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A new Christmas release by Lisa A. Adams

Published December 13, 2013 by Lorraine Nelson - Author


Lisa Adams has been a friend of mine for some time now. I’ve watched her grow into a mighty fine author, as evidenced by her latest release, Saving Holiday. I was fortunate enough to receive a copy to review, and I couldn’t read it fast enough. Here’s my review:

Jackson Duggan portrays the type of man we’d all like to meet–handsome, intelligent, caring, protective, and ohhh so sexy–but  he’s carrying an old love deep in his heart and won’t let go.

Holiday (Holly) Thomas is a survivor. Badly abused in a previous relationship, she’s not anxious to enter another. Then in walks Jackson and her heart pumps into overdrive. But Holly isn’t in to being second best and walks away. When trouble ensues, Jackson’s there, ready to protect. But will he arrive in time?

A 5 Star read for sure!

Here’s the blurb:

Through a tortured past, Officer Jackson Duggan has learned a thing or two about saving lives. But can he overcome the tragedies of his past to save his very own “Holiday” present?

Holiday “Holly” Thomas has never lived down her name or the mistakes she’s made in her past. Desperate to run, she moves to Barbeque Creek to open up a new quilt shop and begin a new life.

When Officer Jackson Duggan entered Sew Amazing looking for the perfect present for his mother, he never thought he would find a gift waiting just for him. But, Jackson’s not ready to move on from a love he shared in the past.

With Holly sprinting toward her future and Jackson clinging to the past, will the pair stop long enough to enjoy the present? Or will a threat neither of them saw coming ruin the opportunity before they even get a chance?


And now for a few words from Lisa… 

Looking at my ever-expanding waist line over the holiday season actually gave me some inspiration. Most people look at their curves and wish to be skinnier. When I was a teacher, I had a mantra that I would repeat to my 6th graders in hopes that they would pick up on some of my good vibes. If you were to ask them today to describe me, they would say one of two things: She was the craziest and most fun teacher I’ve ever had, or she was fat and happy. Yep, I said it. I’m fat and happy. I have no qualms with it either, simply because I LOVE the taste of food. (I blame it on being a Taurus.)

So what better way to celebrate my holiday release then sharing with you…

My Top 5 Holiday Treats!

# 5 – Sugar cookies – It doesn’t matter the brand, or if they were homemade or store bought. Sugar cookies will forever be on the list. Probably the simplest recipe ever for cookies, and easy to digest a dozen (or two J)

#4 – Brownies – Duncan Heinz please and I like mine fudgy not cakey. So hold the extra egg.

#3 – Apple Spice Bars – A fantastic Apple Spice cake type bar that has a myriad of spices, raisins, and pecans. Topped with a light coating of powdered sugar and, oh my, yum! The recipe that we still use today is from McCall’s Cook Book ©1963 1st edition. It was my grandmother’s and is VERY well used. Apple Spice Bars are featured on page 189. (Yes, I remember the page number by heart, though I don’t need the recipe anymore. It makes me feel good to pull it out every year and have it with me while baking these.)

#2 – Poppy Seed Rolls – These are very similar to an apple roll, but instead of apples and cinnamon, you would use a poppy seed paste. It used to be sold in Winn Dixie’s here in the south, but since they went bust, I have to rely on my yearly trips up north to find them in the SlavicVillage market in Ohio. And this explanation will help lead me to my #1 all time favorite.

#1 – Golden Kolacky – Ok. Let me continue explaining. I have a Polish background. My father was full-blooded and came to the states when he was 15. I was the first on his side of the family ever born in the states. We held tight to quite a few of our Polish customs, and this little gem is a testament to that fact.  Interested? Here you go…. From my family to yours. 

