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Plotting to Win by Tara Chevrestt

Published June 8, 2013 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Plotting to Win is a contemporary romance centered around a fictional Reality TV Show. It’s unique, just as the author is. Tara’s writing style shows through beautifully and it’s my pleasure to showcase her newest release.

My review:

I had the opportunity to read this book before publication and found it amazing. The plot is unique and the characters fully developed. Competition is fierce and romance is in the wings. Will it fly out the window as the contest progresses, or is it the beginning of so much more for Felicity and Victor? Can’t say anymore as I hate spoilers. Just know that I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Well done, Tara.

Plotting To Win_1400Blurb:

In New York City, seven writers compete for a hundred thousand dollars, a publishing contract with Bright House, and the title of the next bestseller. One is Felicity James. One is Victor Guzman.

Drama, plagiarism, and trash talk play out to enthralled audiences across the country as all seven contestants compete against each other in a range of heated challenges, with tensions reaching breaking point. As Felicity and Victor start up a showmance, their relationship burns up the ratings.

Will this sizzling fling escalate into a vicious battle for money and fame, or will these two authors manage to write their own happy ending?


“A head-hop is a sudden point of view switch.”

“What?” Felicity glanced up from the book she was reading — one of Nicole Roberts’s. She’d actually packed it, having no foresight whatsoever that the woman she’d long admired was going to be judging her.

Victor sat on the edge of her bed, turning his body just enough to face her where she was propped against the headboard. “Like, if you are in Mookie’s point of view and you’re telling us how Mookie feels … that Mookie desires Dookie with a fierce passion he’s never felt before and then you suddenly switch over and tell us what Dookie is feeling … you’re switching POV. It can be jarring to a reader. Some publishers allow it. Some don’t. It’s something to watch for in your genre of writing.” He watched her intently as though waiting for her response.

Her book discarded in her lap, Felicity didn’t know what to say. She was unnerved by his sudden kindness and also by the fact he was on her bed, next to her, and he looked good enough to … no, no.

He blinked at her and apparently assumed she didn’t comprehend, because he continued, “Mookie and Dookie are … are eating sandwiches. Mookie is thinking his salami tastes too peppery and doesn’t Dookie look funny with her hair all messed up? And then suddenly Dookie is thinking Mookie looks like he’s tasted something bad. Basically, you have to choose one point of view, Mookie’s or Dookie’s, and stick with it. Say you choose Mookie. If Mookie can’t see it, hear it, taste it, feel it, touch it, he can’t tell us about it.”

Throughout his explanation, his hands moved animatedly, pantomiming different things: eating a sandwich, having messy hair, the act of hearing, but Felicity couldn’t get past one thing.

“Where the hell do you come up with your character names?” She chortled with laughter. Her insides hurt she laughed so hard, and her spirits lifted. Tears ran down her face. He looked bewildered momentarily and soon joined in, his dimples flashing.

“I mean, those names are sooo unromantic. I have no words,” she finally gasped out when she got control of her wits.

“Well, I don’t know. I’m a guy.” He spread his hands out, palms up.

Felicity turned serious, thinking about what he’d said. “So, the five senses? Like, if I’m narrating a scene and you don’t convey something, I can’t know what you’re thinking, unless you say it aloud or something in your body language tells me. I have to hear it or see it myself to tell the reader about it.”

“Exactly.” And suddenly, before she could react, he reached out and tenderly touched her cheek, brushing away an escaped tear.

Felicity held her breath. His touched burned a trail on her face. She fought the urge to close her eyes and just savor it, this second of … of … whatever was between her and this guy. If she could capture the moment and bottle it, she would. She’d dab the feeling all over her body every day.

She cleared her throat as his finger left her face. “Why are you helping me?”

“I don’t know.” His voice was strained, tired. His expression was one of bewilderment. What was going on behind the brown depths of his gaze? “But I’m not in cahoots with Tiffani. I want to just get that out of your pretty head right now.”

He thinks I’m pretty? Aloud, she said, “Then what was that about? Yesterday? What Tiffani said?” She crossed her arms over her chest, the only barrier she had at the moment, but what was she protecting? Her pride? Her heart?

