteed to make Jack’s heart speed up and his body tighten. This time was no exception.
“Does there have to be a reason?” Coll asked.
“Put like that, no reason at all. As long as I can do this.” Jack managed to rear up, and dislodge Coll, who rolled onto his back and laughed.
“Oh yes.” Jack swung to one side, slid off the bed, stood up and dived toward a laughing Coll.
“My turn now.”
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Happy Reading,

Love R x

Thank you for joining us today, Raven.

That was a sizzling excerpt and cover.

Happy Writing and Reading to all!

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