½ cup (1 stick) butter, softened

4 ounces cream cheese, softened

1 cup all-purpose flour

Fruit Preserves for filling

  1. Beat butter and cream cheese in large bowl with electric mixer at medium speed until smooth and fluffy.  Gradually add flour; beat at low speed until mixture forms soft dough.  Divide dough in half; wrap each half in plastic wrap.  Refrigerate about one hour or until firm.
  1. Preheat oven 375 F.  Roll out dough, half at a time, on floured surface to 1/8th thickness.  Cut into 2 ½ – inch squares.  Spoon 1 teaspoon preserve into center of each square.   Bring up two opposite side corners to center; pinch to seal.  Place 1 inch apart on ungreased cookie sheets.  Bake 10 to 13 minutes or until lightly browned.  Remove to wire racks; cool completely.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday whatever your customs or beliefs may be. And while you are enjoying this sweet new treat, why don’t you check out my newest release “Saving Holiday” now available on Amazon.

Purchase links:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Saving-Holiday-Lisa-Adams-ebook/dp/B00H54HTYY

Breathless Press : http://www.breathlesspress.com/index.php?main_page=product_free_shipping_info&cPath=10&products_id=512

All Romance Ebooks: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-savingholiday-1365529-149.html

Book Strand: http://www.bookstrand.com/saving-holiday


To Contact Lisa:

FaceBook – https://www.facebook.com/lisaadams.writer

Twitter – @LisaAdamsWriter

Blog: pen-the-dream.blogspot.com

Thank you for stopping by and checking out this new release. 🙂

New Christmas Release!

Published November 26, 2013 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Wow! What a busy couple of months I’ve had!

Since September, I’ve released 6 books…6!!!

ABFTT2(2)A Bride for the Taking, Thunder Creek Ranch, Book 6, through Evernight Publishing.

Suited to be a Cowboy, through Sweet Cravings The horse riding area with three horses on the background on a bright sunny dayPublishing.

The first 3 books in my Hudson Ranch series:

InheritanceWRibbon  The Inheritance,

Benjamin, Benjamin.new2

and Gabriel.

GabrielBook 4, Nathan, is set for a December release.

And today this year’s Christmas story, The Cowboy’s Christmas Auction,  went live on Amazon for .99. My friend, Denise Frazier generously painted the cover for me. Isn’t it fabulous! I just love original artwork!

The Cowboy's Christmas Auction

Here’s the Blurb:

Can an organic grower and a cattle rancher find common ground?

When the acreage next door comes up for bid, Dustin Granger attends the auction hoping to obtain the property for his growing herd. Along with the creek running through the property, his cattle need more grazing land. What he doesn’t need or want is a city girl outbidding him to establish an organic farm.

Meredith McRae inherits a small fortune from a distant uncle and decides to invest in her future. The estate she’s come to bid on has everything she needs and no neighboring cowboy was going to thwart her…regardless how handsome. But will she change her mind as the bachelor auction draws near?

I loved writing this story and I hope it brings you joy this holiday season. Merry Christmas and thank you for your loyal support throughout my writing journey. Love to all!!! Lorraine

P.S. For a complete listing of my books, please check out my Author page on Amazon or my website. Thank you.

New Release!!! Gabriel, Hudson Ranch, Book 3

Published November 24, 2013 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Here we are again! 🙂 I am loving this. So many of you have asked for the next book in this series and I am happy to oblige.

Gabriel is Book 3 in my Hudson Ranch series. I absolutely love the covers my sister has drawn for me. What are your feelings on original cover art? Yay or nay? I’ve always loved the way my sister draws, so much detail. I’m proud of her for being able to turn out such perfect illustrations and work full-time as well.

GabrielNow for the book. Gabriel is a romantic suspense based on the brothers inheriting a ranch in Alberta, Canada. Here’s the blurb:

He’d been duped!

Busy attending the victims of a fire on the Hudson Ranch and cleaning up after his veterinary clinic is vandalized, Gabe Hudson hires an assistant through email, based on qualifications. When Kristin appears, ready to work, he discovers he’s been duped. Thinking he’d hired a male practitioner who could help with their huge patients, he is totally baffled at her willingness to take on such a task.

