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Editing…a necessary evil. :)

Published August 31, 2013 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

strong is sexy editing

Today’s emphasis, as the title suggests, is about editing. I know, I know. You’ve written your book. You’ve edited it yourself. You might even have had a few friends suggest changes or comment on how well it’s done. However, none of this takes the place of professional editing.

You look forward to publishing your book and building a reader base–right? You might even be wondering how you’re going to compete with all the other books and authors out there. Well then, you need to hire an editor. Guaranteed that if I purchase a book riddled with grammar issues and/or typos and such, I will not buy that author’s work again.

Authors, be proud of your work. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Make it a good one by releasing the best product you can possibly deliver.

That’s where my friend, Tara Chevrestt, can help you. She’s a top notch editor and is a joy to work with. Here’s what she has to say…

With today’s self-publishing industry, everyone can make their dreams come true, and I’d like to help you do that. You have a story and the words with which to tell it. I have the skills to make it go from great to fabulous.

Don’t let typos hold you back from the bestseller list.

I’m currently seeking to expand my client list. I have lowered my rate from $3.25 per thousand words to $3.00 per k.

Experience: I have been editing for two years and have completed over a 311179_128145580674487_2005484053_nhundred manuscripts in that time period. Genres include nonfiction, fiction, romance, young adult, historical, contemporary, erotic, and more. Authors I have edited for: Lorraine Nelson, Victoria Vane, Megan D. Martin, Laura DeLuca, Lacey Wolfe, and others. I can provide a CV upon request as well as references.
What I do: My above-mentioned fee includes two read throughs of any MS. I do both content and copy. I watch for misspelled or misused words, head hopping, passive voice, comma usage, hyphen placement, dialogue and action tags, telling vs showing, and more. All of my changes are tracked.
Contact Tara –tchevrestt(at)yahoo(dot)com
Check out her blog for yourself. Mention my name so Tara knows who sent you. Together, you’ll make your work shine. 🙂

New Cover Art!!!

Published April 6, 2012 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Blessed Homecoming is releasing on July 13th through Breathless Press. I’m honored to have it be the debut release in their new inspirational line called Blessings.

And now, without further ado, here is the spectacular cover designed by Victoria Miller. Isn’t it gorgeous! I love his smile and she is the picture of serenity, don’t you think?

Releasing July 13th through Breathless Press!


The hometown girl and the handyman both carry emotional baggage. Are they destined to remain friends or is there room in their hearts for more?


Wendy Danforth is preparing to be a single mom, her ex-husband in jail for spousal abuse.  She returns to her hometown, to renew her faith and to heal. Caught off guard by the handyman in residence, attraction hits, swift and piercing, but she quells her unruly emotions, in no hurry to get involved in another relationship. Besides, at almost nine months pregnant, she wasn’t exactly looking her best.

Jake Roberts, hired to renovate the Danforths’ house, took one look at his employer’s daughter and wanted to run far and fast. He hadn’t possessed an ounce of faith or been around a pregnant woman in three long years, not since his wife and unborn son died in an auto accident.  They become friends, and when her ex-husband escapes custody, he steps up to protect Wendy and her unborn child. Will the danger and close proximity test their friendship? Or will it lead to more? Can Jake regain his lost faith, or will it elude him forever?

And now, I wish to thank my lovely editor, Tara Chevrestt, for her expert insight, advice, and patience as we worked together to make this novel shine. Thank you, Tara!

On another note, if you or anyone you know writes Inspirational romance, Breathless Press is open to submissions.

Send your fictional, Christian-based submission to  acquisitions@breathlesspress.com stating that the submission is intended for the Blessings Line. You can even put it to the attention of Tara Chevrestt. She’ll take good care of you. 🙂
Happy writing!


Published March 9, 2012 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

As you know, if you’ve been following my blog, website, Facebook or Twitter accounts, I signed 5 contracts in January. Since January 30th I’ve completed 12 rounds of edits. Yep, 12! Three titles are completely done. Yay!

Coming March 16th!

Hawk’s Woman, my first western historical, is releasing March 16th in the Evernight anthology entitled Virgins Behaving Badly.

Coming March 26th!

A Cowgirl’s Pride, Book 4 in my Thunder Creek Ranch series, is releasing on March 26th.

Breathless Press has signed on for 4 titles. Her Unlikely Bodyguard is edited and ready for release on June 15th. The 1st round edits on Blessed Homecoming, my first inspirational, are finished and I’m waiting for the next round. Then it’s on to Love on the Rocks, a romantic suspense, and Finding Baby J, a medical romance.

At first, I considered edits to be a nuisance, a necessary evil. LOL But I’ve learned so much through my lovely editors, that now I consider them, the editors and the edits, a blessing. Their input has made for a much more detailed and interesting read in every case.

