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Cover Art Reveal!!!

Published October 20, 2012 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

There is nothing I love more than getting a new cover, unless it’s a royalty cheque. LOL But seriously, I spend a lot of time scouring photo sites to give the cover artists an accurate indication of what would best represent the novel. In Bad Boy Blake, the image fits perfectly. Blake Bennett is the town bad boy turned Sheriff, and he rides a Harley. The woman he’s attracted to is a dancer…a pole dancer, with some surprisingly erotic moves. Gina Weston dresses daringly, and is independent yet feminine enough to raise Blake’s protective instincts, and his blood pressure. See for yourself. I love this cover!


Blake Bennett is the town bad boy turned Sheriff, elected to keep the peace. When Blake first meets Gina, she’s butting heads with the town Mayor…over the type of dancing she teaches—pole dancing.

Gina West is a professional dancer, who retired from the stage, and moves to Westonville, NB, to start her own dance studio. But Gina is not who she claims to be, and when strange things start happening…vengeful threats and vandalism…Blake begins digging for the truth. In his role as protector, he begins to fall for Gina, but will her lies and subterfuge destroy any chance for them to be together?

Bad Boy Blake is a contemporary romantic suspense and releases through Evernight Publishing on October 30th.

In other news, it’s been a busy few months.

I’ve been busy writing Cameron’s Quest, Book 5 in my Thunder Creek Ranch series with Evernight. It seems to be taking forever to tell Cam’s story, (he keeps interrupting) but it is finally coming together.  I’m trying to have it finished and submitted by October 31st as National Novel Writing Month starts November 1st and I have a new western series to start for that one.

You may have heard me speak of my Hudson Ranch Trilogy. Well, I had signed a contract with Ruby Lioness Press last summer, but they went belly up. I did get my rights back, but I put the series on hold. I’m happy to announce that it is again a go, and…my sister, Sharon Wilson-Dupuis, will be designing original artwork covers. That’s right folks, my sister is an awesome portrait artist and she has agreed to take on this project. As kids, we always said we would do this one day. She was always drawing and me, well, I was writing, of course. LOL So my NaNo month will be a frenzy of writing about the Hudson brothers, Benjamin, Gabriel, and Nathan. In 2009, I wrote 108,000 words during the month of November. This year, I intend to beat that record and write all 3 novels. Wis me luck and minimal interruptions. 🙂

I entered several contests on eHarlequin this year and have been pounding the keyboard to have manuscripts ready. I now have a requested partial with Harlequin Intrigue, Innocent Pretender, and one with Harlequin American, Rushing Waters, Flooding Hearts. Fingers crossed. 🙂

I also entered HM&B’s So You Think You Can Write contest and I want to thank everyone who voted for my chapter. Suited to be a Cowboy didn’t make the the second round, but the ones that did are to be commended. With 700 entries, the competition was fierce. Well done to the final 28. Can’t wait to see who the final three will be. 🙂 Public voting will begin again in November. And Suited to be a Cowboy? Who knows where it’ll turn up.  🙂

On a personal note, I was so pleased to have all three of my sons home for Thanksgiving. (Yes, we are Canadian.) From left to write, youngest to oldest, Joshua, Nicholas, and Christopher. Love my boys! ❤

Nano Day 9 and a New Contract!

Published November 9, 2011 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

I am so happy to announce that Evernight Publishing has offered me a contract for Covert Mission: Undercover Cop, Book 2 in my Thunder Creek Ranch series. For those of you who have been waiting for Sam and Blake’s story, I can now say: Coming Soon! Yay!!!

NaNo Day 9:

Work on Book 3, Trouble at Thunder Creek, is progressing nicely. I have a 9 day total of 29,309 words. Not too shabby since I’ve been battling a sinus infection for over 2 weeks now. Hoping to feel better soon.

Zakia and the Cowboy is holding its own on bestseller lists. Both it and His Christmas Wish are in the top 100 kindle sales on Amazon. Thank you so much for helping to make this happen. (Hugs)

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Thunder Creek, Book 2 Finished Just in Time for NaNo!