Angry at first, he soon discovers how capable she is, seeming to have an affinity with the animals they tended. It didn’t hurt that her voice was soft and sexy and she was easy on the eyes to boot, but her entire demeanor was of a ‘hands off’ attitude. His growing affection and attraction to the woman were making his days harried and his nights a living hell. Combine that with trying to keep her safe as a psyco targets the clinic, and he’s afraid to let her out of his sight.

Need more? Here’s a brief excerpt:

Not wanting to appear too anxious, she waited until he came to the door. She opened it and stood still, half in shock. He wore a navy blue, pinstriped suit, tailored to perfection. The light blue dress shirt and two-tone blue tie enhanced the sapphire blue color of his eyes, made them a focal point. Although the rest of him wasn’t bad either. His broad shoulders seemed broader. His lean hips leaner. Her mouth watered and her insides clenched in need. She was a sucker for a well-dressed man, especially one as handsome as Gabe.

“You look gorgeous. Ready to go?”

“Um, yes. You clean up real good too. Just let me grab my purse.”

The hotel had valet parking, so Gabe pulled up, handed off the keys, and escorted her into the building. Gabe had taken her arm in his and they walked side-by-side. Several women glanced their way with envious expressions, and some openly stared. It felt good to be with the handsomest man in the place.

Gabe carried himself with an air of confidence that had everyone rushing to do his bidding. The host seated them right away. He showed them to a small alcove dining area that was relatively private. The maitre’d appeared as if by magic with menus and a bottle of champagne, which he poured for them.

“To us and a great working relationship,” Gabe said as they clinked glasses.

Kristin’s spirits fell. “Is that what this dinner is about?” she asked.

“Sort of,” he answered. “Your thirty days are up and you’ve more than proved yourself worthy and capable. Congratulations, Dr. Thornton. You are now a permanent employee of the Hudson Clinic.”

“Thanks, Gabe,” she said, forcing a smile to go with it. She’d waited for this day, had looked forward to it, but the news arriving at this point in time left her feeling flat. Kristin had to acknowledge the truth. She’d fallen for her boss and had hoped tonight would be the beginning of a personal relationship.

“You don’t sound too enthused. I thought that was what you wanted.”

“It was. It is. It’s just that, well, I wasn’t expecting a celebration.” Which was true. She’d expected, hoped for, so much more.

“Dining and dancing and the chance to hold a beautiful woman in my arms? How could we not celebrate?”

“Well, when you put it that way…thank you. I love to dance. Do you?”

Gabe smiled lasciviously. “Oh, yeah. I love the slow tunes best.”

Their waitress arrived and they placed their orders. Talk focused on the clinic, their personal likes and dislikes. By the time the meal was finished, Kris felt as if she knew Gabe so much better. He paid the check and they crossed the lobby to the bar where a live band was playing country music.

“We’ll find a table in a moment. I can’t wait another minute to hold you in my arms.”

He gathered her close and they swayed to the music, their bodies touching, a delicious friction building as they moved together.

“Mmmm, this is nice,” he whispered in her ear, his warm breath causing delicious tingles to run rampant through her system.

Kris didn’t speak a word, just snuggled in closer. Then the music stopped. She felt bereft as he released her, although he retained hold of her hand.

“The band just announced their intermission break. Do you want to stay and wait for the dancing to start again? Or go someplace more private?”

Do I? Oh, yeah. Do I dare? Not quite.

“Gabe, we have to live with ourselves in the morning and we work together every day. I’m not sure going some place private is a good idea.”

“Totally understandable. But I want to kiss you and I’d like a more private place where I can do so properly.”


“I’m being truthful here, Kris. Am I moving too fast?”

“No, not really.” They were still standing in the middle of the dance floor while the other couples had returned to their seats. “I’m feeling a little conspicuous standing here. I think this is definitely a conversation to hold elsewhere—maybe over coffee?”

