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New Release!!! Virgins Behaving Badly

Published March 16, 2012 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Nine authors, nine hot reads!!!

Check it out! 

15% off for the first 2 weeks at Evernight.

They may be virgins, but they’re ready to fulfill all their fantasies…

Who says the first time can’t include cuffs, ménage, or a spanking?

 Get ready to fan the flames of desire with this collection of nine erotic tales from Evernight Publishing.

Be Warned: some stories contain menage sex, spanking, anal sex, sex toys, public exhibition, BDSM.

Little Miss Frigid Knickers by Doris O’Connor

Be My First by Angelina Rain

The Siren Call by Melissa Hosack

Educating Sean by Carolyn Rosewood

Mutual Drive by Giselle Renarde

Her Seduction by Alyssa Fox

Hawk’s Woman by Lorraine Nelson

The Virgin—Aptly Named by Raven McAllan

Lucinda’ Song by Stacey Espino

In other news…

Trouble Brewing in Thunder Creek is a Featured Title at Evernight.

And the book that started me on the road to publication, Zakia and the Cowboy, will soon be available in print.
Genre: Western Romance

Heat Level: 2

Word Count: 60, 770

ISBN: 9781926950907 

Editor: Emma Shortt

Cover Artist: LF Designs Zakia and the Cowboy by Lorraine Nelson


I Was a Virgin Once Blog Hop

Published March 12, 2012 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

 Well, it’s true!!!

We all were at one time. LOL

Once upon a time, back in 2009, this author set out to write her first sex scene. I revisited it recently for the promotion for our upcoming Evernight release, Virgins Behaving Badly. Angelina Rain came up with the idea for this blog hop and got us all involved. I hope you enjoy it. Have fun! 

My first sex scene was full of head-hopping, and it wasn’t very explicit, but not bad for a first effort. The following (unedited) excerpt is that love scene, taken from an, as yet, unpublished novel, Daydreams & Night Scenes.

Releasing March 16th!

He opened the passenger door for her and reached for her hand, momentarily distracted by the silken expanse of leg revealed when the slit in her gown fell open from hem to upper thigh.

As she rose to her feet she deliberately sidled against him, rubbing against the bulge that had been at eye level when he’d opened her door.

Not one to relinquish control that easily, Alex lifted her and sat her on the hood of the car, still warm from the drive.  Pushing his hands through her hair, he dislodged the pins that had held it in place all evening.  When it was flowing freely through his hands, he urged her face steadily toward him, until they were breathing each other’s breath.  Nipping first at the edges of her lips, he pulled her even closer and she was lost as he skillfully devoured her mouth.

Her legs were dangling freely and when she felt herself slipping off the hood she automatically wrapped her legs tight around him, bringing his erection into contact with her most private part as the skirt of her gown slipped sideways.  Tightening her legs as much as she could, still he wasn’t close enough.  Her hands glided from his lower back to his shoulders and she thrilled to the feel of his muscled torso against her breasts, only then realizing that Alex had lowered the zipper to hold the bodice in place. 

Self-conscious, she began to tense and pull away but he would have none of it.  Swooping down on the nearest exposed breast, he laved and suckled until she squirmed and pleaded with him for more.

“Yes, Baby.  I’ll give you more,” he promised, “lots more.”  Picking her up in his arms, he carried her into the house and up the winding stairs to the master bedroom, kissing her all the way without once stopping to catch his breath. 

What a turn on! 

When he set her on her feet she almost whimpered in protest, until he stepped back just enough to let her now fully unzipped gown slide to the floor.  His heated gaze was causing a meltdown of inhibitions as she stood brazenly before him, wearing nothing but the skimpiest of panties, jewelry and high-heeled shoes, all in black.  Alex reached out a tentative hand and trailed a path from her shoulder to her navel, and she was hoping desperately that her legs wouldn’t fail her as she shivered wantonly, her nipples firming up before his devouring eyes.  Licking his lips he turned briefly to pull down the covers before sweeping her back up into his arms and laying her gently on the bed.  Carefully, almost reverently, he rubbed and massaged her dainty feet as he removed her shoes.

