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New Release and Cover Reveal!

Published November 17, 2015 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

I just love releasing new books!

This is the fifth year that I’ve released a Christmas short for 99 cents, and although Once Upon a Christmas Wish is longer than the rest by 10000-15000 words, it’s still only 99 cents. 🙂 I just love this cover. It speaks to me of happiness and love. What do you think? Blurb:

Widowed mother, Christina Madison, is a work-from-home seamstress struggling to make ends meet in order to sup[port herself and her son. She finds it extra difficult during special occasions…like the upcoming holiday…Christmas.

Ethan Forrester is a man on a mission to find a twin brother he never knew he had. Instead, he finds his brother’s widow and little boy.

He never believed in love at first sight until he met Christina. But is her attraction to him because of the man he is? Or because he is identical to her deceased husband?

I hope you enjoy this Christmas story and that you all have a happy and blessed Christmas this year.

Cover Reveal for my 2014 Christmas Story!!!

Published October 19, 2014 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

I love Christmas! Do you? The purity of a fresh fall of snow, twinkling lights everywhere, home-baked goodies, families coming together, and peace and goodwill everywhere.

It gives me a good feeling when I write about people finding each other during the holidays. Their coming together seems so much sweeter. This year I have a special treat in store for you. It’s a bit steamier than my usual stories, but hey, what else is there to do when the power goes out and a fire is burning in the fireplace?

So, without further ado, here is this year’s cover. What do you think?

Her Christmas Wishes 2


Erica London needs some time alone to figure out if she should continue with the in vitro treatments. They haven’t worked so far. She really wants to have a baby and an heir to the ranch…to know he or she was on the way before Christmas. Of course, wishing for a man to love her and produce said baby would be wonderful, but that’s not about to happen. She rides over to the London Lodge, situated on the back-end of the London Ranch, to clean and close it down for the winter. A freak blizzard has her snowed in, but she doesn’t mind in the least. She has food, shelter, and wood fires to keep her warm. Besides, she enjoys not having the phone ringing or wranglers stopping in to chat.

Spencer Rafferty is on his way to his brother’s wedding when he takes a wrong turn and ends up on a side road. His car hits a nasty drift and barrels into the ditch. With no signal on his cell phone, he looks around and all he sees is white. He smells wood smoke but can’t determine where it’s coming from. Then, in a moment of clarity when the wind dies down, he sees the smoke and walks down the road toward it.

Erica opens the door with gun in hand, unsure whether or not to allow the stranger in. But the storm is a raging blizzard and she takes pity on him. When not covered in snow, she sees just how handsome the man is…and he’s not wearing a ring. When the power goes out, things heat up. Could this man be the one to make her wishes come true? Did she have it in her to embark on a weekend affair? And could she survive his leaving when the storm was over?


With a little luck and participation from Amazon, Her Christmas Wishes will release tomorrow at 99 cents in ebook form. I hope to have it available in print by November 1st.

Until next time, Happy Reading!

A new Christmas release by Lisa A. Adams

Published December 13, 2013 by Lorraine Nelson - Author


Lisa Adams has been a friend of mine for some time now. I’ve watched her grow into a mighty fine author, as evidenced by her latest release, Saving Holiday. I was fortunate enough to receive a copy to review, and I couldn’t read it fast enough. Here’s my review:

Jackson Duggan portrays the type of man we’d all like to meet–handsome, intelligent, caring, protective, and ohhh so sexy–but  he’s carrying an old love deep in his heart and won’t let go.

Holiday (Holly) Thomas is a survivor. Badly abused in a previous relationship, she’s not anxious to enter another. Then in walks Jackson and her heart pumps into overdrive. But Holly isn’t in to being second best and walks away. When trouble ensues, Jackson’s there, ready to protect. But will he arrive in time?

A 5 Star read for sure!

Here’s the blurb:

Through a tortured past, Officer Jackson Duggan has learned a thing or two about saving lives. But can he overcome the tragedies of his past to save his very own “Holiday” present?

Holiday “Holly” Thomas has never lived down her name or the mistakes she’s made in her past. Desperate to run, she moves to Barbeque Creek to open up a new quilt shop and begin a new life.

When Officer Jackson Duggan entered Sew Amazing looking for the perfect present for his mother, he never thought he would find a gift waiting just for him. But, Jackson’s not ready to move on from a love he shared in the past.

With Holly sprinting toward her future and Jackson clinging to the past, will the pair stop long enough to enjoy the present? Or will a threat neither of them saw coming ruin the opportunity before they even get a chance?