“And I know just the place. Come on.”

Like high school kids, they rushed for the door hand-in-hand, earning a lot of curious stares and smiles on their way out. Gabe held her close to his side as the valet went to fetch his truck. It felt so good to be held like this. She could feel his warmth, smell the cologne emanating from his skin. Spicy with a touch of musk, and it suited him. The valet held the door open and Gabe handed her into the passenger seat. She buckled up and soon they were on their way. To where, she had no idea, but she trusted the man behind the wheel. Wherever they were headed, he’d get them there safely.


Now available at Amazon!

Thank you so much for your loyal support.

Love you all!

New Release!!! Suited to be a Cowboy

Published November 19, 2013 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Some of you may remember my SYTYCW entry from 2012. Although it didn’t place in the contest, it was requested, revised, and resubbed to no avail. Part of the writing journey. LOL

Imagine my surprise when it was requested, and then contracted, by another publisher. I worked with a fabulous editor and ended up switching most of the manuscript back to the original. Go figure. lol So…today marks my debut release with Sweet Cravings Publishing and guess what? This is book #20 (including 2 shorts in anthologies). I just have to tell you how excited I am. 🙂 You, my fans and loyal readers, have all helped me reach this point. I’ve learned a lot in the past two years, but I couldn’t have done it without your words of praise and encouragement. Thank you!

And don’t you just love this cover?

The horse riding area with three horses on the background on a bright sunny dayBlurb:

Inheriting a ranch on the heels of her husband walking out has Melissa Dehavilland struggling to learn the ropes. James McGovern, raised in foster care, has saved all his life toward a dream…that of owning a ranch. Such diverse backgrounds don’t always converge in harmony, especially when their first meeting turned sour, but working together means saving her ranch and restoring his dream. Respect is hard-earned and trust non-existent as they fight their attraction to each other. Melissa’s ex shows up, wanting a cut and causing trouble. The difficulties bind them closer together as they strive to guarantee a future…together.

And if that isn’t enough to convince you, here’s an excerpt:

Jimmy was pumped. Adrenaline poured through his veins as wild as the Mustangs while he’d chased after the horses. Now the rush had left, he was dog-tired and looking forward to sharing his news with his boss. But not smelling as he did coming off the range.

“Sherry, you are one beautiful horse. You knew what to do better than I did. Or was it that handsome stallion that had you moving so fast?” He frowned as he gave his horse a good rubdown, remembering the incident with Midnight Rain. How could he and Melissa get back to a normal working relationship? Would she even care about his success tonight? Animosity rent the air whenever they were near each other.

He’d bite the bullet and take the first step by sharing his news. After all, he hadn’t asked to bring Sherry with him and it had been rude to assume it would be all right.

After returning to his room, he headed straight for the shower. He’d clean up and change clothes before going to find Melissa. He and Tippy had corralled eighteen Mustangs tonight. He’d hoped for one or two, as on previous occasions, but they’d been lucky.

He showered in record time and went into the bedroom to find clean clothes, a towel wrapped around his waist. That’s when he noticed the lights on in Melissa’s room. She’d gone to bed. Maybe she just wasn’t interested.

Would she mind if I cross the courtyard and knock on her door? He stood close to the glass pane, trying to catch a glimpse of movement that would indicate she was still up. Nothing moved. The lights blinked off as he stood there, undecided. Well, that settles that. Letting the towel drop, he turned toward the bed. He’d tell her tomorrow, if she asked.

Exhausted beyond belief, he fell asleep almost instantly.

 * * * *

 Oh, wow! Melissa felt like a voyeur. A wanton and extremely needy voyeur.

When he came out of the bathroom wearing only a towel, she should’ve turned away, but she couldn’t. Her feet seemed glued to the floor.

From the way he filled out his clothes, she’d known he had a great physique. What she hadn’t known, and couldn’t possibly guess, was how splendid a body he did have.

