Sun Chara and a Giveaway!

Published September 6, 2014 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

It’s my pleasure to have Sun Chara visiting today. She’s been a friend since we met on the eHarlequin forums years ago. Please make her welcome and at the end of this post, make sure to leave a comment for your chance to win one of her sexy, new romances. :)



MANHATTAN MILLIONAIRE’S CINDERELLA – a short contemporary romance by Sun Chara.

Book Trailer

Will their wedding night be a one-night stand or a merger for keeps?
Global real estate mogul, Cade Sloan should’ve listened to his own advice: trust no one, and never a woman…especially not his 24 hour bride gone AWOL with his millions. Nina, mousy secretary turned sexy vixen, will repay every penny with interest…
When Cade gears up for a takeover, there’s sweet hell to pay. Nina owes her husband a wedding night and he’s hell bent on collecting… his way, his time, his pleasure.

Cade Sloan—Manhattan’s hotshot bachelor on the brink of bankruptcy.
Cade read the headline and hurled the newspaper into the trashcan, the
taunting words searing his brain. Prowling to and fro his high-rise office, he paused in stride and zoned in on his secretary, sitting ramrod straight, her fingers flying across the computer keyboard.

“Ms. McLow—” The words dissolved on his tongue, and he scratched his head. What was her name anyway?

“Ms. McLow—” He cleared his throat and tried again. “Ms.—”

“McLowsky.” She lifted a shapely brow and tossed him a glance through her coke-bottle thick lenses, a blush on her cheeks. “Nina McLowsky.”

Did she just click her tongue in disapproval? Just his luck. She came with attitude.

“Of course.” He swiped a finger around his shirt collar, and his chest tightened. “Nina McLowsky.” Scrambling to regroup, he seized the Coffee-mate from the counter and filled a cup with coffee.

She looked like she had walked out of a 1950’s Norman Rockwell painting, an epitome of diplomacy and efficiency. He stroked his throat, and then shook his head, amazed. He was actually flirting with the idea of a merger …with her.
At least with her, there’d be no emotional tantrums. The thought had him breaking out in a sweat. He never let any woman get close enough to
get a glimpse beneath the surface, to know what made him tick. ‘Never trust
a woman’ was his motto.

A cab horn blared amidst the congested traffic on Madison Avenue and ripped through his thoughts. He flinched in annoyance.

He hadn’t felt this bridled since he was a boy, and, he had vowed never to feel like this again. But he was running out of options. He had to score a mega hit or he was going to cave. Fast. And that rankled his pride.

“Here you go.” He plopped the coffee cup on her desk, and a huff of air burst from his mouth, ruffling a wisp at her temple.

She squinted at the steaming brew, then up at him, her baby blues all innocence and perplexity. “Thank you.”

His gut flexed. He frowned and dismissed the unsettling feeling. “Careful, it’s hot.”

She peered at him above her thick lenses, a hint of a smile on her mouth, her fingers never missing a beat. Maybe if he focused on the dimple on her cheek, he could go through with the transaction.

“Take a moment, Ms. McLowsky.” The smell of caffeine gave him a boost, and latching onto his own mug, he shot her his killer smile.


“Well…uh…” he began, words sticking in his throat. “Drink up.”

“Yes, sir.” She picked up the steaming cup, blew on the liquid and took a sip, fixing her gaze on him over the rim.

Was that a glint of amusement in her eyes?

She blinked and it was gone. “Is that it, sir?” She set the cup on the desk.

“No.” He lifted his mug to his lips, took a gulp of the black brew and scorched his tongue. He swore, a muffled sound. She heard and raised that well-defined eyebrow again. He tautened his abs iron-hard. “There’s a new position in the company.” He stepped closer and hitching up his jean-clad leg, propped his hip on the corner of her desk. “You’re the best match.”

“What is it?”

“A merger of sorts.”

At thirty-three, Cade was not averse to a challenge, it was the coercion
tactic he abhorred. His lifelong nemesis that he booted from the boardroom
tossed him a curve to the tune of three million—problem was—the deal included a stipulation to muzzle…er…marry him off.