He sighed and stared at the floor next to her bed. “I was a fool and ended up hurting myself more than you. The extent of our corroboration is switching beds. I thought my nearness — yes, arrogant ass, I know — would throw you off your game, ’cause, frankly, I see you as the biggest threat.”

“Um…” He’d managed to insult her and compliment her at the same time. Felicity couldn’t stop the wrinkle marring her brow. “Okay, well, ‘thank you’ and ‘what the fuck’ both come to mind.” She released an uncomfortable laugh and fingered the pages of her novel. They’d all be dog-eared by the time she was done. Hopefully, Ms. Roberts wouldn’t see it.

He offered a sheepish grin.

“So you thought my game could be thrown off as easily as that? I’m not some high school girl. I’m a grown-ass thirty-year-old woman, and I’m not easily sidetracked.” Well … she bit her lips to stop the smile that threatened to emerge.

His t-shirt pulled against taut muscles as he pushed himself off the bed. The urge to reach out and grab him, to pull him down until his long body covered hers almost overwhelmed her. Hot fire built in her lower belly, and she was grateful for her dark skin. If she’d been a pale woman, the heat and desire within her would be evident as it burned through her flesh.

“I realize that now.” His voice was low and husky. He had his hands in his pockets as he turned away from her bed.

“Wait,” she called after him. “How did you end up hurting yourself?”

“You snore,” he said over his shoulder. “I can’t sleep a wink with all that racket.”

“What?” Felicity gaped at his retreating back and before he got too far away, she hefted her pillow and threw it in his direction. It landed on the floor next to him, and he laughed all the way out of the room, great, shoulder-moving gusts of laughter.

Buy on Amazon, AllRomance, Escape, Barnes & Noble, & Kobo

Tara Chevrestt is a deaf woman, former aviation mechanic, dog 311179_128145580674487_2005484053_nmom, writer, and editor. You’ll never see her without her Kindle or a book within reach. As a child, she would often take a flashlight under the covers to finish the recent Nancy Drew novel when she was supposed to be sleeping.

Tara is addicted to Law & Order: SVU, has a crush on Cary Grant, laughs at her own jokes, and is constantly modifying recipes and experimenting in the kitchen. Her theme is Strong is Sexy. She writes about strong women facing obstacles—in the military, with their handicaps, or just learning to accept themselves. Her heroines can stand alone and take care of themselves, but they often find love in the process.

You can connect with her on Facebook or follow her blog.


The Tribe’s Bride by R.E. Butler

Published December 21, 2012 by Lorraine Nelson - Author


Tribe's Bride

The Tribe’s Bride by R.E. Butler

Now Available

Novella: 26k Words

Self Published

 Review coming soon!

Blurb: When a university job interview goes south, Carrie Wade isn’t certain that she’ll ever find work in her field of ancient Native American Culture. Knowing the only job waiting for her is waitressing at a coffee house, Carrie indulges in a post-disappointment shopping trip. An old necklace in an antique store window catches her eye and she immediately feels as if she cannot walk away without owning it. The very last thing she needs to do is squander her savings by investing in a necklace that may have, at one time, belonged to one of the tribes she studied…but she can’t help herself.

When she tries on the precious necklace at home, she passes out and wakes up in the tent of the necklace’s original owners, three Native American tribesmen from the late 1600s. Will she be able to get back home to the future or will she find out that the one place she was always meant to be was back in time as the tribe’s bride?

This novella contains m/f/m/m interaction, three handsome brothers that will do anything for each other and their woman, and a magical necklace that brings them all together.

Author Bio: R.E. Butler is midwesterner by birth, but calls the East Coast home now.  She replaced the lowing of cows for the caw of seagulls and couldn’t be happier.  She has two small children, a husband, and two dogs, and when she’s not busy chasing all of them around, she can be found at her computer furiously writing.

She gets her inspiration from the strangest places…a stranger at the airport, a word that sounds like it could be a great name for a character, the color of the sky at sunset.  The more she sees, the more she wants to share.

