Novel Summaries…

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Completed Work:

Bad Boy Blake

Blessed Homecoming

Daydreams & Night Scenes

Finding Baby J

Her Unlikely Bodyguard

Innocent Pretender

Love on the Rocks 

Loving in Lostwood (Legends of Lostwood Series, Book 1)

Mistletoe & Mr. Hoe 

Suited to be a Cowboy

Thunder Creek Ranch Series:

Zakia & the Cowboy

      Covert Mission: Undercover Cop

      Trouble Brewing in Thunder Creek

      A Cowgirl’s Pride

Cameron’s Quest (coming in April)

Micheal’s Dilemma (current wip)

Completed Novellas:

Hawk’s Woman (Virgins Behaving Badly)

Hexed or Vexed?

High-Tech Holiday

His Christmas Wish

Riverboat Queen (HerStory anthology)


Blessed Homecoming is a 55,000 word Inspirational romantic suspense.

Wendy Danvers returns home, pregnant and alone, seeking moral support and healing, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Her testimony resulted in her abusive husband finding a jail cell to call home.

Jake Roberts is a drifter her family hired to do renovations of their house. He’d lost his family to a drunk driver years before and gave up everything to gain some peace of mind.

When Wendy’s ex escapes while en route to the sentencing, Jake takes on the responsibility of keeping Wendy and her unborn child safe. Can she trust this man to keep her safe? Will he be able to put his bitterness aside and renew his faith in God?

* * *

Daydreams & Night Scenes is a 50,000 word contemporary romance.

Miranda Stuart wants to shrink down small enough to crawl beneath the woodwork immediately following a seduction scene gone awry, all because of a teenage crush on a man who was way out of her league. When the night’s magic should have begun, our dashing and arrogant, billionaire playboy hero, Alexander Denning, enters the seduction scene with bright lights blaring and another woman in tow. But he can’t get the memory of this particular woman out of his mind and is determined to find her and exact his revenge for the invasion of privacy, not because the image of her in sexy lingerie has him mesmerized…but he doesn’t even know her name.

Miranda is dearly hoping it stays that way.

* * *

Love on the Rocks is a 58,000-word romantic suspense.

Caroline Davis, our normally strong, independent and fun-loving heroine, is deeply distressed at having to ‘abandon’ her baby, but she has neither money nor home and is hiding from an abusive and obsessive ex-boyfriend.

Our sexy hero, Anthony Jacobs, has sworn off women due to a previous relationship gone sour.  He finds the child, takes her home and arranges care for her.  Caroline applies and is hired as her own child’s nanny, but is fraught with guilt and tension at the possibility of being found out.

The hero and heroine are attracted and establishing a close relationship until trouble arises in the form of Caroline’s ex-boyfriend, who appears on the scene with custody papers in hand.  Can Anthony overlook her deceit to come to their rescue? You’ll find plenty of emotion, tension and romance intricately woven together to create a compelling read.

* * * 

Loving in Lostwood is a 55,000 word contemporary romance novel.

‘Lost souls seeking new lives and loves in Lostwood, ND, a former ghost town.’

Lostwood, North Dakota,was wiped out by drought in the 1930’s and relegated to the ranks of ghost town until an enterprising state official decided to capitalize on it and resold the land, preying on the dreams of hurting souls seeking refuge and a fresh start.

Colton Walters and Lexi Bowden are newcomers intent on building a new life for themselves and putting down roots where peace and tranquility will help heal their troubled souls; a place where neighbor helps neighbor, friendships abound and no one knows why they hurt inside.

Lexi needs to overcome past hurts and become self-sufficient in order to provide for herself and her daughter, Jessica.  She succeeds by opening The Lostwood General Store and Seamstress Shop, gaining self-confidence and respect while making new friends and living in peace and harmony with her neighbors.

Colton is also seeking solace from a troubled past in which he’d found his wife in his bed with another man.  She took his son, Clayton, when she left and kept him away for three long years, but when she dies in a hotel fire, his son is returned to him.

Love and committing to forever are no longer on Colton’s agenda, but when he hires on as Lexi’s contractor to build her store/living quarters, he discovers he wants to learn how to love again.  Contractor and store owner are attracted to each other from the first but fight it at every turn.  He wants her in his bed, but doesn’t want to commit long-term.  She doesn’t want a relationship with any man, as her experiences with the male gender to date were abusive ones.

The majority of people relocating to Lostwood have secrets they’ve left behind. Will Lexi and Colton reveal theirs? Will they find a way to trust in love and each other?

Loving in Lostwood is intended as the first book in my series entitled Legends of Lostwood.

* * *

Mistletoe and Mr. Hoe is a 55,00 word contemporary romance with a touch of suspense.

‘Master Baker and Owner of Toy Shop work together to create a little Christmas cheer for the town’s orphans.’