Cade was under no illusions his uncle’s offer was iced with ulterior
motives, but in no position to refuse, he had to take the bait. A pittance, but it’d swing him from the red into the black, and buy him some time. He’d expand his global holdings, complete the mega development in Cyprus, triple his profits and—his heart turned to stone—catch the hacker embezzling company funds.
The con was about to demolish Cade into a heap of rubble.
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*Now available in paperback



ALL WRAPPED UP IN YOU – A Christmas novella romance by Sun Chara.


The fairytale busted! Their marriage hangs in the balance, but on this wind battered Christmas Eve, a miracle is born…
When Ellie hooked up with world renowned neurosurgeon, Peter Medeci, aka ‘Prince Charming’, she thought her dreams had come true. But the demands of being the model wife to his career triggers a mutiny within her and she decides to ditch the ‘royal’ life until he sees her as more than his bedroom playmate.

“Ninety-nine cents.” Ellie stood outside the Burbank Media Mall showcasing a Christmas broach in her gloved hand to shoppers rushing by. She kept a smile plastered on her face, offsetting desperation rising in her throat, and wiggled her foot, adjusting the cardboard patch over the hole in her boot.

It had been three weeks since she ditched Prince Charming and the ‘castle’. Had she made the right decision?

She replaced the broach in the basket, and scooped up the coins on the bottom. Two sales on Christmas Eve, not a good sign.

The Santa Ana winds sliced through her thin coat, numbing her flesh; a gust swayed the Palm trees lining the boulevard. She pulled the pink cap lower over her ears, glad she’d also worn the matching scarf.

“A dollar ninety-nine.” Ellie counted the money in her palm and a
tremor shot through her. What could she buy with the pennies in her hand? She rifled through the pockets of her coat to ensure she hadn’t missed any coins. Nope, she hadn’t.

She leaned against the street lamppost and heaved a breath. Air
frosted her lips. Her heart thudded, and she fisted her fingers, the coins grating in her palm. “I can’t return to the castle…and to him.”

But she had to get home…a laugh bubbled inside her, and she bashed it down before it erupted from her in a hysterical sound that’d have people gaping at her. She dropped the coins in her purse, and with her head slightly bent against the wind; she made her way to the bus stop, but stalled in step when a Porsche pulled up along side of her.

“Get in,” the driver commanded, his voice sending shimmers of awareness through her. “You’ll freeze waiting for the bus.”


“Ellie, don’t be obstinate,” he said, a ripple of impatience in his voice. “I’ll give you a lift home.”

An eerie silence ensued in the lull in the wind, and the melody sailed to her from the car radio. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la la la…’ She nearly snorted at the lyrics. Jolly… Huh!

Peter Medeci, M.D. The highly sought after neurosurgeon, the man of her dreams. The man that had given her everything except the one thing she wanted most…and that’s why she skipped out on him. To get close to him again would be self-destructive, but even as she reasoned, her body hummed with yearning.

“I’ll make my own way.” But as soon as the words were out of her mouth, she cringed; she didn’t even have enough for bus fare for the ten-mile ride to her North Hollywood mouse-hole.

“You will not.” She heard the car door open, and paused in step. “Get in before you make a scene.”
…read more Ch 1 on wattpad .

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AUTHOR BIO:sun114_2
Sun Chara is a multi-published, JABBIC winner for Manhattan Millionaire’s   Cinderella, keys sexy, hip ‘n fun contemporary romance, high adventure historical romance, and any genre that knocks at her imagination. Globetrotting for lore while keeping tabs on Hollywood leads…she loves the challenge of creating stories for book and screen. Designer frappuccinos with whipping cream and sprinkles on top make everyday a celebration!

See more at:

Wow! These both sound like fantastic stories, and I’m sure to be adding them to my reading list. Be sure to leave a comment for your chance to win one of Sun Chara’s sexy, new romances. :)

London Saint James’ Debut Audio Book!

Published September 2, 2014 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

It’s my pleasure to have London Saint James with me today to celebrate the release of her first audio production: The Good Sister: Part One.