His broad shoulders tapered to a narrow waist, not a spare ounce of flesh on him to be seen. Perfect abs, muscled biceps, and those legs, long and lean. Her legs shook in reaction, threatening to give way. She was about to start drooling. Never had she seen such a perfect body.

Certainly not Marcus’s. She giggled, remembering his paunch. Too much wining and dining did that to a person. Served him right, the adulterous jerk.

She watched as Jimmy crossed his room, walking up close to the patio doors. Was he coming to see her? Dressed like that? Had she given him reason to think he could? Melissa’s insides tightened in response as she turned off the lamp. She almost parted the blinds and waved when he looked her way…until he dropped the towel.

She’d moved then, peeking through the blinds to try and determine if Jimmy was retiring for the night, or just winding down.

Her eyes threatened to pop out of her head and she knew her mouth was hanging open, but she couldn’t look away. She took one step backward, then another, never taking her eyes off his muscular physique. When he turned and headed for bed, she almost cried out for him, such was her need. Instead, she stood there and admired his fine tush until he covered it with the blankets and turned out the lamp.

“Good night, Jimmy,” she whispered into the darkness. “Sweet dreams.” She undressed and crawled in between the sheets, punched her pillow into submission and settled in to get some shut-eye. Sleep did come, eventually, and with it exquisite dreams of the man across the way.

Available now at Sweet Cravings and soon to beat major ebook retailers everywhere.

For a complete list of my books, please visit my website.

Debut Release by a Fantastic Author!!!

Published November 9, 2013 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Denise Ellyson, a long time friend and critique partner. Denise has finally decided to present her work to the world. And she’s done it through Amazon’s KDP set-up. Escape to Sanctuary is an inspirational romantic suspense that will leave you wanting more from this exceptional storyteller.

And Denise even designed her own cover.

Isn’t her painting gorgeous?!!!

EscapeEscape to Sanctuary is on sale all this week for only 99 cents!  Grab yours before the price goes back up.


Dr. Evangeline Tourmaine, is on the run from a killer. His latest victim is Evie’s stepmother. Evie finds help from Coltan Segar. Coltan, who is an FBI agent, suspects Evie has evidence proving Sheriff Caine is the murderer. Coltan needs to keep Evie safe till the killer can be caught. Not easy to do when the killer is the local Sheriff.


Chapter 1

 “We’re looking for a woman who was seen headed this way, Evangeline Tourmaine. She’s wanted for questioning.”

“I’m sorry, officer, all the women here are known to me and that name is not familiar.”

The rain pelted down in cold, stinging needles. Evie sat pressed up against the wall of the Community Center. She could see them through the church’s stained glass window, could hear their words as the Pastor spoke to the police at the open door.

She needed to hide so they didn’t see her. She couldn’t get caught. If she could just reach the back door and slip in, she could hide in the church basement until the storm passed over, then she could get out of town. The fear and the cold made her teeth chatter. The pain in her shoulder was excruciating. She stumbled for the basement stairs and tried the door. It opened into a dark room. She quietly closed the outer door behind her and moved quickly to the only source of light, coming from the door to the church.

She paused as she heard voices raised in song, singing praises to God. At first, her fevered brain thought it was angels singing, but then logic intruded and she realized the choir was getting ready for Sunday service. She huddled by the door and let the music drive away the fear. They sang “Amazing Grace” and she felt the first real stirrings of hope settle in her heart. God had not forsaken her. She needed to be strong and of good courage. She felt the heat of the fever start to eat away at her physical strength, but in her soul, she felt empowered.

The lyrics had given her a new determination. She left the safety of the church and walked toward the entrance of the shelter. The name Sanctuary glowed in neon blue over the entrance to the parking lot. It was only a couple of buildings down from the church and community center, but in the driving rain, it felt like miles. By the time she made it to the door, she was soaked through and shivering.

Intrigued? Want more?

Just click on the cover above to go straight to Amazon.com.

Canadian residents click here.

And in the UK, click here.

