Cancer…”a word, not a sentence.”

Published May 2, 2015 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

“Cancer is a word, not a sentence.”

I ran across this statement as I was browsing through the cancer forums, but I can’t say that I totally agree. For many, cancer is a sentence. We fight it, but in the end, our fight is only as good as the surgeon’s hands or the medication we’re given.

And yes, I found out a couple of months ago that I have cancer…again. It wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but after two years of having a growth that doctors treated as being a collapsed hemorrhoid and then a skin tag, it was almost a relief to find out what it is. They wouldn’t remove the ‘skin tag’ because of my diabetes and the risk of infection. Now that I know it’s a malignant growth, I’m kind of glad they didn’t operate.

I have vulva cancer and for the past six months or more I’ve had an increasingly difficult time sitting and walking. Needless to say, my writing has suffered, but on the bright side, my To Be Read pile has gotten a lot smaller.

The next book in my Thunder Creek Ranch series, #7, Kidnapped: The Search for Casey, is almost complete and will be off to Evernight, my publisher, some time next week. I’m desperately trying to get a few things tied up before the surgery. Thank goodness tax season has ended. 🙂

My surgery is scheduled for May 27th, twenty-six more days. Then comes the healing process, and from what I’ve learned, I’ll be flat on my back for 3-4 weeks. I must say that I’m not too worried about the cancer. What will be will be. My oncologist says that when he’s done with me I’ll be cancer free. I hope and pray that he is right.

Statistics say than 1 in 333 women over 50 get this type of cancer. And for 1 in 5 it proves fatal. I’m hoping they’ve caught it in time. May God guide the surgeon’s hands to victory over this cancer.

Please, ladies, get regular pap tests and blood work. You just never know what’s lurking beneath the surface…or in my case, above the surface. Also, please pray for me if you feel so inclined. I believe there’s power in prayer and I have a lot of stories yet to write. Hoping to get back to writing real soon.

Have a great day and keep smiling. God isn’t finished with us yet. 🙂


14 comments on “Cancer…”a word, not a sentence.”

  • I won’t wish you luck, Lorraine. Instead I will wish you determination and a ton of positive energy to get you through this test time. You will come out the other end a little ragged, but you will be so much stronger.

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