And now for a few words from Lisa… 

Looking at my ever-expanding waist line over the holiday season actually gave me some inspiration. Most people look at their curves and wish to be skinnier. When I was a teacher, I had a mantra that I would repeat to my 6th graders in hopes that they would pick up on some of my good vibes. If you were to ask them today to describe me, they would say one of two things: She was the craziest and most fun teacher I’ve ever had, or she was fat and happy. Yep, I said it. I’m fat and happy. I have no qualms with it either, simply because I LOVE the taste of food. (I blame it on being a Taurus.)

So what better way to celebrate my holiday release then sharing with you…

My Top 5 Holiday Treats!

# 5 – Sugar cookies – It doesn’t matter the brand, or if they were homemade or store bought. Sugar cookies will forever be on the list. Probably the simplest recipe ever for cookies, and easy to digest a dozen (or two J)

#4 – Brownies – Duncan Heinz please and I like mine fudgy not cakey. So hold the extra egg.

#3 – Apple Spice Bars – A fantastic Apple Spice cake type bar that has a myriad of spices, raisins, and pecans. Topped with a light coating of powdered sugar and, oh my, yum! The recipe that we still use today is from McCall’s Cook Book ©1963 1st edition. It was my grandmother’s and is VERY well used. Apple Spice Bars are featured on page 189. (Yes, I remember the page number by heart, though I don’t need the recipe anymore. It makes me feel good to pull it out every year and have it with me while baking these.)

#2 – Poppy Seed Rolls – These are very similar to an apple roll, but instead of apples and cinnamon, you would use a poppy seed paste. It used to be sold in Winn Dixie’s here in the south, but since they went bust, I have to rely on my yearly trips up north to find them in the SlavicVillage market in Ohio. And this explanation will help lead me to my #1 all time favorite.

#1 – Golden Kolacky – Ok. Let me continue explaining. I have a Polish background. My father was full-blooded and came to the states when he was 15. I was the first on his side of the family ever born in the states. We held tight to quite a few of our Polish customs, and this little gem is a testament to that fact.  Interested? Here you go…. From my family to yours. 

½ cup (1 stick) butter, softened

4 ounces cream cheese, softened

1 cup all-purpose flour

Fruit Preserves for filling

  1. Beat butter and cream cheese in large bowl with electric mixer at medium speed until smooth and fluffy.  Gradually add flour; beat at low speed until mixture forms soft dough.  Divide dough in half; wrap each half in plastic wrap.  Refrigerate about one hour or until firm.
  1. Preheat oven 375 F.  Roll out dough, half at a time, on floured surface to 1/8th thickness.  Cut into 2 ½ – inch squares.  Spoon 1 teaspoon preserve into center of each square.   Bring up two opposite side corners to center; pinch to seal.  Place 1 inch apart on ungreased cookie sheets.  Bake 10 to 13 minutes or until lightly browned.  Remove to wire racks; cool completely.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday whatever your customs or beliefs may be. And while you are enjoying this sweet new treat, why don’t you check out my newest release “Saving Holiday” now available on Amazon.

Purchase links:


Breathless Press :

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To Contact Lisa:

FaceBook –

Twitter – @LisaAdamsWriter


Thank you for stopping by and checking out this new release. 🙂

New Christmas Release!

Published November 26, 2013 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Wow! What a busy couple of months I’ve had!

Since September, I’ve released 6 books…6!!!

ABFTT2(2)A Bride for the Taking, Thunder Creek Ranch, Book 6, through Evernight Publishing.

Suited to be a Cowboy, through Sweet Cravings The horse riding area with three horses on the background on a bright sunny dayPublishing.

The first 3 books in my Hudson Ranch series:

InheritanceWRibbon  The Inheritance,

Benjamin, Benjamin.new2

and Gabriel.

GabrielBook 4, Nathan, is set for a December release.

And today this year’s Christmas story, The Cowboy’s Christmas Auction,  went live on Amazon for .99. My friend, Denise Frazier generously painted the cover for me. Isn’t it fabulous! I just love original artwork!

The Cowboy's Christmas Auction

Here’s the Blurb:

Can an organic grower and a cattle rancher find common ground?

When the acreage next door comes up for bid, Dustin Granger attends the auction hoping to obtain the property for his growing herd. Along with the creek running through the property, his cattle need more grazing land. What he doesn’t need or want is a city girl outbidding him to establish an organic farm.

Meredith McRae inherits a small fortune from a distant uncle and decides to invest in her future. The estate she’s come to bid on has everything she needs and no neighboring cowboy was going to thwart her…regardless how handsome. But will she change her mind as the bachelor auction draws near?

I loved writing this story and I hope it brings you joy this holiday season. Merry Christmas and thank you for your loyal support throughout my writing journey. Love to all!!! Lorraine

P.S. For a complete listing of my books, please check out my Author page on Amazon or my website. Thank you.