Her wiccan-werebear novella series is slated to be a six story series, although as time allows there are more than enough characters to add to it.  The Wolf’s Mate series has six books in it, with the potential to spin-off four different series from the secondary characters when inspiration strikes.

Her favorite things to do besides writing and reading, are cooking, watching old episodes of Law & Order, scouring for free kindle books, sneaking Ghiradelli chocolate, and people watching.  Her favorite place to people watch is at the gym.  People make the funniest faces when they’re concentrating!

You can find R.E. Butler at the following places:




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And the winners are…

Published December 15, 2012 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Thank you all for participating in Evernight’s 2012 Christmas Blog Hop. I’ve had a lot of fun and met so many new people. I hope you have, too. Because of the overwhelming response, I’ve decided to pick 3 winners. They are: Beckey White, Gayle Latreille, and Stephanie Berget. Congratulations, Ladies! I’ll be sending you ladies an email shortly.


Please feel free to check out my website for books, blurbs, excerpts, and reviews of all my current titles.

Thank you and Merry Christmas to all!

Evernight’s Christmas Blog Hop

Published December 10, 2012 by Lorraine Nelson - Author


Welcome to the Evernight Holiday Blog Hop!

We love the holidays, we love making our readers happy and we love giving away swag. What better way to do that than to hold a blog hop?Here’s how it works… the more blogs you hop to (shown below) the more chance you have of winning prizes. Each site on the hop is offering a prize and Evernight is offering an iPad 2 as the grand prize! To be in with a chance of winning the site prize simply follow the blog you’re visiting and leave a comment which includes your email address. Each entry on each blog is then counted towards the grand prize draw. The more entries you have, the better your chance of winning that iPad 2! You also get extra points for liking the Evernight Facebook page

http://www.facebook.com/#!/evernightpublishing. Just make sure you let us know in the comments that you’ve done so.

Happy hopping!

While shopping for your next ebook, check out my newest release from Evernight, a contemporary romantic suspense, Bad Boy Blake.

Blake Bennett is the town bad boy turned Sheriff, elected to keep the peace. When Blake first meets Gina, she’s butting heads with the Mayor…over the type of dancing she teaches—pole dancing.

Gina West is a professional dancer, who retired from the stage, and moves to Westonville, NB, to start her own dance studio. But Gina is not who she claims to be, and when strange things start happening…vengeful threats and vandalism…Blake begins digging for the truth. In his role as protector, he begins to fall for Gina, but will her lies and subterfuge destroy any chance for them to be together?

I’m offering one lucky commenter the chance to win a free download of Bad Boy Blake. Just follow this blog, leave a comment and provide your email address. Your name will also go in the draw for an iPad2. There are 88 blogs participating! The more you comment on, the better your chances of winning the iPad2! So get hopping and remember to have fun.

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Spotlight on Lia Davis with giveaway!

Published December 9, 2012 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Today it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Lia Davis. She’s visiting to celebrate her newest release, Death’s Storm. The following is an interview which gives you an insight to the two main characters, Khloe and Jagger.

DS2withlogoAMInterview with Khloe and Jagger

I stepped out of my car and breathed in the crisp autumn air. The mountains were so beautiful this time of year. I looked around at the multi-colored landscape and sighed. I have got to talk the hubby into moving up here. Shivering at the sudden cool breeze, I move to the front porch of the Bradenton cabin. Before I could knock, Khloe opened the door and greeted me with a smile.

Khloe: Oh good you made it. Did you find the place all right?

Me: *nodding* Yes, plus Willow met me about a quarter mile before I reached the driveway.

Khloe: *laughing, she stepped aside and ushered me inside* Yeah, she’s good that way. Have a seat. Jagger will be here in a few.

*I sat on the sofa while Khloe walked around the kitchen island that separated the two rooms*

Me: Where is he?

Khloe: He and Lex had to see Hecate about new developments in the war.

Me: *I frowned* There are more? Is it something I already know?