Published October 30, 2011 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

At 50,353 words, Covert Mission: Undercover Cop is finished and off to my critique partners. Yay! Sam and Blake have had a rough time of it. Glad to have sorted things out for them. lol

Book 3 needs a bit of a rewrite due to events in Book 2, but that’s doable. I’m taking a couple days off before starting NaNo on November 1st, then it’s write, write, write. Hoping to finish Books 3 and 4 by the end of the month. I’ll edit and sub those in December and probably start Book 5, the official end of the series, in January.

I think I’m going to have a difficult time saying good-bye to these gals and guys. They’ve been stuck in my head for so long, they’re like friends. My babies… cast out into the world.

The reader response to Book 1, Zakia and the Cowboy, was phenomenal. To think that I was nervous, afraid even, when I signed that first contract, but I’m so glad I did. Writing stories for friends and family is one thing, sharing them with the world, entirely different. It’s scary… truly scary, to put your work out there for all to see. There will be some who don’t ‘get’ my style of writing, but for every one of them, there are more who do. As Zakia’s story provided entertainment and hours of reading pleasure, I hope Sam’s will, too. I thank you and thank God for making my debut novel a grand success.

Bless you!


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One More Week! Got Your NaNo Project Ready?

Published October 24, 2011 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

I confess!

I really don’t spend a lot of time setting up for NaNo. A pantser all the way, I’m happy to have names, location and the bare bones of an idea or plot when I start writing.

This year, I did manage to put a few words together in a ‘mini synopsis’ for my NaNo site profile. You can read about it Here. I’d also welcome a couple of buddies to share angst and such during the month. 🙂

Right now, I’m busy finishing up Books 2 and 3 of my Thunder Creek series. Can’t write Book 4 until I finish these. Have to know what happens, right? LOL

Zakia and the Cowboy is still a Bestseller at ARE, Bookstrand and Evernight.

His Christmas Wish is doing amazingly well on Amazon.

As a writer, I have to write, but it’s so nice to know that people are receiving enjoyment from my words. Thank you all for your support!


Published October 18, 2011 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Two weeks from today signals the start of a month-long writing frenzy. Yep, folks, November is National Novel Writing Month. One full month in which you aim to write 50,000 words. That’s 1667 words per day. You write and write and write without stopping to edit (if you can) until you finish your first draft.

It’s a great motivator! I’ve participated the past two years and have had excellent word counts. Normally, I edit as I go, but during NaNo, I try hard not to… try being the operative word. LOL

So, are you up for NaNoing this year? What will you be writing? Do you have a particular genre you enjoy? Contemporary, Romance, thrillers, young adult? Any ideas as to characters and plot; conflict and resolution?

I’m hoping to finish books 2 and 3 of my Thunder Creek series (contemporary romantic suspense genre) by the end of October as book 4 is calling to me – quite loudly in fact. I haven’t even started it yet, so that would be an excellent NaNo project.

Whatever you decide, if you want to be a writer, then write. That’s the only way you’ll ever reach that goal and fulfill your dream. Happy writing!


Published December 16, 2010 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

I’m running a little behind here.  Still trying to catch up on all the things I ignored during Nano.  One of those things was to polish my entry and get the synopsis written for the So You Think You Can Write Challenge on eHqn.

My Nano novel, Blessed Homecoming, is getting polished and ready to send to Love Inspired Suspense either later this month or in the New Year.  Phew!  It’s difficult to get my thoughts around another year done and gone.  Maybe 2011 will be good to me.

Mom was up last week, as we do every year, and busied ourselves with a frenzy of Christmas baking.  Christmas Morning Loaf, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, shortbread cookies, donuts and banana bread.  For anyone who’s interested, I’ll be posting the recipes under my new header as I have time. 

I got to see my six-year-old grandson in his Christmas Concert yesterday.  He’s lost both front teeth in the past month and looked cute, but no, he wasn’t singing that song. lol

Hope everyone is ready for the holiday.  I’m not, but what else is new? lol  Have a good one!