Plotting to Win by Tara Chevrestt

Published June 8, 2013 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Plotting to Win is a contemporary romance centered around a fictional Reality TV Show. It’s unique, just as the author is. Tara’s writing style shows through beautifully and it’s my pleasure to showcase her newest release.

My review:

I had the opportunity to read this book before publication and found it amazing. The plot is unique and the characters fully developed. Competition is fierce and romance is in the wings. Will it fly out the window as the contest progresses, or is it the beginning of so much more for Felicity and Victor? Can’t say anymore as I hate spoilers. Just know that I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Well done, Tara.

Plotting To Win_1400Blurb:

In New York City, seven writers compete for a hundred thousand dollars, a publishing contract with Bright House, and the title of the next bestseller. One is Felicity James. One is Victor Guzman.

Drama, plagiarism, and trash talk play out to enthralled audiences across the country as all seven contestants compete against each other in a range of heated challenges, with tensions reaching breaking point. As Felicity and Victor start up a showmance, their relationship burns up the ratings.

Will this sizzling fling escalate into a vicious battle for money and fame, or will these two authors manage to write their own happy ending?


“A head-hop is a sudden point of view switch.”

“What?” Felicity glanced up from the book she was reading — one of Nicole Roberts’s. She’d actually packed it, having no foresight whatsoever that the woman she’d long admired was going to be judging her.

Victor sat on the edge of her bed, turning his body just enough to face her where she was propped against the headboard. “Like, if you are in Mookie’s point of view and you’re telling us how Mookie feels … that Mookie desires Dookie with a fierce passion he’s never felt before and then you suddenly switch over and tell us what Dookie is feeling … you’re switching POV. It can be jarring to a reader. Some publishers allow it. Some don’t. It’s something to watch for in your genre of writing.” He watched her intently as though waiting for her response.

Her book discarded in her lap, Felicity didn’t know what to say. She was unnerved by his sudden kindness and also by the fact he was on her bed, next to her, and he looked good enough to … no, no.

He blinked at her and apparently assumed she didn’t comprehend, because he continued, “Mookie and Dookie are … are eating sandwiches. Mookie is thinking his salami tastes too peppery and doesn’t Dookie look funny with her hair all messed up? And then suddenly Dookie is thinking Mookie looks like he’s tasted something bad. Basically, you have to choose one point of view, Mookie’s or Dookie’s, and stick with it. Say you choose Mookie. If Mookie can’t see it, hear it, taste it, feel it, touch it, he can’t tell us about it.”

Throughout his explanation, his hands moved animatedly, pantomiming different things: eating a sandwich, having messy hair, the act of hearing, but Felicity couldn’t get past one thing.

“Where the hell do you come up with your character names?” She chortled with laughter. Her insides hurt she laughed so hard, and her spirits lifted. Tears ran down her face. He looked bewildered momentarily and soon joined in, his dimples flashing.

“I mean, those names are sooo unromantic. I have no words,” she finally gasped out when she got control of her wits.

“Well, I don’t know. I’m a guy.” He spread his hands out, palms up.

Felicity turned serious, thinking about what he’d said. “So, the five senses? Like, if I’m narrating a scene and you don’t convey something, I can’t know what you’re thinking, unless you say it aloud or something in your body language tells me. I have to hear it or see it myself to tell the reader about it.”

“Exactly.” And suddenly, before she could react, he reached out and tenderly touched her cheek, brushing away an escaped tear.

Felicity held her breath. His touched burned a trail on her face. She fought the urge to close her eyes and just savor it, this second of … of … whatever was between her and this guy. If she could capture the moment and bottle it, she would. She’d dab the feeling all over her body every day.

She cleared her throat as his finger left her face. “Why are you helping me?”

“I don’t know.” His voice was strained, tired. His expression was one of bewilderment. What was going on behind the brown depths of his gaze? “But I’m not in cahoots with Tiffani. I want to just get that out of your pretty head right now.”

He thinks I’m pretty? Aloud, she said, “Then what was that about? Yesterday? What Tiffani said?” She crossed her arms over her chest, the only barrier she had at the moment, but what was she protecting? Her pride? Her heart?

He sighed and stared at the floor next to her bed. “I was a fool and ended up hurting myself more than you. The extent of our corroboration is switching beds. I thought my nearness — yes, arrogant ass, I know — would throw you off your game, ’cause, frankly, I see you as the biggest threat.”