Khloe: *She walked back into the living room with a tray holding two teacups and a jar of honey* No, you don’t know yet. Hell, I don’t even know what the demon brothers are up to. I’ll get it out of Jagger later. *she winked and I laughed*

*The French doors at the back of the living room opened and Jagger entered. His gaze met mine and he nodded before he enveloped Khloe in a tight hug and kissed her neck, then her lips.*

Jagger: I hope you weren’t waiting long.

Me: No. I just got here. So how is that brother of yours?

Jagger: Lex will always be Lex.

Khloe: *snorted* Yes, freakishly quiet, yet deadly. I’m glad he’s on our team. However, I did see a tiny twitch of his lips that looked a little like a smile trying to break free the other day when Cassia was over at the house.

Jagger: *threw his head back in a laugh* I saw that, too. But that little girl has a way to get into your heart.

Me: *I nodded in agreement* Yes, she does.

*I cleared my throat and prepared to ask my first question. One that had been bugging me for a while*

Khloe, are you up to talk about the…life altering…?

Khloe: No.

*I stole a quick glance at Jagger, who just shook his head as he led Khloe to the armchair across from me. He sat and pulled her into his lap*

Me: Are you still mad? Are you dealing with it okay?

Khloe: No, I’m not mad. I’m adjusting.

Me: *Okay, she really wasn’t in the mood to talk about it. So I changed the subject* Jagger, how do you like living in the human realm?

Jagger: *shrugs* It’s okay.

Khloe: He’s too demon. The strong minded and sensitive humans know he isn’t like them.  So he doesn’t get out much.

Jagger: Unless I’m chasing Khan’s low-lives.

Me: Can you two share any future plans?

Jagger and Khloe: *speaks at the same time* Not without giving something away.

Me: You can’t blame me for trying. Thanks so much for the interview.

Khloe: *stands to follow me to the door* Anytime. It was fun. Drive safe. *she wrapped me into a hug bye*

Me: I will, thanks.

For more of Jagger and Khloe, pick up

Death’s Storm at Amazon | B&N | ARe | Kobo.

Thanks for coming by.


Title: Death’s Storm, The Divinities, book 2

Author: Lia Davis


Technical genius and demi-goddess–aka Divinity–Khloe Bradenton relies on no one for help, and she definitely doesn’t need comfort from anyone other than her twin. After her parents died by the demons’ hands over two years ago, she has graciously stepped up to her place in the war between demons and witches. When a creature far more dangerous than the ones responsible for killing her parents claims he is her guardian, she is torn between her desires for the dark predator and the painful loss she has endured at the hands of her enemies.

One of the last death demons still in existence, Jagger has pledged his life to the Goddess Hecate. Charged with the guardianship over the Divinities, he is never to approach them, but to aid them from a distance. When the firestorm, Khloe, sacrifices herself to save her twin and best friend and becomes the prey, he has no choice but to reveal himself to her. He is taken by surprise when the need to claim her as his own emerges. A desire he has never felt before could be more dangerous than the demons out to destroy them.


Stepping off the curb to head to the car, Khloe stilled and let the warm air caress her skin. An electrical charge that only the select few magickin—like her and the other Divinities—could detect was palpable in the humid summer air.

Her spine tingled as the supernatural energy drifted on the wind, putting her on full alert. Reaching out with her senses, she relaxed. A little. The energy was familiar in an odd kind of way. Her admirer was nearby.

More like a stalker, really, without the creepy love letters and phone calls.

For the last month, someone had watched her and followed her every move. When the entity was near, a warm shiver rolled over her skin like a caress. The energy didn’t come from a human. Demon? Maybe. But, the power was too intense to be any demonic creature she’d come in contact with. She considered one of the gods, but that didn’t make sense either. The gods wouldn’t stalk her. They would send a messenger or deliver their message in person. She and the others had also thought it could be a guardian.

Whatever the entity was, it annoyed the hell out of her to be followed around and spied upon.

She scanned to mall parking lot and the sidewalk that lead to the various shops. Nothing remotely threatening came into view or reached out to her supernatural senses. Then again, she never saw anything when she sensed the presence. It had shown up last month, right after she and Kalissa had been thrust into an ancient war between witches and demons.