*Waves* Thanks for having me over today to talk about a new audio book release, The Good Sister: Part One which is a contemporary erotic romance and the first book in the two book series that originally released in eBook format with Evernight Publishing.
The Good Sister was a labor of love to write, and also a labor of love to get out into the world in a different medium. This audio book world is a completely new venture for me, and it was an awesome experience to hear my characters come to life and be able to listen to them.

TGS1 AudiosmThe Good Sister: Part One
Written by: London Saint James
Narrated by: Kitty Barclay
Length: 10 hrs and 8 mins


Trinity Lane Winslow feared everything and lived her life vicariously through others. She dreamed of the impossible, yearning to be the kind of woman men desired—especially Reid Addison.

Reid Addison feared nothing, except how the mousey little blonde daughter of his housekeeper made him feel. Even though Trinity Winslow wasn’t his type, there was something intriguing about her.

Lord Ashton Archer lived a fairy tale life with property all over the world, was heir to a ducal dynasty, and had women fawning all over him. Anything a man could want, he obtained by the snap of his fingers.

By a twist of fate the three of them find their way into the same illicit world of the infamous Madam Jacqueline Claudette Rousseau. But will they find what each of them truly desires? Or will they always long for the forbidden?

Be Warned:

Voyeurism, anal sex, rimming, spanking, bondage, multiple partners.

Inspiration to write, for me anyway, comes from so many different things. A place, a picture, a song, a poem, and even quotes. The idea for The Good Sister came from a quote, and blossomed into a two book series. Here’s the quote that started it all:

We always long for the forbidden things, and desire what is denied us.

–Francois Rabelais

Along with the original inspiration, there’s also my love for music. All types of music. In fact, I find listening to music to be a necessity when I write. *Smiles* So, I thought I’d share my top ten songs that lean to the tone/feel of Trinity’s story. Who knows, you might find we have something in common with a song you love, or you might find something new you haven’t heard. Either way, I hope you enjoy The Good Sister: Part One, and gain a little insight into some of my inspiration while writing.

  1. One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful
  2. The Veronicas – Untouched
  3. Blue October – Ugly Side
  4. Bonnie Raitt – I Can’t Make You Love Me
  5. Rascal Flatts – I’m Movin’ On
  6. Adele – Promise This
  7. Taylor Swift – White Horse
  8. David Cook – Time of My Life
  9. Marcus Foster – I Was Broken
  10. Train – Marry me

You can find these songs and more on London’s YouTube Channel:

You can find The Good Sister: Part One in Audio here:


Audible UK:


Amazon UK:

iTunes :

You can find out more about London here:






Come join in the fun with London’s Facebook Group, Slip Between the Pages with London:

New Release!!! Nathan, The Hudson Ranch, Book 4

Published July 3, 2014 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Today marks an eventful release day for me as Nathan is the 4th and final book in The HudsonNathan Ranch series. I’ve laughed, agonized, and cried along with these characters for months and it’s not easy to let go and say no more. As strangers to Peace River, they’ve had to overcome incredible odds to earn their inheritance and their happy-ever-afters. To celebrate, all four books are on sale from today, July 3rd. until Saturday, July 5th.

Have I got your attention? :) Here’s the rundown on sales:

The Inheritance, Book 1, is Free July 3-5.

Benjamin and Gabriel, Books 2 and 3, are set up as Kindle Countdown Deals. 99 cents today, $1.99 on the 4th, and $2.99 on the 5th, returning to their regular retail price of $3.99 when the sale ends. A good time to grab any copies you’re missing. :)

Nathan (at 79,000 words) will be released at $3.99 for those 3 days. Regular price being $5.99 after the sale ends. A $2.00 saving!

