#Christmas Week #Freebie!!!

Published December 23, 2015 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Christmas is almost here. I love this time of year. Spending time with family and friends and giving to them as well. I’m just glad I’m still here to see another holiday. For a while there, it was kind of iffy.

Cancer is a strange thing, for sure. I beat it, and according to what Mom’s nurse said this morning, she will, too. That makes me very, very happy, as her doctor basically sent her home to die. But she’s coming around. That is my wish this season…my Christmas miracle per se. The doctor had only given her 2-4 months. That was in August. Well, Mom is still here and getting stronger every day, plus the tumor is shrinking. It was the size of a grapefruit when they sent her home, and now the nurse has a difficult time to find it. Praise God!

I think by now you’ve noticed that I started a Christmas giveaway back in October with Blessed Homecoming. Many of you have taken advantage of the free books I’ve been offering, and I’m glad you have. You don’t get much in this life for free, so enjoy the books with my blessing.

This week, today through Dec. 27th, Danger in Brennan Hollow is Free. Danger in Brennan Hollow.Jens Ottoson copyJust click on the download link below and it’ll take you to the Amazon nearest you. 🙂 But first, the blurb:

Battered and scarred, no longer the beautiful social butterfly she had been, Victoria Brennan returns home to heal. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Unable to bear the pitying glances bestowed on her by the townsfolk, she’s in danger of becoming aloof and withdrawn…until she meets her new neighbor.

Noah Jenson, medically discharged from his duty, wants to be away from prying eyes. When he comes upon Victoria on his property, he is outraged. Yet, when her mugger from the city follows her home, he finds himself drawn to her, taking on the role of her protector. But he is no Prince Charming, certainly not with his new prosthesis.

The physical pain and emotional adjustments are pushing them apart, but where there’s attraction, there’s always a hope for love.

If you have the time, all I ask is that you post a review of my book(s) after reading it/them. I love to get the feedback of your thoughts and feelings, plus it might just prompt someone else to buy and read my work long after the free run.

Download Danger in Brennan Hollow here: myBook.to/DangerBH

And just in case I don’t get back to you before Christmas, I hope you have the merriest Christmas of all filled with good health, happy memories, and the richest of blessings.




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