Happy Reading!

I’m sure you will enjoy this fantastic story!

New release and Fabulous cover reveal!!!

Published October 18, 2013 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

I absolutely LOVE this cover! My exceptionally talented sister, Sharon Wilson-Dupuis, outdid herself this time. I am amazed at the detail.

Benjamin.new2What do you think?

The Hudson Ranch series is a new venture for us. We, my sister and I, always said that one day, I’d write the books and she’d do the illustrations. Well, that started last month with the release of The Inheritance. I hope you enjoyed it and are ready to dive into Book 2, Benjamin, a rough and rugged ex rodeo rider.


Rodeo cowboy Benjamin Hudson is one of four brothers set to inherit their father’s ranch in northern Alberta. The only problem is, the three oldest have been estranged from Zackary Hudson for years. Their father’s will states they have to live on the ranch for one year, show a profit, and care for their baby brother. The main problems…none of them know anything about running a working ranch or caring for an infant. They decide to hire domestic help for the primary care of Jeremiah.

Halifax native, Danielle Madison, wants to escape the pain of an abusive marriage and the resultant stillborn child. She sees the ad for a nanny on a ranch in Alberta, applies, and flies west without a second thought. For Dani it’s work only, with no intention of becoming involved until she meets Benjamin, the tough-as-nails ex rodeo rider, who handles his baby brother with great gentleness and compassion. Little Jeremiah pulls at her heartstrings, and she’s drawn to him, despite her resolve to remain aloof.

Love is not in Ben’s vocabulary, except as it applies to his lost siblings. When things start disappearing and going wrong, Dani is Ben’s initial suspect. He’s attracted to her, despite her withdrawn persona, and tries to believe in her innocence as they work together to solve the mysterious happenings. Will love win out, or will the fear of commitment drive a permanent wedge between them?

Teaser Excerpt:

The Hudson brothers. Three of them. Cowboys. What if they were rowdy and mean? She literally had no experience with cowboys but prayed these men were nothing like her ex. Why hadn’t she found out more about them before coming all the way out here? Nate’s messages were brief and to the point, but he’d seemed nice enough, polite, and he’d sounded relieved to find someone to work for them. I can do this!

Her first sight of the ranch house and outbuildings calmed her nerves, replacing her doubts and fears with a feeling of coming home. Strange, that. Weird, really, but she couldn’t shake the thought. She parked beside the house and, after grabbing her purse, walked to the front door and rang the bell.

A few moments later, the door opened and there in front of her stood three gorgeous men, identical men, one of whom held a toddler. His smile reached his brown eyes, making them sparkle. He appeared more muscular than the other two and her body reacted to his nearness. Weak at the knees—which she tried to blame on the hours spent traveling—she stuck out a hand in greeting. “Hello, I’m Dani.”

When the man holding the baby shook her outstretched hand, delightful shivers of awareness skittered up her spine. Oh, no! This can’t be happening. I’m here to work. Damn it!

“Hi, I’m Ben. This guy beside me is Gabe, next to him is Nate, and this little guy is our baby brother, Jerry. Come on in and make yourself at home.”

“Thank you.” Dani entered the house and the feeling of belonging returned. She felt slightly vulnerable, intimidated really, with the men all towering over her five-foot, eight-inch frame. “If it’s all right, I’d like to bring my things in. Can you show me to my room?”

The men looked at her strangely, as if she’d suddenly grown two heads. “What? Is there a problem?”

“We’ll bring your stuff in, but we, uh, haven’t exactly figured out sleeping arrangements yet,” said Ben. “Be right back.”

He passed her the baby and they hightailed it out the door, leaving her staring, open-mouthed, at their retreating backs.

What on Earth have I gotten myself into?

Benjamin, available now on Amazon. Only $3.99!



New Release & Cover Reveal!!!