Simon Hoe left his wealthy upbringing behind to put some real distance between himself and a childhood tragedy. He arrives in Parson City still carrying misplaced guilt for the drowning death of his little sister and tries to atone by becoming the towns’ do-gooder.  A friend to all, he remains a lonely and troubled man seeking diversion and solace from his past.  Trained as a master baker, he decides to open a bakery and put down roots in the friendly coastal town. ‘Simple Simon’s Pie Shop’ caters to the Christmas holiday although his own faith died with his sister and he refuses to celebrate.

Noelle Parsons survived her foster care childhood only to have her one attempt at happily ever after end in disaster when she discovered her fiancé and best friend making plans to elope.  A change of scene is definitely in order and she discovers, then moves to, Parson City where she opens ‘Winter Wonderland Toys & Crafts’.

Noelle enjoys everything Christmas and sees another lost soul in Simon.  They navigate toward each other and she tries to convince him he has every right to believe and to enjoy life, holidays and all.  Working together, they form an unexpected alliance to bring Christmas to the town’s orphans but can they overcome their fears enough to open their hearts to love and healing?

* * *

Her Unlikely Bodyguard is a 50,000 word romantic suspense.

Theodore (Teddy) Garrity, high school heart-throb, disappointed all the local girls when he joined the army shortly after high school graduation.  Through their sponsorship, he completed his university education and received a masters in education.  His bride was career army and they had been stationed in Wainwright, Alberta.  Deciding to return home to give his daughter, Samantha, a renewed sense of family after the unexpected death of his wife, Teddy obtains the position of Somerville School Principal.

An unknown stalker has threatened the lives of elementary school teacher, Jemma-Leigh Harding and her son, Zachary.  Accepting a teaching position in her hometown of Somerville on the east coast, gives her the opportunity to return home when school ends for the summer, thus removing them from the stalker’s proximity and enabling her to contribute to the care of her aging parents…but Teddy is the last person Jemma-Leigh expects to see as their past history involves secrets she is not ready or willing to share.  But when it becomes clear the stalker has followed her home, it’s Teddy she goes to for protection.

Finding herself in Teddy’s arms and totally dependent on him for protection has Jemma-Leigh struggling to keep her distance.  Danger heightens the renewed awareness between them, but is it love or concern she’s seeing in those blazing brown eyes?  Was theirs destined to remain a once in this lifetime love or is there a chance to recapture what they’d lost?

 * * *

Zakia & the Cowboy is the first book in a series that takes place on the Thunder Creek Ranch.  This romantic suspense is 57000 words.

Zakia Fielding is a beautiful, wealthy socialite from the city.  Lucas Manning is a country boy full of testosterone and charm.  They meet, fall in love and marry but their marriage failed within the first year.

Our story picks up years later when Zakia is being pursued by a stalker and runs to Luke, her first and only love, for protection, for herself and their five-year-old twin boys.

He is understandably furious at not knowing of their existence and only agrees to help protect her because she is the mother of his sons.  They form a viable truce, working together to care for their children as they try to determine who the stalker is.

When danger shows up on the ranch, Luke realizes he is still in love with Zakia and would die to keep her and the boys safe.

Available Oct/2011 from Evernight Publishing at: )

Zakia and Luke’s friends, Samantha (ex-military) and Blake (RCMP), are on site and willing to put their lives on the line for their friends, but a new romance is budding in their midst as well.

Their story is currently a work in progress and is entitled Covert Mission: Sudden Love.  Each story stands alone but is intricately connected through time spent on the Thunder Creek Ranch.


Hawk’s Woman

Brody Hawkins owns and operates The Lucky Dollar saloon in Buffalo Creek, Idaho, and is in dire need of an entertainer. He gets one in the form of a Boston lady stranded for the night. After losing his family to renegade Comanche years before while on a cattle drive with his Pa, he swore off love and the idea of a happy-ever-after, never wanting to hurt that way again. Now all he had to do was avoid the Bostonian’s innocent charms and send her packing on the morning train.

Tabitha Meadows had yearned for love and acceptance all her life. Thinking she’d found it, she left Boston and egotistical parents behind to elope with a no-account charmer who’d absconded with her money at the previous stop. She chooses to become an entertainer in Brody’s saloon rather than face the censure she’d receive by returning home. Would she find love in Buffalo Creek, or would the handsome Mr. Hawkins break her heart all over again?

His Christmas Wish

All Colin Reyes wants for Christmas is to be left alone, but when Fatima Leone reappears in his life, he finds himself rethinking his Christmas wish.

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  • Lorraine, congratulations on signing the three contracts. This is great boost to you. I’ve read the summaries and they are great stories. Men and women finding love again after hurts and betrayals in their lives reflects that in life one can only forge ahead after a setback. I think the heroes/heroines are brave and courageous. One can easily identify with the characters, especially when they have been humanised with children of their own. I love them.

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