I love dialogue! When I get into the heads of my characters, or them in mine as the case often happens, I enjoy writing up their conversations. Unfortunately, I forget about everything else when that happens, but my editors are quick to remind me about all 5 senses. It’s not enough to know what they’re saying. What are they seeing, feeling, touching, smelling, doing while they talk? Or tasting…my characters enjoy eating. lol

Then there is the comma guru. Since I obtained my business education back in 1980, someone up and changed some of the rules of comma usage. Not sure when that happened, but I’m learning, slow but sure, and hoping my editors don’t pull their hair out in the meantime. So far, they haven’t run away screaming, so it’s all good. 🙂

Sometimes I disagree with them and have to question the why of things, but in the end, we compromise and carry on. I love my editors! Emma Shortt, Dana Horbach, and Tara Chevrestt. They know how to draw every ounce of love and suspense out in the open, which makes for a much better, more saleable novel.

I’m living my dream, and with the support of editors, publishers, and most importantly, my readers, it makes all the hard work worthwhile. I can work from home, at my own pace, crafting beautiful, believable stories of romance and suspense. For me, life couldn’t get any better.

So, until my next set of edits arrive, I’ll be writing Cameron’s Quest, Book 5 of my Thunder Creek Ranch series. He’s been screaming at me to get his story told…a story of secrets unveiled, family love and loyalty, and murder. Hoping to have it written, subbed, and edited for a May release. Time will tell.

In the meantime, I’d like to thank you all for your support.

Happy Reading and Writing!

It’s Release Day Again!

Published November 28, 2011 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Wow! Just last month Evernight Publishing released my debut novel, Zakia and the Cowboy, and now here we are celebrating the release of its sequel, Covert Mission: Undercover Cop.

I am so thrilled to be working with such a talented, efficient team! Dana Horbach did the editing on this one and I do admit to loving the finished product. Well done, Dana! Cover art, supplied once again by the talented DaraEngland of LF Designs, is superb! I do appreciate her sharing those hunky cowboys with us. Thanks, Dara!

 The Thunder Creek Ranch series is more exciting than I thought it would be when I first started writing it. To think it all started with one name, Zakia, and grew from there. Producing a series is much harder than writing a single title. The people, the timelines, location—everything has to agree in each book, especially where their stories intertwine and overlap. What color was his hair? Were her eyes blue or green? Darn it! What was the name of that judge? Cop? Neighbor? Horse? These things all need to be kept straight. It’s quite often the little things that can take a reader out of a story, and I’d hate for that to happen with one of my books.


As with Zakia, I loved writing Sam’s story. She’s such a feisty, independent character and full of sass. No, she’s not a redhead, but she does have the temperament, mostly earned from what she’s lived through up until now. To a large extent, circumstances, the good and the bad, make us who we are. We can sit back and let the bad things—hurt, pain, disappointment and disillusionment—rule our lives, or we can rise above all that, take control of our thoughts…our very lives, and strive to be the best we can be.

Blake is…well…Blake. He’s strong, handsome, caring, patient and protective. A cop and a delicious hunk of cowboy all wrapped into one gorgeous package. As an only child, he’s known his share of unconditional love, knows that he belongs wherever, whenever, but when he meets Sam, he senses something entirely different. It was a real toss-up as to who would win the ultimate battle between these two. Would it be Blake with his seemingly unending supply of patience, or Sam and her independent, stubborn nature? LOL Needless to say, I’m not telling. 🙂


Two cops have been murdered, two convicts escape. Samantha Muldoon and Blake Northrup pair up to protect their friends.

Will their attraction to each other hinder their effectiveness or distract them from their job? Can it grow into something lasting, or will previous hurt keep them apart?

For excerpt, check out my website, listed below. 

I love hearing from my readers! It’s important to know what works and doesn’t work for you as I continue to craft stories of love and mystery.

 Website: http://www.lorrainenelson.weebly.com

Blog:  https://lorrainenelson.wordpress.com





 Just a reminder…Covert Mission: Undercover Cop is 15% off for the first two weeks at Evernight.

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Evernight has just accepted Book 3, Trouble Brewing in Thunder Creek. The series lives on! Yay!!!

Featured Title AND Bestseller!!!

Published October 9, 2011 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Zakia and the Cowboy is a featured title and also made the Bestseller List at All Romance eBooks! http://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-zakiaandthecowboy-608452-149.html

Wow! Thank you to all those who have purchased my novel to date. You’ve made all the waiting and agonizing worthwhile. 🙂

Writing is a hobby which I truly enjoy, especially now that I can share my stories with the world. Isn’t the Internet a wonderful thing? I’ve made friends from all over and, I suspect, now my readers/fans. I love you all!