That was when she and Kalissa found a note from their mother telling them about the Sinew—a crystal sphere that held the magic of the worlds—and sent Kalissa on a mission to retrieve it. As Divinities, it was their duty to protect magickin from Khan, the new Bastard Lord of the Underworld.



Author Bio:

Lia Davis is a mother to two young adults and two very special kitties, a wife to her soul mate, a paranormal romance author, graphic designer, and co-owner to Fated Desires Publishing, LLC. She and her family live in Northeast Florida battling hurricanes and very humid summers. But it’s her home and she loves it!

An accounting major, Lia has always been a dreamer with a very activity imagination. The wheels in her head never stop. She ventured into the world of writing and publishing in 2008 and loves it more than she imagined. Writing and designing are stress relievers that allow her to go off in her corner of the house and enter into another world that she created, leaving real life where it belongs.

Her favorite things are spending time with family, traveling, reading, writing, chocolate, coffee, nature, and hanging out with her kitties.

Author website | Fated Desires Publishing | Books Amour | Heartthrob Haven

Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | G+

Lia had graciously offered to give away a swag pack

to three…that’s 3!!!… randomly picked commenters.

Please remember to leave your email address with your comment.

Spotlight on Doris O’Connor!!!

Published November 17, 2012 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Welcome back, Doris!

Masks of a Tiger is Doris’s new release and it sounds hot! Read on to see for yourself.


Neeve doesn’t understand why any normal person would choose to wear a collar, like a common house pet. So, the collaring ceremony of her best friend’s sister-in-law is the last place she wants to be, even if the hot men watching her send her insides aflame.

Never one for missing the opportunity to teach a bratty sub manners, Grisha intends to show the fiery little redhead the error of her ways. He doesn’t expect to see her drawn to the flame like the proverbial moth. When she hurts herself in ways that even a Dom of his experience finds hard to witness, he knows he needs to help her.

Will their sexual chemistry be enough to chase away their demons and burn away their masks? Or is the submission Grisha demands too much for Neeve to accept?


“Good girl, drink it all.” His voice had dropped an octave, and Neeve’s skin tightened in need. She tried to scoot away from him, but he anticipated her move, and in the flash of an eye he was sitting on the couch with her on his lap. His strong arms tightened around her when she tried to get off. “Stop it. You will just hurt yourself, and I can still put you over my knee.”

He chuckled into her neck when she snorted in frustration, and she glared at him.

“Sure, use your superior strength to make your point. Get off on beating up on women, do you?”

She regretted the words almost the minute they left her mouth, and she didn’t dare look at him.  He went so still, she couldn’t be sure he was even breathing.

His arms tightened around her for an instant, and then he sighed. One of his large hands trailed slowly up her side, until he reached her neck. He gently massaged the knot of tension away.

“Look at me, sweetheart.”

The growly whisper was impossible to ignore. She forced her gaze upwards, and the grim determination on Grisha’s face took her breath away.

“Who hurt you, Neeve? Give me the name of the fucking bastard, and I’ll tear him limb from limb.”

The steely determination in his eyes, and the controlled, almost careful, way his chest rose and fell sent shivers down her spine. The tight grip he had on his emotions and the quiet way he studied her made her feel as though she was the prey he was about to pounce on. Rather than fear coursing through her veins, it was an entirely different emotion making her breath hitch and her nipples tighten. He noticed of course. He seemed to notice everything, and his gaze dropped briefly to her breasts. They ached under that quick visual as though he had run his hands over them, and Neeve shook her head.

“I wouldn’t give any man the satisfaction of being able to hurt me. I told you, I’m not a sub.”

Grisha closed his eyes for a moment, and when he opened them they glittered with barely suppressed fury. His smile didn’t reach his eyes.

“If that is truly the way you feel, then why are you still sitting on my lap? Should you not be running away screaming?” He lifted his hands away from her, as if to make his point. “Yet here you sit. Why is that I wonder?”

“I … I… I’m not. … I mean…” Neeve hated how wobbly her voice sounded. Why was she still sitting on his lap?

“I’m sorry.” The words flew from her mouth before she knew she was going to say them. “I shouldn’t have said that. I don’t know why I did, really.”

