Published March 20, 2010 by Lorraine Nelson - Author

“You’ve got to be original. If you’re like everyone else; what do they need you for?” – Bernadette Peters

Believe that your future is brighter than your past & Right Now is better still than both 🙂

I ran across these quotes on Twitter and they reached out to speak to me.  We’ve all heard the saying, ‘Today is the first day of the rest of your life.’  Well, it’s up to us to make it a memorable one. 

Have you accomplished what you set out to do today?  Have you listened, really listened, to what someone needed to say?  Have you helped someone along the way.  Have you made someone smile?  Have you touched someone’s life in a meaningful way?

Writer’s can do a lot to promote well-being in their followers.  A smiling, upbeat countenance and friendly, outgoing personality will always find a place in this world.  Don’t be afraid to be yourself, yet at the same time respect and admire those around you for who they are and for what they have accomplished.  Life is about living and I intend to live it my way…to be me, to be true to myself. 

I want to be original, especially in my writing.  If I were to end up  like everyone else; what would they need me for?


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