I’m so thankful for the day I subbed to Evernight Publishing. They have a terrific staff and my editor, Emma Shortt, is awesome. And the cover art is to die for! Thank you Dara England of LF Designs. It’ll make a terrific poster for my home office, don’t you think? And thank you, Evernight, for taking a chance on this newbie. Words simply cannot express how thrilled I am to be one of your authors.

During the course of this past couple of years, I’ve spent a lot of time on Medical leave from my day job. I won’t bore you with the details of each ailment except to say that hand surgery is what motivated me to begin writing that novel of romance I’d always intended to try my hand at. (pun intended!)

I developed an infection in my thumb and by the time the doctors realized what it was, it had eaten away at the bone from the inside. Needless to say, they had to amputate so the infection didn’t spread. Everything I do involves the use of my hands, from typing to cooking, baking, gardening and even reading. It’s difficult to get used to holding a book open with half a thumb. Luckily, it was my left and I’m right-handed, but it still took some getting used to.

In trying to prepare for a return to work, I started typing. It helped to increase the flexibility in that hand and kept me from going stir crazy. At first, it was just online typing tests, but one day an idea began to take shape and I started writing. Seven weeks later I had finished Love on the Rocks, totally edited and polished to the best of my ability and began subbing to publishers. Boy, have I learned a lot since and have received many rejections for my efforts.

But I found that I really enjoyed writing – enjoyed the challenge of it, learning as I went. I’m still learning. Nobody’s perfect. I’ve since written seven other full-length novels and three novellas.

Zakia and the Cowboy is the first in my Thunder Creek series, with Books 2 and 3 in the works and ideas for 2 more. I enjoy crafting stories and it’s helps to keep my mind alive. There are so many ideas floating around in there that at least once I have them written down, they ease off and let me rest… sometimes. lol

My doctor has me off work indefinitely, but at least I have my writing to sustain me. Making money from it was never an impetus. Creating a believable story from nothing more than a vague idea – that’s what motivates me. The fact that people want to read my writing is a bonus, and one that I’m rather proud of. I love hearing from my readers and can be contacted by dropping a comment here or on my website. Tell me what you like or didn’t like about this book and I’ll enter all names in a draw for the sequel. http://lorrainenelson.weebly.com

*** P.S. When that first royalty cheque arrives, I’m certain I’ll find something to spend it on. 🙂

Zakia and the Cowboy is now at Amazon!!!

Published October 4, 2011 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

I’d like to say a big Thank You to the staff at Evernight Publishing for helping me realize a life-long dream. Emma Shortt is one of the best editors ever! And Dara England did up a spectacular cover! This is all so exciting.

A special thank you to my fans who have been patiently waiting for Zakia and Luke’s story. Enjoy!

Zakia and the Cowboy is now at Amazon!!! http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005SEUZVW#reader_B005SEUZVW

Also, drop by and like my author page on FB for a chance to win a free copy.  https://www.facebook.com/LorraineNelson.Author

Edits have Arrived!

Published August 14, 2011 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Zakia and the Cowboy, coming soon from Evernight Publishing

Zakia and the Cowboy… coming soon from Evernight Publishing


My life as an author includes edits. Mine arrived last night for Zakia and the Cowboy, the first book in my Thunder Creek series. Managed to get the first couple of chapters done before bed and am about to tackle them again. So far, nothing too major.

One of the things I still do is two spaces after a period. Have. to. stop. that! 219 pages, and an untold number of sentences, after which I have to delete one space. Betcha I won’t make that mistake again. lol Now that I know, I’ll have to go through my other manuscripsts and do the same thing. Oh well, one at a time.

I need to do a little work with dialogue tags and ramp up the heat a bit. So far, so good. Doable. As I progress, I’ll find out what else Emma has in store for me. 🙂 So it’s back to the editing cave for me.

Happy reading and writing to all!

Have a great day!


Evernight Publishing – Update on Contracted Books

Published August 8, 2011 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

I feel as though my writing career is finally taking off. My publisher, Evernight, has assigned me an editor… the fantabulous Emma Shortt.

I feel as if I’ve gotten to know her already through the Evernight Author’s page. She writes contemporary, historical, paranormal, supernatural and fantasy romance and has several books in circulation. Read more about Emma here: www.emmashortt.co.uk

Others authors have said she’s great to work with, which gives me a positive outlook on things to come. Here’s hoping the edits aren’t too dastardly. lol Whatever she comes up with, I’m certain it’ll make for a stronger, more defined story.

Now back to the writing cave. Work on Trouble at Thunder Creek, the sequel to Zakia and the Cowboy, is beginning to progress nicely. Trying to make a little more headway before the edits come rolling in.

Happy writing and reading to all!

Lorraine Nelson


I’ve added a couple new recipes that my kids and grandkids gobble up in no time. 🙂