Grisha nodded, once. That was his only reaction. Hands placed on the couch either side of his legs he didn’t move, just watched her with that unwavering attention that pinned her, as though he had tied her to him with invisible bonds.

“Thank you for taking care of this.” She lifted her wrist and tried to smile at him, but her attempt wavered as his expression darkened. He took hold of her hand and turned it over. He bent his head and pressed a kiss into her palm. His hot breath sent tingles up her arm, and she clenched her hand into a fist. He kissed her knuckles, one at a time, before he pressed his lips against the bandage. He licked a path up her inner arm, leaving the most delicious tingles in its wake, and Neeve could almost forget who this man was and what he stood for. When he finally raised his head and looked at her, Neeve struggled to draw breath into her lungs.

“Why do you feel the need to mutilate this beautiful skin, sweetheart?”

“I … you wouldn’t understand. And it’s none of your business.”

He raised an eyebrow and smiled—a slow, sexy as sin, I-can-see-straight-through-your-bullshit-smile—that broke through every one of Neeve’s carefully constructed layers of witty comeback, years of pretense, and cut right into the pain she carried with her, lest she ever forget what happened.

“Trust me.”

The whispered statement hung between them, and Neeve shook her head.

“I don’t know you. How can I trust you?”

“Because sometimes it’s easier to tell someone you don’t know.” He cupped her chin and dug his fingers into her skin hard enough to hurt. “And because I get the whole need to mark skin thing, but you need to do it in a safe manner. I leave marks that fade, never scar. Marks that tease, and arouse, and get you so damn turned on, you’ll have the hottest sex you ever had. Marks that will proclaim I own you, at least whilst in a scene. Think on that, sweetheart, next time you stare into the flame.”

He let go of her so suddenly she felt bereft. As smoothly as he’d placed her on his lap, he moved her off it, until she was sitting on the couch looking up at him. He pulled a card out of his trouser pocket and placed into her hand. He leant down to do so, and Neeve’s stomach flipped over as he drew so close their breaths mingled. Her eyes fluttered shut in anticipation of his kiss—a kiss she suddenly craved with every fiber of her being—a kiss that never came.

“Look at me, sweetheart.”  His lips hovered over hers and when she opened her eyes, he smiled. Arms either side of her body, he obliterated her view of anything but him, but her senses drank in the sight and feel of his powerful body. He’d rolled the sleeves of his shirt up, and opened a few more buttons on his shirt, exposing a smattering of dark hair on his chest, and Neeve’s mouth watered. The contrast of the white shirt against his dark skin mesmerized her. She took in the play of muscles as he straightened away from her. With his tie loose around his neck, and his hands now pushed into his trouser pockets, he was the image of disheveled elegance.

“When you’re ready to trust me, look me up, Neeve.”


Purchase links for Masks of a Tiger:




Stalking links for Doris:

Website: http://www.dorisoconnor.com/

Blog: http://thetardisscribbles.blogspot.co.uk/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mamaD8

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Doris-OConnor-Romance-Author/241366635885432

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/dorisoconnor/

New Release!!! High-Tech Holiday!!!

Published November 15, 2012 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

I am so pleased to present this year’s Christmas story, High-Tech Holiday. My friend, DJ, and I brain-stormed it last year, but it was never completed. She got to nagging me a few weeks ago, so I finished it, had it beta read and edited while I did up the cover, then put it together to upload on Amazon.

Christmas to me is about love and sharing. Who better to do that with than family? Although I’m lucky enough to have my dearest family members near, there are plenty of people who travel to visit family during the holidays.

In High-Tech Holiday, Kris Temple is one of them. She’s flying home  to spend Thanksgiving with her family, extremely tired yet exhilarated from shopping earlier in the day. This is the weekend when her family decides who plays Santa on Christmas morning and, not having any children of her own, she’s determined that this year, it will be her. Of course, things get really interesting when she strikes up a conversation with her hunky, drop-dead gorgeous seat mate, Aaron Masters.