“Um…” He’d managed to insult her and compliment her at the same time. Felicity couldn’t stop the wrinkle marring her brow. “Okay, well, ‘thank you’ and ‘what the fuck’ both come to mind.” She released an uncomfortable laugh and fingered the pages of her novel. They’d all be dog-eared by the time she was done. Hopefully, Ms. Roberts wouldn’t see it.

He offered a sheepish grin.

“So you thought my game could be thrown off as easily as that? I’m not some high school girl. I’m a grown-ass thirty-year-old woman, and I’m not easily sidetracked.” Well … she bit her lips to stop the smile that threatened to emerge.

His t-shirt pulled against taut muscles as he pushed himself off the bed. The urge to reach out and grab him, to pull him down until his long body covered hers almost overwhelmed her. Hot fire built in her lower belly, and she was grateful for her dark skin. If she’d been a pale woman, the heat and desire within her would be evident as it burned through her flesh.

“I realize that now.” His voice was low and husky. He had his hands in his pockets as he turned away from her bed.

“Wait,” she called after him. “How did you end up hurting yourself?”

“You snore,” he said over his shoulder. “I can’t sleep a wink with all that racket.”

“What?” Felicity gaped at his retreating back and before he got too far away, she hefted her pillow and threw it in his direction. It landed on the floor next to him, and he laughed all the way out of the room, great, shoulder-moving gusts of laughter.

Buy on Amazon, AllRomance, Escape, Barnes & Noble, & Kobo

Tara Chevrestt is a deaf woman, former aviation mechanic, dog 311179_128145580674487_2005484053_nmom, writer, and editor. You’ll never see her without her Kindle or a book within reach. As a child, she would often take a flashlight under the covers to finish the recent Nancy Drew novel when she was supposed to be sleeping.

Tara is addicted to Law & Order: SVU, has a crush on Cary Grant, laughs at her own jokes, and is constantly modifying recipes and experimenting in the kitchen. Her theme is Strong is Sexy. She writes about strong women facing obstacles—in the military, with their handicaps, or just learning to accept themselves. Her heroines can stand alone and take care of themselves, but they often find love in the process.

You can connect with her on Facebook or follow her blog.


Evernight’s Christmas Blog Hop

Published December 10, 2012 by Lorraine Nelson - Author


Welcome to the Evernight Holiday Blog Hop!

We love the holidays, we love making our readers happy and we love giving away swag. What better way to do that than to hold a blog hop?Here’s how it works… the more blogs you hop to (shown below) the more chance you have of winning prizes. Each site on the hop is offering a prize and Evernight is offering an iPad 2 as the grand prize! To be in with a chance of winning the site prize simply follow the blog you’re visiting and leave a comment which includes your email address. Each entry on each blog is then counted towards the grand prize draw. The more entries you have, the better your chance of winning that iPad 2! You also get extra points for liking the Evernight Facebook page!/evernightpublishing. Just make sure you let us know in the comments that you’ve done so.

Happy hopping!

While shopping for your next ebook, check out my newest release from Evernight, a contemporary romantic suspense, Bad Boy Blake.

Blake Bennett is the town bad boy turned Sheriff, elected to keep the peace. When Blake first meets Gina, she’s butting heads with the Mayor…over the type of dancing she teaches—pole dancing.

Gina West is a professional dancer, who retired from the stage, and moves to Westonville, NB, to start her own dance studio. But Gina is not who she claims to be, and when strange things start happening…vengeful threats and vandalism…Blake begins digging for the truth. In his role as protector, he begins to fall for Gina, but will her lies and subterfuge destroy any chance for them to be together?

I’m offering one lucky commenter the chance to win a free download of Bad Boy Blake. Just follow this blog, leave a comment and provide your email address. Your name will also go in the draw for an iPad2. There are 88 blogs participating! The more you comment on, the better your chances of winning the iPad2! So get hopping and remember to have fun.

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It’s December already!

Published December 6, 2012 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Wow! Where does the time go? I haven’t even started my shopping or baking yet, and there are only 19 days left until Christmas. Do you have family traditions that you follow during the holidays?

home tree

My Mom and I get together every year before Christmas and bake up a plethora of Christmas goodies. From sweet bread (Christmas Morning Loaf), to pies, shortbread to sugar cookies, banana bread to cinnamon loaves, we have fun creating all the special treats our family loves. Oh, I must not forget the homemade donuts and roll out molasses cookies. Then there are things chocolate…chocolate macaroons, chocolate chip cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and fudge. We used to make a variety of chocolates, (better than any you’d find in a store) but haven’t done so for a few years now. We’re both diabetics and it is way too tempting. Of course, so are the baked goodies, but they don’t heighten the sugar count nearly as much as chocolate does.

Feel free to check out my recipe page. A lot of our favorites are listed there. Enjoy and happy baking. 🙂