Published October 9, 2013 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Ready for another journey to the Thunder Creek Ranch? LOL

Many of you have repeatedly asked for Michael’s story. 🙂 I’m happy to announce that it is finally here. It’s releasing today through Evernight Publishing. Yay! A Bride for the Taking is the 6th installment in my Thunder Creek Ranch series. Such a fitting way to celebrate two years as a published author. The first book in this series was my debut novel, Zakia and the Cowboy, released two years ago on October 5th.


This cover is amazing! It blends so well with the rest of the series. And it is equally beautiful. Don’t you agree? LOL

I know! I know! Y’all want a sneak peek. Hehehe! Well, here it is:


Maureen (Rena) Kerrigan is plagued with visions…nightmare visions concerning the death of a man her father, Cameron Manning, is accused of murdering. She relays her information to the police, dismayed when it all adds up to making her father appear even more guilty.

Michael Grayson, head honcho of the local RCMP detachment and Cam’s nephew by marriage, is in charge of the investigation concerning Walt Carson’s death. He believes in Rena’s visions and feels she is a target of the real killer. He vows to keep her safe while proving Cam’s innocence.

Can Michael and Rena push aside their growing attraction to each other and work together on the case? Or will desire overcome common sense and put them both in danger?


“Come sit with me?” he asked.

At her nod, Michael took her hand, pulling her to her feet. She removed her jacket, and they sat together on the sofa, staring into the flickering flames.

“This is nice,” she said, allowing her body to relax against the sofa.

She felt him move, felt his arm go around behind her to pull her closer.

“Very nice.” Michael planted a kiss on the top of her head.

“Why me?” she asked. “Why not Abby or Lynne? After all, we do look alike.”

“Simply put, they aren’t you. Yes, you three are identical to look at, but you exude a joy of life that drew me in right away.”

“Oh.” She took another sip of wine, her throat suddenly dry, and then set her glass on the coffee table. She watched as Michael leaned forward, his glass joining hers. When his hand came under her chin to gently tilt her face up toward his, she held her breath, waiting, wanting, needing his kiss.

As before, his lips brought her alive in ways she’d never felt with just a kiss. His kiss gave and it took, soothed and then plundered, putting her through a kaleidoscope of emotions she wasn’t ready to cope with. Or was she? Her hands, seemingly of their own volition, went around his neck, drawing him closer. His gentle persuasion had her lips opening, her tongue tangling with his. It was a kiss of such sensual delight, she was lost in it.

She relished the feel of his silky hair as her hands wove through it. He wore it a little on the long side for an RCMP officer, but she loved the style.

Rena felt his hands move over her back as he held her. Felt one slide around to cup her breast through her sweater. Unerringly, he found her nipple, tweaking it between his fingers. Michael was giving her a taste of heaven, and she wanted more. She’d never allowed such liberties with a beau. Personal touches always made her feel uncomfortable, and she’d backed off. Not so with Michael.

He broke the kiss and rested his forehead against hers, his breaths coming in shallow spurts as he drew in air.

“Lady, you’re a delight.”

“I am?” she asked, having a little trouble catching her breath as well.

“Oh, yeah. You have so much passion inside you, waiting to burst forth. I feel as if I’ve stumbled into a gold mine of mammoth proportions.”

“Thanks, I think, but I’m not sure I’m ready to take this any further, Michael.”

“No pressure. We’ll explore this attraction between us and take things one step at a time. All right?”

“All right, but can you kiss me again?”

“My pleasure.”

Lost in the emotions swimming through her, she didn’t register the unbuttoning or removal of her sweater until the cool air hit her overheated skin. She was about to protest when she realized just how much she enjoyed the feel of Michael’s hands on her bare skin. She writhed in pleasure as he leaned forward to suckle a nipple. Never before had she felt such exquisite pleasure. The ring of his cell phone was a rude intrusion she could’ve done without.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this snippet and that it has whet your appetite for more. Remember folks, Evernight offers 15% off on new releases for the first two weeks. Never a better time to snag your copy. Enjoy!