That’s all I will say for now. 🙂 The blurb and excerpt to follow will give you a sneak peek into the lives of Kris and Aaron, but first, I’d like to wish everyone a safe and profitable Black Friday and a Happy Thanksgiving.

Being Canadian, we celebrated Thanksgiving in October. It’s important to give thanks for the many blessings we receive…family, friends, food, shelter…they all feature daily in our lives. So does love, respect, and consideration for others. I’ve never taken part in the Black Friday madness, but I’ve heard the horror stories. Please be patient while waiting in those long line-ups. If you have an ereader of some kind, download a few stories to prevent you from being bored and cranky. LOL High-Tech Holiday would be an excellent choice, and you can check out my Amazon Author page for a list of all my available books. 🙂 Enjoy!


Kris Temple is a web graphics designer, an ambitious entrepreneur striving to survive in a dog-eat-dog world. She also wants to win her family’s Christmas contest. She adorns herself in full holiday gear the night before thanksgiving and is flying home fully decorated. She’s thrilled to find herself seated next to a handsome man. But Kris has a speech problem. However would she converse with this man without stuttering and embarrassing herself?

Aaron Masters is not thrilled to be flying economy, but his personal jet is in for repairs. He’d had to scurry to the reservation desk at the last minute to book a seat on the only flight out, and now he finds his practical, no-nonsense demeanor assaulted by a woman dressed as a holiday advertisement…his seatmate. How could he hope to ignore this woman for the entire flight?

With their flight being rerouted, calls from her ex-fiancé/co-worker pleading for assistance, and his ex-girlfriend stalking him, they are certainly in for a memorable flight.


“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain. We are being rerouted due to a severe storm front sweeping down from Canada. We are unable to return to Chicago or continue on to Minneapolis.” There was a general murmur of discontent at this announcement.

“We are being rerouted south to Atlanta. Attendants will be on hand to assist with reservations for accommodation and help reschedule your flights. We apologize for the delay in your travels but deem the safety of our passengers our top concern. We are sorry for any inconvenience.”

“I should have stayed in Chicago,” Ethan mumbled.

“I’m going to miss the contest. Darn.”

Ethan pulled out his cell phone. “George, have Donald bring the car around to the airport and instruct Maria to make up a guest room. I think I have a travel companion who’ll be staying overnight.” He signed off a moment later and turned to her. “I hope you don’t mind me making plans for you, but since Atlanta is one of the corporate locations for the businesses I run, I know finding decent accommodation will be next to impossible.”

She hesitated briefly, before replying, “That sounds fine. Thank you. Are you sure it won’t put you out?”

“I have a six thousand square-foot loft. You won’t be crowding me,” he said with just a hint of a smile.

“I should call my family and let them know about the delay.” Nothing like stating the obvious, Kris, she thought with disgust as she flipped open her cell phone.

“Hi, Mom. I’m going to be delayed. They’ve rerouted my flight due to a storm. Yes, we’re landing Atlanta. No, I have all my luggage with me. Yes, Mom, I do have clean underwear,” she whispered the last part. She could feel the flush of color rushing into her face. God! How embarrassing. Once again she could tell he was listening to her every word. Especially when she whispered her response to her mother and he’d leaned closer.

“Yes, I’ll call as soon as I land. Bye for now.”

Shoving the phone deep into her pocket, she turned to see a huge grin on the handsome face next to her. “Are you enjoying yourself?”

“More than I ever thought possible.” His answering smile showed off a dimple in his right cheek.

“Well, I’m feeling rather exposed at the moment. So maybe you can share something personal about yourself?”

“Actually I was going to ask you what color.”

“What color?”

“Are they?”

“Are what?” she was starting to wonder if he was a little tipsy.

“Your underwear.”

“That is none of your business,” she admonished, incredulous he would even dare ask.

“Well, it sounded like your mom was concerned about it. I just figured I should be too.”

Now she could see he was really having fun at her expense. But then, it was kind of funny that a successful, independent woman had a mother who still wanted to make sure she had clean underwear in case of an emergency.

“My mom’s a bit old-fashioned and still thinks I’m twelve. She treats all of us that way.”

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