Now for the blurbs in reverse order):


Nate’s job as an accountant is to get the Ranch’s accounts in order and bring in new business, so he hires his neighbor, Cyndi Dillon, as his assistant. She’s efficient and capable and oh so desirable, but Nate doesn’t believe in mixing business with pleasure.
Her job is everything she’d dreamed of and more, but she’s harboring a secret that could jeopardize their working relationship. The one thing Cyndi hadn’t counted on was falling for the shy accountant. He’s drop-dead gorgeous and looks great in Levis, but wasn’t it just her luck to fall for a pretend cowboy when she’d grown up around the real thing?
Someone doesn’t want the boys to inherit their father’s ranch and will do anything to get what they want. When problems on the spread escalate, will personal safety get in the way of their future or does love really conquer all


He’d been duped! Busy attending the victims of a fire on the Hudson Ranch and cleaning up after his veterinary clinic is vandalized, Gabe Hudson hires an assistant through email, based on qualifications. When Kristin appears, ready to work, he discovers he’s been duped. Thinking he’d hired a male practitioner who could help with their huge patients, he is totally baffled at her willingness to take on such a task. Angry at first, he soon discovers how capable she is, seeming to have an affinity with the animals they tended. It didn’t hurt that her voice was soft and sexy and she was easy on the eyes to boot, but her entire demeanor was of a ‘hands off’ attitude. His growing affection and attraction to the woman were making his days harried and his nights a living hell. Combine that with trying to keep her safe as a psycho targets the clinic, and he’s afraid to let her out of his sight.



Rodeo cowboy Benjamin Hudson is one of four brothers set to inherit their father’s ranch in northern BenAlberta. The only problem is, the three oldest have been estranged from Zackary Hudson for years. Their father’s will states they have to live on the ranch for one year, show a profit, and care for their baby brother. The main problems…none of them know anything about running a working ranch or caring for an infant. They decide to hire domestic help for the primary care of Jeremiah. Halifax native, Danielle Madison, wants to escape the pain of an abusive marriage and the resultant stillborn child. She sees the ad for a nanny on a ranch in Alberta, applies, and flies west without a second thought. For Dani it’s work only, with no intention of becoming involved until she meets Benjamin, the tough-as-nails ex rodeo rider, who handles his baby brother with great gentleness and compassion. Little Jeremiah pulls at her heartstrings, and she’s drawn to him, despite her resolve to remain aloof. Love is not in Ben’s vocabulary, except as it applies to his lost siblings. When things start disappearing and going wrong, Dani is Ben’s initial suspect. He’s attracted to her, despite her withdrawn persona, and tries to believe in her innocence as they work together to solve the mysterious happenings. Will love win out, or will the lack of trust drive a permanent wedge between them?

The Inheritance


The Inheritance:

This short story is an introduction to the series and I strongly urge you to read it first.

Time is running out for Zackary Hudson.

He has a fierce desire to reunite with his estranged sons, but they’re proving difficult to find. He hires a private investigator and the search begins in earnest.




And for more exciting news…

The Hudson Ranch series is now available in print on Amazon and CreateSpace.

Thank you all for making this series such a success.


Spotlight on Jude Ouvrard!!!

Published July 2, 2014 by Lorraine Nelson - Author


moiJude was born and raised in a small village named Lacolle. She now lives in Montreal, Canada. She is the proud mother of a beautiful five-year-old son, and has spent the last twelve years with her partner.

French is her native language, but she prefers to write in her second language, English.

Besides working full-time in a law firm and being a mother, Jude has a passion for books, both reading and writing them.

She is currently working on a novel called Ophelia. Coming soon!

book summary

ecoverPhoenix Silverstone more commonly known as Nix, is a twenty-one year old that has finally discovered her freedom. After living under the strict rules and protection of her mother, Nix moved out with her two best friends in a quaint little Seattle apartment. For the first time Nix is finally able to spread her wings and breathe. Together, they get a job working at a bar and for the first time everything is perfect.

Freedom, friendships, a great job and fantastic man on the verge of becoming hers. Tristan is the suave, intelligent, not to mention gorgeous law student that Nix has her eyes and heart set on. For the first time, she has her life together; that is, until her path crosses with Levi. The charming, tattooed and downright sexy bad boy who Nix knows she needs to avoid.

But when one of her friends moves out she is shocked to find that her new roommate is Collageasmile2none other than Levi. Flirting. Desire. Undeniable temptations. Nix can’t deny the chemistry surging between them but she can’t forget her mother’s extreme hate towards bad boys.

Will Nix have the strength to listen to her heart? Or will her mother’s rules cost her everything?


Street team:


The entire mass of guys sitting around my station flocked to Val’s, giving me some time to clean up. I looked up to find only one guy left, and he was watching me intently. It was the same guy Ty had greeted so enthusiastically earlier.

”Can I get you anything?” I asked, taking empty glasses off the counter.

”A smile. Give me one and I guarantee you’ll get the biggest tip tonight.” The slow seductive tone rolling from his shapely lips told me he wasn’t just fooling around. His green eyes stared at me like I was dessert. This guy was hot and he knew it. He was looking me up and down, biting on his lips. He was clearly not afraid to show me how much he liked what he saw. Me. His confidence and determination were fierce. The way his tousled light brown hair went every which way, hanging down across his forehead, told me right away he didn’t care about his looks. He didn’t have to.

He wanted a smile? I shook my head. ”You don’t want a drink? Just water, maybe?”

”No, just a smile. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and it’s just a smile I want.” He brushed his hand through his hair, making it even more tousled.

I knew I was blushing and bit my lip in embarrassment. His eyes refused to stray from mine, pinning me in place. I smiled, but not because he’d asked. No, this smile was solely because this random man had pulled it out of me himself. I saw the humour in his eyes as he slid fifty bucks out of his pocket and onto the counter. ”Thank you, Princess. You just made my night.”

He got up and walked away. I could see the hint of tattoos peeking out around his neckline and beneath his rolled up sleeves. His black Converse were worn out, giving him a laid back look and his perfectly fitted washed-out jeans fell low on his hips, accentuating what looked to be the most perfect ass I’d ever seen. The black, long sleeved Henley he wore was tight in all the right places. There was something about his mysterious and inscrutable demeanor which made me wonder about him. He’d wanted to get my attention and, well – he’d gotten it.

Who the hell was he? I knew he was the guy Tyler had been excited to see, but I’d never seen him around the club before. I knew I’d have remembered that tantalizingly gorgeous mystery man.

He didn’t give me his name and I didn’t give him mine. Not that he had to ask – I wore a name tag with my name engraved on it. It was the strangest thing which had ever happened to me. My eyes continued to focus on him until he opened the door of the club and left. I found myself still watching the door, even after it  closed, as though I wanted to chase after him – which was insane. I shook my head, willing myself to move on.

I began wiping down the counters, pausing to watch Val entertain her groupies at the NA-BIASstation next to mine. As I turned to grab more lemons, my eyes were drawn again to the door. Tristan sauntered in with a few of his friends hanging around him, laughing at something one of them had said. Tristan had admitted to never visiting Black Shakers before and even after our dinner date tonight, I still hadn’t expected to see him turn up so soon. I couldn’t seem to figure out if I was excited by his surprise visit, or nervous about it. It felt like he was parading a bunch of his buddies around my bedroom, looking through my dirty laundry. This was my home away from home and I wasn’t sure if I was ready to let him in—yet. Not to mention I was still shaken up by the strange interaction with Mr. Mysterious.

Shouts from Val’s station caught my attention again. Val was lying on the counter and Bekka was squeezing some lime juice onto Val’s stomach. I wasn’t sure who was supposed to get the next shot, but right now, I needed it to be me. I made my way around the bar with determination as I kept the drink in my sights. Tipping my head back, I drained the liquor from the glass, and licked the lime juice and salt from Val’s belly. All eyes were on me now, as if I was some sort of prize. It was just a shot for heaven’s sake. The customers were used to this performance, most of the girls behind the bar were doing body shots throughout the night. The first time I visited Black Shakers to hang out, the waitresses did at least two shots each. As far as I was concerned, it really was no big deal.

I walked back to my section and was immediately surrounded by applauding and drunken guys, asking for my phone number. I laughed it off as I always did – none of them would get it. It was just one aspect of working in a club, dealing with the slobbering, horny drunks. At least I could handle their testosterone-fueled innuendo now, and if anyone ever got out of hand, there were always bodyguards standing by to watch our backs.


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New Release! The Heart of Alaska by JJ & TA Ellis!

Published June 25, 2014 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

I am honored to present JJ and TA Ellis today on their 20th Wedding Anniversary. Their new release is topping my TBR pile. Happy Anniversary, you two. A New release! A great way to celebrate.

Authors JJ and TA Ellis are proud to

present the cover for their upcoming novel The Heart of Alaska.


Two couples, one unforgettable summer.

Charlotte and Ethan – Fate brought them together as children and phone calls and letters solidified their bond. When tragedy struck, they were torn apart until one fateful summer morning when they meet again. Will they be able to acknowledge the love that fate decreed, or will they let the opportunity of a lifetime slip through their fingers?

Francesca and Jackson – They met as children and became a couple as teens. At twenty she must let her one true love follow his conscience into war. Can their relationship stand the test of time and bring them to the happily ever after they’ve always dreamed of, or will their perfect world be shattered?

Join two amazing young couples as they learn to live, laugh and love while working at The Heart of Alaska Resort in the summer of ’69.

HOA teaser 2

About the Authors:

JJ Ellis is first and foremost a mom to five kids, four girls and one boy, ranging in age from 3-18. After that, she is a physically limited wife, blogger and now an author. She holds a degree in Communication Studies (Public Relations) from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, but never thought she would choose writing as a career, especially at the age of 42. She once wanted to be a publicist in the entertainment industry, but never a writer. Then one day when she was in her mid thirties she was going through what can only be described as an early ‘midlife crisis’ and ideas just started to come to her and she felt compelled to write them down. She finished her first book relatively quickly, but life got in the way and it took her eight years to revisit it and then publish her first novel. She can honestly say that now she is finally right where she wants to be.

JJ has been married to her college sweetheart (and romance novel hero) for twenty years and they reside in Casper, WY, with their kids and one crazy mutt named Kreuger. She enjoys reading, writing, blogging, computing, and graphic design. She will try anything that will allow her creativity to be released.


TA Ellis is married to best selling romance Author JJ Ellis and is the father to five kids, four girls and one boy, ranging in age from 3-18. He holds a degree in Secondary Education from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and has flirted with the idea of writing for years. He, however, did not expect to be writing romance as Sci-fi/horror/fantasy are more to his liking. But as a sounding board for his wife, he realized he had some good ideas and the team of JJ & TA Ellis was born.

TA lives in Casper, WY, with his wife and kids and one crazy mutt named Kreuger. He enjoys reading, video games, and grilling. He is excited to embark on this romance journey…after all, he’s been happily married for twenty years.













And here is the cover to The Heart of Alaska 

(A Sunset Destiny Romance prequel) 



And here are some other titles by JJ and TA Ellis that you’re sure to enjoy…



Published June 23, 2014 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Love Rock Stars? It’s my pleasure to introduce you to one of today’s hottest selling authors, Lisa Gillis. Last summer Lisa Gillis debuted her new series Six Silver Strings. Lisa, please tell us a bit about your newest series.

Rising Sun-lisa-gillis-six-silver-strings-series-rock-romance-kindleThe daughter of an iconic 60’s rock star is torn between making a name for herself in the 70’s and quietly living a simpler life, and of course there is a steamy romance involved, with a hot musician.

The G-Strings Set starring Jack Storm, rock star, and single mom Marissa Dupleux won us over with a sinfully sexy yet moody musician, and a slightly star-struck heroine. Throw in a couple of dogs, a precocious toddler, sizzling chemistry between Jack and Marissa, and this cast is not easy to leave behind.

This summer brings the D-String Set and a whole different decade for our rock star reading addiction.

Matt Loren and Jules Breaux grew up on opposite coasts. However, the first steamy meeting between the two, makes it more than obvious that six states wouldn’t have kept these star-crossed lovers apart forever.

Jules, daughter of two jet-setting parents, is a rebel, and a borderline alcoholic in the opening chapters. Matt, who turns up in Los Angeles to meet his estranged father, is responsible in every way. The two are drawn together by their love for music, and talent for composing it. In the creation of a band, they become fast friends-and just as quickly become more. They hide their steamy affair for the sake of the band. At least, that’s their excuse to each other and themselves. As the chapters move along, each have their own reasons for embracing a noncommittal relationship as tightly as they embrace one another when no one is looking.

This hot love affair, and the tension that comes with it, spans almost a decade during a time when saying “I’m sorry” wasn’t as easy as having a cell phone at the fingertips and time when keeping tabs on an ex wasn’t a social network page away.

The series released as a box set, which means hours of uninterrupted summer reading ahead.

Excerpt from Half Moon


rock star

View on Kindle


Browse Lisa Gillis Personal Web Page: Lisa Gillis

Friend Lisa the Drama Queen Gillis on Facebook:

Visit Lisa’s Kindle Author Page:

Google Plus:

Lisa’s Blog:


Lisa Gillis resides in Texas, and often references this state in her books. Writing is a recent passion, and she strives in her books to blend a perfect mixture of fantasy and reality. Her love for music, bands, and concerts inspired her Strings Series. When she is not writing those little voices out of her head while listening to music, she is making her own noise on drums or guitar. You can visit her at

Writing Made Easy!!!

Published April 16, 2014 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Did the title of this post grab you?

Are you looking for an easy way to reach fame and fortune?

If so, writing may not  be for you.

Writing is hard work, and in some cases, for little pay. If I could just sit and write and have someone else do all the marketing and promo, life would be a lot easier. But I’ve never been one to take the easy road. :) I’ve learned how to set up a blog and a website and am involved in several social media sites, things I knew nothing about before being published in October, 2011. Needles to say, I’ve learned a lot in the past 2 1/2 years. LOL

Since beginning to send my stories out there for others to enjoy, I’ve received many, many compliments and reviews on my writing. More than enough to keep me going, and I thank you for that. My Thunder Creek Ranch series is still ongoing because of you. I have Lynne and Abby Kerrigan’s story to write, and possibly one for Jack, Michael’s brother. I’m hoping to end the series this year with A Manning Christmas. What do you think? Would these stories interest you?

My Hudson Ranch series will end later this month with the release of Nathan. Again, it’s been a popular series. Seems we all like our cowboys. :)

I have enjoyed being able to connect with fans through blogging and social media, although I admit that it’s been much too long since my last post. But it is tax season here and I do income taxes for others, so there isn’t a lot of free time to indulge my main hobby and passion…writing. But the April 30th deadline is approaching and I will be able to concentrate on writing again, except for a brief period in May when I have another cataract surgery, this time on my left eye.

I don’t type very fast. Sometimes, my mind works much faster than my fingers, putting the ideas together so the words are flowing so fast it’s hard to keep up. I’ve never suffered from writer’s block as I usually have more than one story on the go at any given time. For instance, right now I’m working on Nathan Hudson’s and Lynne Kerrigan’s stories as well as a suspense for a Love Inspired Suspense contest with Harlequin.

If only I could type faster! A friend of mine has ordered Dragon. Have any of you used it? Somehow, it feels like cheating to dictate a story, but if it works for her, I may just give it a try. Any thoughts or experiences on using the software would be welcome. :)

Writing involves continual learning. If you can’t take criticism, don’t try it. LOL Good thing I have broad shoulders. The editors I have worked with all have their own way of doing things and we have to adapt to their methods and accept their instruction and criticism for what it is…a way to make your story stronger.

I love writing! It keeps me sane. And if it helps pay a bill or two along the way…bonus. If you haven’t checked out my website, please do so. And if you’re on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, or Twitter, please friend/follow me.

For more information on the titles below, please visit my website: or my author page on Amazon:

Website –
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Twitter –!/lornelca and
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Or email your comments to:

Thank you for listening to my ramble today. Happy writing. :)


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