Work in Progress

A Royal Marriage: Virgin Princess, Playboy Prince An unusual twist to a marriage of convenience.

A Soldier for Poppy – Soldier’s widow finds love again but refuses to become involved with another military man.

A Thunder Creek Christmas (Thunder Creek Ranch Series, Book 6) – This book brings all the characters together to celebrate the holiday, but they find themselves embroiled in a murder investigation that threatens to spoil their cheer.

Bad Boy Blake – Bad boy turned Sheriff finds himself drawn to the new pole dance teacher in his town.

Bedside Manor – Dr. falls in love with his amnesiac patient. What is in store for him when she retains her memory?

Cameron’s Quest (Thunder Creek Ranch Series, Book 4) – Cameron returns from his world travels with a bride in tow, but an ex-suitor follows, unwilling to give up.

Covert Mission:  Sudden Love (Thunder Creek Ranch Series, Book 3) – While protecting their friends, a rocky romance blooms between two independent, hard-headed people.

Doctor in the House – Dr. becomes enamored of his transcriptionist, but when a patient’s file goes missing and the ward is sabotaged, can he rely on his instincts and help her prove her innocense? Or will he shun her as everyone else has done?

Leah’s Child (Thunder Creek Ranch Series, Book 5) – Luke’s estranged sister shows up on the ranch with a baby in tow, on the run from her dead husband’s family and seeking help.

Mistaken Identity – Mistaken for a pin-up girl? Yep!

Remember When – A ghost reveals her murdered remains to her teenage love ten years later.

Riverboat Queen – Historical novella

Trouble at Thunder Creek ((Thunder Creek Ranch Series, Book 2) – Luke’s father and step-mother become estranged when her son is charged with kidnapping.

Water Under the Bridge (Loving in Lostwood, Book 2) – Can a plumber and a primary school teacher resolve their differences and find love?

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