Alex shedding his suit jacket, shirt and tie, as he toed off his shoes was the most exquisite torture she’d ever known.  Randi could not take her eyes off him and was eagerly awaiting the chance to touch his gleaming torso.  When he finally lay down beside her, she welcomed him with open arms, splaying her hands open wide as she ran them up and down his gorgeous, muscled body, exulting in his heat as his body infused hers with untold warmth and desire.

Never in his wildest dreams had he had such a raging inferno in his bed.  She was wanton; she was all woman; she was all over him all at once.  With her hands she excited his upper body and her mouth mated with his while her legs and feet rubbed up his legs to the juncture of his thighs and down again, slowly driving him crazy with desire.  Shifting his position slightly, in one swift move, he ripped off her thong panties.  Next he reached to cup her mound as his mouth closed over her breast, delighting in the surprised arch of her back as she purred his name.

He played her body as gently and skillfully as he would a tightly strung instrument, increasing in tempo until the crescendo reached its peak before crashing down around them in a glorious explosion of sound.  Then and only then did he rise up and divest himself of his remaining clothing before splaying her legs and resting the bulk of his manhood at her core. 

Leaning forward to once again possess those delectable lips, he looked straight into her eyes, and holding her gaze with the intensity in his own he plunged to the depths of her inner core in one massive stroke…and heard her cry out in pain not pleasure!

“Randi!  You…a virgin?  Why didn’t you tell me?  Oh my God.  I’ve hurt you,” he said as he started to pull away from her.

“No, Alex.  Please, stay with me.  Make love to me,” she implored as she held him tight against her body.

“But your first time should have been so much better for you, if I’d known…”

“I was afraid you wouldn’t want me if you knew.”

“Nothing could stop my wanting you from the first time I saw you in Toronto.  I tried.  Believe me, I tried,” he said as he tenderly brushed the hair back from her face with one hand.  “Don’t you realize the effect you’ve had on me?  Your body screams sex appeal while your actions and mannerisms portray your innocence.  I’ve been going out of my mind.  Believe me, I do good just to walk when I am anywhere near you.”

“Then stop talking so much and teach me how to love you.  Teach me what I need to know to be your woman.  Make me feel alive.”

“Ahhh, Randi.  I will teach you, my love, but I may never want to let you go,” he warned as his shaft swelled to fullness once more inside her warmth.

“I’ll take my chances,” she assured him, and they began to move together in a dance as old as time, except when the music stopped they clung to each other in rapture, in tune with the beating of their hearts, instead of letting go and stepping back to await the next beat of the drum.

Before her breathing had returned to normal, Alex was running his free hand up and down her body in a caress that had her straining for more.  He cupped the fullness of her breast in the palm of his hand, rotating the bud with thumb and forefinger and causing it to stiffen and stand at attention.  Alex swooped in to lave and suckle and she began purring his name once again.

Shortly before dawn they drifted off to sleep, sleeping the sleep of the pleasantly exhausted.  Spending this night with Randi, he’d found his way to ecstasy at last.  That was Alex’s last thought before dozing off with Randi cuddled up at his side.

And now for a sneak peek at Hawk’s Woman, a western historical novella, one of nine short stories to be included in the Evernight anthology, Virgins Behaving Badly.


Tabitha Meadows, a member ofBoston’s elite, elopes with her boyfriend, only plans change when he absconds with her money. The conductor throws her off the train at the next stop. With no money and unwilling to face the scandal in returning home, she meets Brody Hawkins (Hawk) and takes a job as entertainer in his saloon. The handsome cowboy draws her fire and her passion as no one before. Does her virginity stand a chance of surviving his charms?

Hawk isn’t looking for a woman, especially one as innocent as Tabitha, but he finds himself drawn to her just the same. He should be a gentleman and buy her a ticket east on the morning train, but he wants her in his bed. Could he convince her to stay?


Honey! Her skin tasted like the purest of honey and he couldn’t get enough of her as he worked her body to a fever pitch. His hands explored with a mind of their own, reveling in the satin smooth expanse of skin as they skimmed her luscious curves, drawing her closer.

Her kisses were sweet, but he wanted hot. His tongue pressed against her teeth in a silent bid for her to open for him. She did. The kiss that followed was hotter than any before. Their tongues danced and swirled, imitating the mating to come.

He moved to rain kisses over her eyes, her cheeks, stopping to nibble at her ears, and earning a mindless groan in response. He nuzzled her neck, bestowing the tiniest of love bites before moving to untie her undies.

Her pantaloons sailed through the air, followed by his jeans. Their bodies entwined as he kissed her again, impatient to learn every inch of her. He loved the tentative forays her hands made as they explored his skin, shyly coming to rest before touching his hardened cock.

“Go ahead. Touch me. It doesn’t bite,” he teased.

He thought he was ready for it, but her touch, so soft and light, had him gasping in response, so great was his need. He cupped her pussy, rubbing circles with his thumb and she writhed beneath his ministrations. Her rosy nubs hardened, begging for attention, which he freely gave. He suckled first one, then the other, nipping and laving, then blowing on them to increase the sensations. This was her night. A night in which he’d give her all he had to offer.

He plunged one finger into her moist heat, steadily rubbing against her clit, until she screamed his name.

“Hawk! Please!” she begged.

In answer he shifted position and parted her legs, wanting—no needing—to taste her. At the first swipe of his tongue, her hands tangled in his hair, to push him away or hold him closer, he didn’t know, but he didn’t stop to ask. Sweet, so sweet, like nectar from the gods. He slipped his tongue inside her, licking and pushing his tongue against her clit, rewarded by her uncontrollable moaning and thrashing about until she let go with a gush of juices. He didn’t come up for air until he lapped up every drop.

“Oh my! I never dreamed….” was all she said.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Wet and ready, he wasted no time covering her body with his as he nudged her legs further apart. With a single thrust, he broke through the barrier and stilled.

“You’re a virgin?” he questioned, astonished.

 “Not anymore. Is that all there is to it?” she asked, disappointment evident in her voice.

 He smiled as she wriggled beneath him. “Not by a long shot, sweetheart.”

* * *

Now for some fun! We’re asking you to blog, post on facebook, and tweet Virgins Behaving Badly, directing people to Evernight’s Coming Soon page. Visit each of the blogs listed below and share the links to your blog, facebook, and tweet in our blog comments in order to win a free copy. You have until release day, March 16th, to get your name in the draw. Each blog will pick one winner. Best of luck!

Other authors participating:

Stacey Espino:

Doris O’Connor:

Alyssa Fox:

Raven McAllan:

Angelina Rain:

Carolyn Rosewood:


Published March 9, 2012 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

As you know, if you’ve been following my blog, website, Facebook or Twitter accounts, I signed 5 contracts in January. Since January 30th I’ve completed 12 rounds of edits. Yep, 12! Three titles are completely done. Yay!

Coming March 16th!

Hawk’s Woman, my first western historical, is releasing March 16th in the Evernight anthology entitled Virgins Behaving Badly.

Coming March 26th!

A Cowgirl’s Pride, Book 4 in my Thunder Creek Ranch series, is releasing on March 26th.

Breathless Press has signed on for 4 titles. Her Unlikely Bodyguard is edited and ready for release on June 15th. The 1st round edits on Blessed Homecoming, my first inspirational, are finished and I’m waiting for the next round. Then it’s on to Love on the Rocks, a romantic suspense, and Finding Baby J, a medical romance.

At first, I considered edits to be a nuisance, a necessary evil. LOL But I’ve learned so much through my lovely editors, that now I consider them, the editors and the edits, a blessing. Their input has made for a much more detailed and interesting read in every case.

