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New Release By Denise Ellyson!!!

Published November 27, 2014 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

It’s my pleasure to announce the release of Darke Heat by my good friend and critique partner, Denise Ellyson. This post is about Patches, one of the dogs in her book.

patchesPatches is a purebred German Shepherd, named because of the identifying patch of dark fur on his forehead. Patches loves ice cream, but he is lactose intolerant, as Bryce Prescott, our hero, learns the hard way.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Oh, you know where the goodies are kept,” Bryce said to the dog. “I don’t know if Paige feeds you stuff from the fridge, but not in my house. Here you will eat dog food.”
He opened the pantry and there was the hundred-pound bag of dog food. He looked over at the dog standing in front of the fridge and wondered how long the bag would last. Maybe one meal with these guys, he mused. He dragged it out to the counter and found plastic bowls. He filled a big pot with water, and then his plastic bowls with food. The dogs all came at the sound of the bowls being filled. They lined up with perfect manners waiting for him to let them know it was okay to proceed.

Patches was looking at the bowls but kept his stance at the fridge. As soon as Bryce stepped away from the bowls, Deeogee came forward to choose his bowl and the rest followed suit. Patches finally left his spot at the fridge and took the last bowl, but kept watch on the fridge.

Bryce wondered what about the fridge held the dog’s attention. Curious, he opened the door to the fridge, but the dog just stood there. Curiosity peaking, he opened the freezer drawer and the dog bounded over, reached in, grabbed the ice-cream container, and ran from the kitchen before Bryce could stop him.
“Hey, that’s my ice cream! You can’t eat that. It’ll make you sick!” He ran into the living room where he found Patches, the carton between his front paws, tearing the lid off with his teeth. As Bryce approached, the dog growled at him.
“Okay, mister, it’s your ice-cream. But don’t say I didn’t warn you when you have an upset stomach tomorrow.”

He finished getting ready for bed, and shooed the dogs out of his room. He found two of the dogs in the bathroom who were drinking from the toilet. He felt like he was back in college with a bunch of frat boys. He shut his bedroom door and lay down to get some sleep.

Bryce woke in the night to the sound of a dog whimpering. He raised himself on one elbow and glanced down at the end of his bed. He couldn’t discern what dog it was, but one of them had its face on his bed and there was a foul odor in the room. Apparently, the door latch hadn’t clicked into place. Bryce switched on the lamp on his bedside table and sat up in the bed to see over the side. Patches had had an accident…correction, make that lots of accidents.

“So you’re lactose intolerant. Great, just great!” Bryce threw back the covers and got out of bed, taking care to sidestep the globby messes as he made his way to the bathroom. He glanced back to see that Patches hadn’t moved, except to lie down on the floor beside the bed. Poor dog. He must be in agony, Bryce empathized.

“Well, come on. We have to get you cleaned up. Jump into the tub, and I’ll run some water.”

The dog moved to obey, but as soon as he rose to his feet, a rip-roaring fart rent the air.

“Geesh, Patches! No more ice cream for you. I’ll never be able to sleep in here tonight,” Bryce said, as he went to open the window.

I love that scene! And now, here’s the recipe for Patch’s favorite ice cream.

½cup sugar
2 cups milk, scalded
another ½ cup sugar
2 beaten egg yolks
¼ teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 stiff-beaten egg whites
1 cup heavy cream, whipped
½ cup chopped black walnuts

Caramelize ½ cup sugar; add milk slowly and stir until sugar dissolves.
Add remaining ½ cup of sugar and egg yolks;cook in double boiler until thick.

Remove from heat; add salt, vanilla.
Freeze in refrigerator tray until firm.
Break in chucks; turn into chilled bowl;
beat with electric mixer.
Fold in egg whites, cream, and nuts.
Return quickly to cold tray.
Freeze until firm.
Makes 6 servings

Sounds delicious! Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Darke Heat published by MasterKoda Select Publishing. Available at Amazon.

DH Cover

Review of Darke Heat by Nese Ellyson!!!

Published October 18, 2014 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Nese Ellyson is a friend and critique partner. Her debut novel with MasterKoda Select Publishing, Darke Heat, is set to release on November 23rd. It’s one you won’t want to miss.

I’ve had the pleasure of watching this book grow from a tiny idea into a full novel and loved it all the way. Here’s my review:WWL

Paige Connor is a highly respected trainer of drug and bomb sniffing dogs. Her dysfunctional upbringing has her wanting to create a home, a sanctuary, for herself and her twin brothers.

Bryce Prescott is a DEA Agent and has managed to get on Paige’s list of people to avoid. After spending one fateful night together, he returns to work and takes one of her dogs with him. The dog gets pregnant and there’s hell to pay.

Paige becomes the target of some nasty people when she buys a farm in Darke County and disrupts their illegal business dealings. And who else but Bryce arrives to protect her…the man who used her to get one of her dogs.

Her anger with him is hot but the passion between them flares hotter as they work together to solve the crimes happening in their county.

An excellent read. I give it 5 stars.

You’ll definitely want to add this one to your TBR pile.

Mini Bio:

Mother of two boys, savior of ill cats, and aspiring suspense author, married to Prince Charming.

You can find Nese at the following places: