New Release and Cover Reveal!!!

Published July 24, 2015 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

kidnappedThe long-awaited 7th book in my Thunder Creek Ranch series is here!!! Kidnapped: The Search for Casey starts out on and around the ranch, but two of the searchers travel abroad while following the kidnappers’ trail. Although The hero in this book, Trent Ericson, isn’t a cowboy, he spends enough time on the ranch to qualify as one. Don’t you just love the cover!


Six-year-old Casey Manning has been kidnapped!

His cousin, Lynne Kerrigan, and Private Investigator, Trent Erikson, join forces to search for him…a search that takes them beyond the Atlantic Ocean to war-torn Afghanistan. They spend several days and nights together as they travel across a foreign country full of danger while following the kidnappers’ trail.

They are hot for each other and as they spend time together, things get even hotter. She loves Trent and hopes to have children some day, but Trent has been down that road before and isn’t interested in marrying a second time. So once back on Canadian soil with a happy Casey in tow, Lynne sends Trent away, even though her heart is breaking.

Trent goes back to Vancouver but finds he cannot forget his fiery-haired beauty. Would he be the one to compromise? Or would Lynne wake up and realize they were living in the twenty-first century?

Ready for more? Here’s the excerpt:

“Trent, what’s that noise?”
He awoke from a decadent dream to hear the alarm in Lynne’s whispered words as she shook him awake. “What noise? I haven’t heard anything.”
“Shhh. Listen. There’s something in the water.”
He sat up and listened as he pulled on his pants, the pale light of pre-dawn allowing him to see inside the tent. It sounded like there were several somethings in the water making an awful racket. He reached for his gun. Damn! He’d left it outside. “Where’s your gun?”
“It’s still in the back of the truck. I forgot to grab it. Where’s yours?”
“Under the cot by the river. Where did you put the handgun?” he asked as he pulled on his boots.
“In my bag.”
She crawled over, dug it out, and passed it to him along with the box of bullets, seemingly unaware of her nudity. Damn, but she looked good.
He loaded the gun and crawled to the tent flap. Very slowly, so as not to make a sound, he unzipped the tent and peeked out. Monkeys. He counted fifteen of them. “Lynne, come look.”
She lay down beside him and looked out.
“Oh, they’re beautiful. I wonder what kind they are?”
“I don’t know, but they’re certainly at home in the water,” he answered.
“They resemble children frolicking about, splashing each other and pushing their playmates under. How delightful to wake up to something so joyful. Do you think they’re friendly?”
“I’m not traipsing out there to find out. They’re bound to leave soon.”
“What if they don’t?” she asked as she watched the monkeys play.
“We’ll give them an hour or so and if they haven’t left, I’ll fire off a shot. That should send them running.”
“But I need to…uh…”
He grinned at her reluctance to voice the words. “Nature calling?”
“Well, duh.”
“I don’t think they’ll bother you. The door is sideways to the river, so just go out slow and around the side. I’ll cover you from here.”
He watched as she pulled her T-shirt on, her breasts perking upward as she reached over her head. “You are simply gorgeous.”
When her head came through the opening, she smiled at him. “I kinda like the look of you, too.” She moved to unzip the tent flap a little more. “You keep an eye on the monkeys in the river, not mine,” she said as she slipped outside.
He chuckled as he indeed, watched her monkey as she went by. He almost copped a feel, but she moved too quickly. One of the monkeys saw her and pointed her out to his friends, but as Lynne moved away from them, they must have figured she posed no threat and they went back to playing. Still, he was relieved when she came back inside.
As she leaned over to zip the tent closed, her womanly assets exposed to his delighted eyes, he couldn’t resist. He copped a feel with one hand and pulled her down beside him with the other. Her joyous chuckles soon turned to moans of ecstasy as they kissed and their passion ignited wanton flames of desire such as he’d never experienced with another woman.
He pushed her T-shirt up to expose her breasts, the rosy tips puckered and hard. “You are so beautiful,” he said and began to suckle and nip the tempting buds. “I could stay here all day making love to you.” Trent felt her stiffen.
“I could too, but we have to find Casey.” Her words came out in short pants as she struggled to breathe normally.
“Relax. We can’t do anything until the monkeys move on and I can’t think of a better way to spend the time.”
“Yes, I guess you’re right. If only the circumstances were different.”
“We’ll find him, Lynne, but for now, let’s find our reality.”
She smiled. “Our reality?”
“Yes, here and now the reality is that we have some time to get to know each other better. I want to find out what makes you tick.”
“What turns me on, you mean?”
He grinned. “That too.” He gathered her close and held her, his hands caressing her skin, so soft, so silky smooth. If he lived to be a thousand, he’d never get his fill of this woman.
“It’s quiet outside,” she whispered. “I think they’ve left.”
Trent listened and heard nothing except the chirping of birds. “How about we go for a morning swim?” he asked, holding his breath.
“Race you to the river,” she said as she untangled herself from his hold and rose to stand before him.
“Wait. Let me check things out first. There may be a reason the monkeys moved on.” He unzipped the flap and looked out before getting to his feet. He stepped outside. Nothing moved. “The coast is clear.”
As soon as he said the words, a bare-assed beauty streaked by him and ran to the river. Almost there, she never broke stride as she pulled the T-shirt over her head and flung it to the ground. What a woman.
Trent stood and watched until she ran into the water and then turned to beckon him.
“The water’s warm. Come on in.”
He didn’t need to be asked twice. He sauntered to the shore, his watchful gaze surveying the area for predators, whether animal or human. Not seeing anything that could pose a threat, he shucked his pants and boots and joined Lynne in the water. The river didn’t look that deep but as he waded out to meet her, a sudden drop had him stumbling for balance as the water sluiced over his shoulders.
Lynne giggled, splashed him, and dove into the water to swim out of his reach, but he caught her leg and flipped her over on her back in one swift move.
“Hey!” she yelped, laughing as she paddled her arms to stay above water.
He grabbed her other leg and pulled her toward him until he stood in the V of her legs, his manhood rubbing against her core. Her laughter stilled and she locked her legs around his waist, holding him tight against her. His gaze locked with hers and he saw the desire in the depths of her emerald eyes. They stayed like that for the longest while, the buoyancy of the water rocking their bodies in a sensuous dance.
When he reached for her hands, she placed her dainty ones in his much larger, callused hands and allowed him to lift her upper body until it was snug against him. He held her tight as they kissed, her body lowering bit by bit as she sank onto his length.
These were the things life had in store for the willing. A beautiful setting, a gorgeous woman––and the privacy to do as they pleased. He was more than willing.
She wrapped her arms around his neck and began to move up and down, each time taking more of him inside her warmth until he was in up to the hilt. He braced his feet on the sandy bottom, gripped her butt cheeks, and began to move, applying thrust after upward thrust as he held on to her. When her inner muscles constricted, it darn near choked the life out of his poor, swollen dick, but then his own climax hit with a vengeance. Unsure how he managed to stay on his feet during such a powerful orgasm, he walked toward shore still carrying Lynne.
“Trent, you can put me down now,” she said with a smile. “I’ll go get towels and soap so we can wash up.”
“All right.” He let her slide down the front of his body while still trying to get his mind around the tumultuous climax he’d just had. Never in his life had he experienced anything quite like it. It made him feel strong and powerful, yet at the same time, humbled and vulnerable.
He turned his head and watched Lynne as she sashayed up to the tent. She was shy in some respects, yet she was as comfortable in the nude as he was. He liked that about her.

Kidnapped: The Search for Casey, will soon be available wherever ebooks are sold and Evernight Publishing offers a discount on all new releases.

Currently available at Amazon. Will update links as they become available.

New Releases Coming Soon!

Published June 9, 2015 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

As most of you may know, Breathless Press closed its doors on May 1st. I had four books with them and took the option to buy the covers as I really liked their cover art. :) Therefore, I have decided to self-publish the titles you see here.

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Blessed Homecoming…A sweet romantic suspense.

Wendy Danforth is preparing to be a single mom, her ex-husband in jail for spousal abuse. She returns home to Riverton, New Brunswick, only to be caught off guard by the handyman in residence. Attraction hits, swift and piercing, but she quells her unruly emotions. With one bad relationship behind her, she’s in no hurry to get involved in another. Besides, at almost nine months pregnant, she wasn’t exactly looking her best.

Jake Roberts, hired to renovate the Danforths’ house, took one look at his employer’s daughter and wanted to run far and fast. He hadn’t been around a pregnant woman in three long years, not since his wife and unborn son died in an auto accident. But when her ex-husband escapes custody, he steps up to protect Wendy and her unborn child.

Her Unlikely Bodyguard…Heat level 2, romantic suspense

A stalker who wants revenge…a past flame rekindled…Jemma Leigh’s summer just got interesting.


Jemma Leigh Harding has drawn the attention of an unknown stalker and returns to her hometown of Somerville, a safe haven—or so she thinks—on the east coast of Canada.

Theodore Garrity is the last person she expects to see, considering how easily he walked away from her after graduation to join the army.

Their past history involves secrets Jemma Leigh is hesitant to share. When it becomes clear the stalker has followed her home, Teddy becomes her unlikely bodyguard. Will the terror and past hurts separate them forever? Or will love blaze a fresh path for their future?

Love on the Rocks…A sweet romantic suspense.

When Sara attempts to save her daughter, she may also be escaping a fate worse than an abusive boyfriend…she may be running away from true love. The big question is: Which man will find her first?

Sara Compton, normally strong, independent, and fun-loving, is deeply distressed at having to abandon her baby, but she has neither money nor home and is hiding from an abusive and obsessive ex-boyfriend. The only way to keep her child safe is to give her up.

Anthony Jacobs has sworn off women due to a previous relationship gone sour. He finds the child, takes her home, and arranges care for her. When he places a public call for a nanny and a lovely woman arrives who seems to have a rapport with the abandoned baby, he hires her on the spot.

Sara is fraught with guilt and tension at the possibility of being found out. What will Anthony think of her if—or when—he finds out the truth? To add to her worries, trouble arises in the form of Sara’s ex-boyfriend, who appears on the scene with custody papers in hand. She makes a hasty escape, her daughter in tow, but in the process of avoiding the evil Elliot Saunders, is she leaving behind her one true love?

Finding Baby J…A sweet romance with a little heat.

One lonely woman, a doctor afraid of commitment… Will finding Baby J help them heal each other?

Shana Davis knows what it’s like to be unloved and unwanted. Her childhood involved being shuffled from one foster home to the next. One night, as her shift at Mercy hospital comes to an end, she hears a forlorn, mewling sound and finds a newborn baby boy left in a dumpster. The abandoned baby appeals to her soft heart and her immediate attachment to the child—dubbed Baby J—leads to her spending a lot of time in the Maternity Ward in the company of the handsome Dr. Daniels.
Dr. Kagan Daniels is heart-sore and commitment-shy due to his failed marriage and past experiences with selfish, cold-hearted women. But he sees a gentle, caring soul in Shana and is drawn to her. Despite his reservations, he realizes he wants to get to know her better and finds excuses to spend time in her company.
Having always wanted to be a daddy, Kagan adopts Baby J. As he and Shana grow closer, Shana feels she’s found her own private heaven. She has Baby J and the man of her dreams. What more could a woman want?
But a conniving woman, a manipulative mother, and a man from Shana’s past threaten to come between them. Will the lies spewed by others separate them forever? Or can their love win out over all?

And the best part is…they will be available in print. Yay! Will be back on Amazon as soon as I can get them there. Still recovering from major surgery, so time at my desk is limited. Thank you for your time, understanding, and support. Love you all!

New Release and Cover Reveal!!!

Published May 23, 2015 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

couple man and woman - romantic dawn at the beach
A Soldier for Poppy is now available online and just in time for Memorial Day weekend in the US. How do you like this cover? Gorgeous!

Poppy Jacobson has sworn off the military life ever since her husband died and left her to raise their children alone. She vowed never to hurt that way again and spent her days looking after her two preschoolers, her house, her garden, and her part-time work as an accountant. But she longed for someone to hold her in the wee hours of the morning. But did her attraction to Carl dishonor her husband’s memory?

Carl Anders was her husband’s best friend and an honorary uncle to her children, but for him that wasn’t enough. He’d always loved Poppy and it was time for her to start living again, hopefully with him. Could he break through the barriers she’d erected since Peter died? A summer with them as guests at his beach house would tell the tale.

It’s available now at Amazon.

Contract is signed!

Published May 19, 2015 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

The Manning family is growing!

I’ve just signed the contract for the seventh book in my Thunder Creek Ranch series. Kidnapped: The Search for Casey will be released in July. Yay, Evernight Publishing! I’m so excited!

Here’s the unofficial blurb:

Six-year-old Casey Manning has been kidnapped!

His cousin, Lynne Kerrigan, and Private Investigator, Trent Erikson, join forces to search for him…a search that takes them beyond the Atlantic Ocean to war-torn Afghanistan. They spend several days and nights together as they travel across a foreign country full of danger while following the kidnappers’ trail.

They are hot for each other and as they spend time together, things get even hotter. She loves Trent and hopes to have children some day, but Trent has been down that road before and isn’t interested in marrying a second time. So once back on Canadian soil with a happy Casey in tow, Lynne sends Trent away, even though her heart is breaking.

Trent goes back to Vancouver but finds he cannot forget his fiery-haired beauty. Would he be the one to compromise? Or would Lynne wake up and realize they were living in the twenty-first century?

I can’t wait to see what the artist comes up with for a cover to this one. All my Evernight covers to date have been amazing. I’m planning two more books in this series, which will bring it to a close. And in case you may have missed them, below are the covers for previous books available at Evernight and all online retail outlets.

Cancer…”a word, not a sentence.”

Published May 2, 2015 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

“Cancer is a word, not a sentence.”

I ran across this statement as I was browsing through the cancer forums, but I can’t say that I totally agree. For many, cancer is a sentence. We fight it, but in the end, our fight is only as good as the surgeon’s hands or the medication we’re given.

And yes, I found out a couple of months ago that I have cancer…again. It wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but after two years of having a growth that doctors treated as being a collapsed hemorrhoid and then a skin tag, it was almost a relief to find out what it is. They wouldn’t remove the ‘skin tag’ because of my diabetes and the risk of infection. Now that I know it’s a malignant growth, I’m kind of glad they didn’t operate.

I have vulva cancer and for the past six months or more I’ve had an increasingly difficult time sitting and walking. Needless to say, my writing has suffered, but on the bright side, my To Be Read pile has gotten a lot smaller.

The next book in my Thunder Creek Ranch series, #7, Kidnapped: The Search for Casey, is almost complete and will be off to Evernight, my publisher, some time next week. I’m desperately trying to get a few things tied up before the surgery. Thank goodness tax season has ended. :)

My surgery is scheduled for May 27th, twenty-six more days. Then comes the healing process, and from what I’ve learned, I’ll be flat on my back for 3-4 weeks. I must say that I’m not too worried about the cancer. What will be will be. My oncologist says that when he’s done with me I’ll be cancer free. I hope and pray that he is right.

Statistics say than 1 in 333 women over 50 get this type of cancer. And for 1 in 5 it proves fatal. I’m hoping they’ve caught it in time. May God guide the surgeon’s hands to victory over this cancer.

Please, ladies, get regular pap tests and blood work. You just never know what’s lurking beneath the surface…or in my case, above the surface. Also, please pray for me if you feel so inclined. I believe there’s power in prayer and I have a lot of stories yet to write. Hoping to get back to writing real soon.

Have a great day and keep smiling. God isn’t finished with us yet. :)

Cover Reveal!!!

Published February 13, 2015 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

Allora's Valentine

Just in time for Valentine’s…or so I hope…depending on Amazon. It’s uploaded and, although it’s not yet available, I couldn’t resist sharing the cover with you.

Ladies and gents, I am pleased to introduce you to Dexter Hammond, hotelier superb and sexy hero. :)

This sweet romance was a fun one to write as it combines a sense of humor with the budding romance.


Allora Tate had planned the perfect Valentine’s Day wedding…until her groom-to-be left her standing alone at the altar. She decides to go on her honeymoon by herself and meets Dexter Hammond, the sexy and exciting hotel manager.

Dexter sees many beautiful women pass through his hotel, but none have captivated him the way Allora has. He wasn’t keen on catching a woman on the rebound, but he couldn’t make his heart understand. Determined to catch her attention, Dexter plans a Valentine’s party for his guests with the hopes of winning her over during the evening.

Keep watching my Amazon Page for the release or my Facebook page. I will post as soon as I have the link.

Thank you for supporting me in my writing. :)


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