I love dialogue! When I get into the heads of my characters, or them in mine as the case often happens, I enjoy writing up their conversations. Unfortunately, I forget about everything else when that happens, but my editors are quick to remind me about all 5 senses. It’s not enough to know what they’re saying. What are they seeing, feeling, touching, smelling, doing while they talk? Or tasting…my characters enjoy eating. lol

Then there is the comma guru. Since I obtained my business education back in 1980, someone up and changed some of the rules of comma usage. Not sure when that happened, but I’m learning, slow but sure, and hoping my editors don’t pull their hair out in the meantime. So far, they haven’t run away screaming, so it’s all good. 🙂

Sometimes I disagree with them and have to question the why of things, but in the end, we compromise and carry on. I love my editors! Emma Shortt, Dana Horbach, and Tara Chevrestt. They know how to draw every ounce of love and suspense out in the open, which makes for a much better, more saleable novel.

I’m living my dream, and with the support of editors, publishers, and most importantly, my readers, it makes all the hard work worthwhile. I can work from home, at my own pace, crafting beautiful, believable stories of romance and suspense. For me, life couldn’t get any better.

So, until my next set of edits arrive, I’ll be writing Cameron’s Quest, Book 5 of my Thunder Creek Ranch series. He’s been screaming at me to get his story told…a story of secrets unveiled, family love and loyalty, and murder. Hoping to have it written, subbed, and edited for a May release. Time will tell.

In the meantime, I’d like to thank you all for your support.

Happy Reading and Writing!

New Cover Art from Evernight!

Published February 24, 2012 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Coming Soon From Evernight!

It’s hard to believe that less than 5 months ago I was still an unpublished author. So much has happened since then, and I find it all so exciting! Even the edits excite me; the editor’s insights often helping to fine tune my work into a richer, deeper, more suspenseful, and sometimes hotter, story.

I’m even learning how to successfully promote my work. LOL (Read: Becoming a Facebook addict. )

My journey as a published author began on October 5th, 2011, with the release of Zakia and the Cowboy, Book 1 in my Thunder Creek Ranch series. It became an ARe Bestseller and Featured Title within 3 days of its release. It also won Book of the Month at TBR, a major review site, in December.

October 13th saw my first effort at self-publishing hit Amazon with my novella, His Christmas Wish, and it has done really well. It’s a sweet romance and at $.99, a real bargain.

Mistletoe & Mr. Hoe became available for sale on November 15th through Amazon. I offered this one as a free read over Christmas to thank my readers, and an astounding 2,491 copies were downloaded in 5 days! I hope everyone enjoyed it. 🙂

Book 2 in my Thunder Creek Ranch series, Covert Mission: Undercover Cop, released on November 28th, with Book 3, Trouble Brewing in Thunder Creek, following on January 6th.

I’m honored that one of my shorts was accepted. Hawk’s Woman, a  western historical short, will be included in the Evernight anthology, Virgins Behaving Badly, scheduled for a March release.

Now it’s almost time for Book 4, A Cowgirl’s Pride. First round edits have been completed and returned and cover art received. I love my cowboys, but I really like this cover! It speaks of romance, suspense, and ranch life. Sour Cherry Designs did a great job on this one.

I’m totally excited about the release of A Cowgirl’s Pride. Luke’s sister, Leah, returns to the ranch, pregnant and alone. I truly enjoyed telling her story. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it just as much. 🙂 Hoping for a March release. I’ll keep you posted.

Breathless Press contracted 3 of my novels in January. Her Unlikely Bodyguard, releasing in June; Blessed Homecoming, due out in July, and Love on the Rocks, scheduled for August.

Somewhere in there will be Cameron’s Quest, Thunder Creek Ranch Book 5. I’m still uncertain whether to end the series there, or keep it going. There are plenty more ideas rolling around in my brain, so maybe I’ll keep writing until they play themselves out. LOL

So, by August this will make 11 books released in 10 months. It wouldn’t make sense or be worth anything at all if not for my readers and the feedback I’ve received. Thank you for enjoying my work enough to ask for more! You’re helping to make a lifelong dream come true! Love you all!

For blurbs and excerpts on all of these books, visit my website at: